MVP Academy Follow-up Report


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28 startups accelerated, 13 products launched on the global market, more than 1 million USD seed funding raised. Check out the results of the MVP Academy alumni.

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MVP Academy Follow-up Report

  1. 1. Follow-up Report MVP
  2. 2. A PROJECT BY & MVP Academy Accelerator program for tech startups helping them bring products to market and generate sales. All these by offering product consultancy, access to an international network & funding pipeline, recruitment opportunities and training.
  3. 3. A PROJECT BY & Overall Results startups accelerated USD raised products on the global market startups generating revenue 28 1M 13 6
  4. 4. A PROJECT BY & Investment Rounds At early stage the angels and accelerators remain the main sources of funding
  5. 5. A PROJECT BY & Industries Most of the startups create social platforms on different niches; the others develop products in eHealth, Educational and Cybersecurity industries.
  6. 6. A PROJECT BY & Types of business Most startups have a software as a service business model, followed closely by consumer businesses that opted for fremium subscription or advertisement revenue streams. There is also notable interest in hardware based startups.
  7. 7. A PROJECT BY & 20152014 80 pitching sessions 11 workshops 30 hrs of 1 on 1 coaching Acces to a network of 400 mentors and 700 startups 104 pitching sessions 13 workshops 50 hrs of 1 on 1 coaching
  8. 8. A PROJECT BY & Engage privately with employees and partners Pivoted 3 times | Private beta release Signed 3 large licensing deals with corporate clients Continuing customer development VC seed investment Expanded team to 11 people Currently testing the beta version of the product Protect your organization from known and unkown cyber threats Clepsisoft Cyberfog
  9. 9. A PROJECT BY & Free Online Ordering System for Restaurants 600 Active Restaurants 25+ supported languages No 1 in Google anywhere in the world for "Online Ordering" searches Already profitable Opened dev office in Cluj Increased customer base Launched private beta Optimize Your User Onboarding Raised first round of funding Expanded team with 2 people
  10. 10. A PROJECT BY & Helps drivers focus on the road while driving, reaching their destination safely. Signed up 2 new partners Won several awards for the mobile application and social impact both in US and in Europe Doubled the sales team size Raised two rounds of funding Expanded the team Launched v2 of the product The easiest way to share and collect photos from friends.
  11. 11. A PROJECT BY & We entered the MVP Academy Class of 2015 with a technology. By the end of it, we had a product, paying customers and a one-year growth plan. We changed pretty much everything, twice, but we ended up with a clear direction and that makes every second invested in MVP Academy well worth it Claudiu Murariu, CEO InnerTrends MVP Academy helped us focus and discover our main problems, while connecting us with mentors that helped us find solutions. We felt like being propelled ahead of months of trial-and-error and we’ve gained both time and money! Dan Damian, CEO myDog Eye opening, tough, realistic. We got a much better pitch in place and went on to building our product for larger markets than those we could answer to immediately Victor Popescu, CEO Seeds What do they say?
  12. 12. A PROJECT BY & From the team MVP Academy is built as a catalyst for strong teams and dedicated entrepreneurs. We get our hands dirty with every team, be it defining strategy, product testing, attending sales meetings, writing pitches etc. Building a product business is extremely hard work and we don't just teach, we do! George Dita, Managing co-Director MVP Academy When it comes down to it, every business is about closing deals: with your clients, with your suppliers, investors etc. We know this and that is why we brought in MVP Academy some of the best mentors and commercial partners for startups from the region. Bogdan Iordache, Managing co-Director MVP Academy
  13. 13. A PROJECT BY & Accelerator for early stage products Sign up for MVP Academy edition until 31st of March!