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  • 1. Tablet Personal Computer There are very few people in the world today know tablet personal computer, we can see them in everywhere, like public transportation, medical system, etc. Why tablet pc is so fashionable? And why they are used more widely? Development of Tablet PC in Information Era
  • 2. From this diagram, we are not hard to find that tablet can satisfy the users' needs better, and its advantages are obvious. Then, we just detail some typical strength.
  • 3. A general-purpose computer contained in a single panel. Its distinguishing characteristic is the use of a touch screen as the input device. Modern tablets are operated by fingers, whereas earlier tablets required a stylus. In 2000, Microsoft introduced its first Windows tablet .
  • 4. What is Tablet PC? How many different types in Tablet PC? What are important advantages about Tablet PC? What are differences between Tablet PC and laptop computer? Etc. About Tablet PC
  • 5. A tablet PC is essentially a small laptop computer, equipped with a rotatable touchscreen as an additional input device, and running a standard (or lightly adapted) PC operating system like Windows or Linux.
  • 6. Flat : only a screen and a stylus (Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc.) Rotatable: a screen with a keyboard (HP, TOSHIBA, Lenovo, etc.)
  • 7. Comparing with laptop computer, Tablet PC have these advantages.
  • 8. Comparing with laptop computer, Tablet PC have these advantages. Anywhere, Anytime No keyboard or mouse Touch Main Advantages 1. Usage in environments is not relying on keyboard and mouse 2. Lighter weight, lower power 3. Touch environment makes navigation easier
  • 9. A key and common component among tablet computers is touch input. This allows the user to navigate easily and intuitively and type with a virtual keyboard on the screen.
  • 10. Tablets, like regular computers, can run a number of operating systems. These come in two classes, namely traditional desktop-based operating systems and post-PC mobile-based ("phone-like") operating systems.