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  • 1. Institute for the Promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders IWT Baekeland Programme May 12, 2009 Carine Lucas
  • 2. Content Baekeland-programme General principles IWT-funding programmes Support for (post)-doctoral training: - PhD scholarships - Post-Doc - NEW! Baekeland programme 2
  • 3. General principles IWT-funding programmes Baekeland-programme • Open calls for direct support R&D and post-doc fellowships • Closed calls with priority ranking for other programmes (collective, strategic, scholarships, translational..) • No thematic priorities • Bottom up 3
  • 4. Pre- and post doctoral positions Baekeland-programme Pre-doctoral grants: - Granted for 2 years + 2 years - 200/year (one call) - In the past: limited to master degrees in -sciences; from september 2009 open for all master degrees, but only for projects with a strategic (economical) objective Post-doctoral fellowships: - in cooperation with an industrial promotor • type 1: creation of a Spin-off • type 2: transfer of research from the research institute to the industry • type 3: valorisation within the research institute 4
  • 5. Industrial R&D-projects Baekeland-programme - Submitted by companies - Research and development projects - Mainly focused on short and mid-term developments - Project duration = maximum 3 years - Often in collaboration with universities and research institutes - In some cases coupled with a PhD-project, but is not trivial - IP-rights for the company - In case of success, a minimum of added value for Flanders has to be guaranteed 5
  • 6. University-Industry Collaborations Baekeland-programme Univ and Ind as Partners for research activity, Human Resources training and entrepreneurship Baekeland COLLABORATION TIME FRAME Shorter term Longer term Delimited contracts for a specific project University as a supplier of knowledge and Human Resources 6
  • 7. Doctoral programme in collaboration with industry: what is different? Baekeland-programme • Exposure to the private environment and acquire an insight of non-academic organisations • Facing “real life” research problems • Joint supervision by professionals from industry • Broaden employability perspectives • Enable networking outside academic environment • Access to additional industry training and meetings 7
  • 8. Baekeland programme Baekeland-programme • The Baekeland-programme offers young researchers the opportunity to obtain a PhD-degree in close cooperation with the industry • The programme offers employees within companies the opportunity to obtain a PhD-degree without leaving the company • IWT provides a subsidy for the individual personnel costs, and the working costs associated with the project 8
  • 9. Basic principles Baekeland-programme • Flemish company Strategic orientation of the project Co-funding • Flemish university Guidance/support towards a PhD-thesis and the assignment of a PhD degree according to the normal quality standards Other research institutes can be the host institute as far as they cooperate with a promotor at a university • Doctoral candidate employee university/research institute or employee of the company mobility: execution within the company as well as within the university/research institute 9
  • 10. Content Baekeland-programme • The research has, in case of success, a clear economic objective and offers an added value for the company • The research is directed towards a PhD and fulfills the current criteria for doctoral research. In order to be qualified, a project proposal within the Baekeland programme requires a scientific challenge and a formulation of a problem that offers the researcher the opportunity to qualify himself intellectually and to grow/to develop to be a skilled researcher. 10
  • 11. Applicant Baekeland-programme • Company: All companies with an exploitation office in Flanders A minimum added value for Flanders is important and an evaluation criterion • Candidate: All candidates who are allowed to the doctoral study at a Flemish university No additional constraints: the Baekeland programme is open for all nationalities and all master degrees. 11
  • 12. Participants Baekeland-programme • Five participants 1. the company 2. the university or research institute 3. the candidate 4. the scientific promotor allied with a university 5. IWT 12
  • 13. Duration Baekeland-programme • In principal 4 years, mid-term evaluation after 24 months • Part-time occupation is possible ( 0,5 FTE), as long as the PhD-thesis can be obtained part of the assessment • In case of part-time occupation project duration extended total support = 4 full-time person years 13
  • 14. IP-aspects Baekeland-programme • Support of 50%, 60% (SME) or 70% (SE) • Consortium agreement: IP-issues - IP for the company (with a free, non-exclusive, non-transferrable right on the project results for education and further research) - IP for the university or research institute (with a non- exclusive, non-sublicensing free license for the exploitation of the project results for the company) - IP 50/50 common proprietary for the company/ university or research institute 14
  • 15. Applications 1st call Baekeland-programme • 32 applications, by 26 different companies • 1 application inadmissable (Brussels region) Applying company Number Already known to IWT as applicant: big companies 8 Already known to IWT as applicant: S(M)E 9 New applicants 8 Candidates Number Already working at the company 13 Candidate now working at university/college, but 11 will be hired (part-time) by company Employee of university 7 15
  • 16. Universities/research institutes Baekeland-programme University Number KULeuven 17 UGent 8 UA 4 UHasselt 3 • In 4 projects cooperation with a university college; in 1 project with a foreign university • 4 projects from the Faculty of Economics 16
  • 17. Calls Baekeland-programme 2 calls in 2009 - March 16th - September 4th Documents available at www.iwt.be Questions? - mail to baekeland@iwt.be - contact Veerle Cauwenberg, programme coordinator 02/209.29.12 17
  • 18. Institute for the Promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders Bischoffsheimlaan 25 B-1000 Brussel Tel.: +32 (0)2 209 09 00 Fax.: +32 (0)2 223 11 81 E-mail: info@iwt.be www.iwt.be