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Capital iq (2)

  1. 1. BY:Mohit KukrejaManasvi BawejaRamandeep kapoorMonica MahalwalAmitraj chaudharyParul guptaAanchal narang
  2. 2. OVERVIEW It is a provider of web-based information services data and analytics for investment bankers, money managers and other financial professionals. It serves more than 4200 clients including investment banks, investment management firms, private equity firms, consultants and corporations. It has offices around the world, with main headquarters in New York. Capital IQ attracts and retains smart, results-oriented thinkers looking for an open, dynamic, and challenging work environment.
  3. 3. TYPES OF DEPARTMENTS• Office of Finance • Customer care department• Marketing office • IT department• Back office • Administrative• Office of Human department Resources
  4. 4. RECRUITMENT• Organizational activities that provide a pool of applicants for the purpose of filling job openings.• It is a process of searching for prospective employees .• Stimulating & Encouraging them to apply for jobs in the organisation.
  5. 5. PROCESS RECRUITMENT SELECTION Short-listing theAnalyzing the job candidatesWriting the JD and Holding selection PS events Deciding the Making a decisionrecruitment method and offer Deciding the Taking up referencesapplication method Inducting newMarketing the job employee
  6. 6. DifferenceRecruitment is the way in which anorganization tries to attract people fromwhom it will ultimately make selection Selection is about choosing among the job candidates as who is mostlikely to perform well on the job, through a fair and accurate assessment of the strengths and weakness of applicants
  7. 7. Recruitment Method Company-self Outside Agency Recruitment Recruitment External Internal Sources Sources Referrals Unsolicited External Former Retirements Internal Applications Searchemployees notification Press University E.Recruitment Advertisement Recruitment
  8. 8. Purpose of Recruitment A good recruitment programme attracts ample number of job seekers Simultaneously, the recruitment programme must provide enough information about the job Meeting this dual objective will minimize the cost of processing unqualified candidates.
  9. 9. Sources of RecruitmentINTERNAL:Capital IQ upgrades from within only for managerialpositions, but only to some extent. If no one capable formanagerial position is found in its internal source, it looks out forexternal sources. It selects only the best employee for theorganization.TYPES :Former Employees- They ask the retired employees who are willing to work on apart-time basis, individuals who left work and are willing to comeback for higher compensations. Even retrenched employesemployees are taken up once again.
  10. 10. Retirements:- If it’s not able to find suitable candidates in place of the one who had retired, after meritorious service. Under the circumstances, management decides to call retired managers with new extension.Internal Notification(advertisement):- Most employees know from their own experience about the requirement of the job and what sort of person the company is looking for. Often employees have friends or acquaintances who meet these requirements.
  11. 11. EXTERNAL:External recruitment enables the company to get the best candidate.Capital IQ prefers external recruitment and mainly takes help from agencies and institutions as it’s a giant company and internal recruitment proves to be inadequate as its yearly targets are very high.TYPES: CAMPUS: Capital IQ is the company of choice for campus recruitment programs in most major institutes such as Delhi university , SBIT, NMIMS, etc and thus Campus recruitment is the major source of recruitment for Capital IQ. -Engineering Institutes -Management Institutes
  12. 12. JOB FAIRS: Job fair is where several companies come under one rooffor seeking eligible candidates who can join theircompany, after going through certain recruitment processfollowed by them.ADVERTISEMENTS: Capital IQ advertises in : NEWS PAPERS: Times of India The economics times Indian express Hindustan times The financial express Employment papers
  13. 13. MAGAZINES: Business world Business Today India Today Capital Market Business JournalsWEB:
  14. 14.  CONSULTANTS: Capital IQ also seeks the help of consultants who are in the profession for recruiting and selecting managerial and executive personnel. INDUSTRIES: Capital IQ also hires experienced professionals from the industry at various mid-level and senior positions.
  15. 15. JOB VACANCIES DESIGNATION: Technology Quality Analyst (TQA) Role & Responsibilities: :• Testing the Capital IQ Application (Manual Testing).• Creating Test Plans and Test Cases.• Executing Test Scripts, reporting Bugs and Enhancements.• Resolving Client Issues
  16. 16. Designation: Research AssociateRole & Responsibilities: The role of a Research Associate is to create value added Research data pertaining to:• Global Public/Private companies• Critical Business Information• Financial News• Mergers & Acquisitions• Private Placement Transactions & Public Offerings
  18. 18. STEPS:1) Capital IQ shares the Job Description and other details like Compensation, Work timings, Place of work etc. Also shares the initial selection criteria for the interested candidates. The following Criteria should be fulfilled:TOTAL QUALITY ANALYST RESEARCH ANALYSTClass X- 70% and above Class X-75% and aboveClass XII-70% and above Class XII-75% and aboveGraduation- Aggregate of 70% Graduation- Aggregate of 50% and and above above2) The Placement coordinator has to fill in two sheets provided along with this document, namely, Applicant Data Sheet and Campus Data Form, and send back to Capital IQ within the stipulated time mentioned, in the same format.3) The Placement coordinator does the initial screening as per the percentage criteria given above and shares the number of people who are eligible to sit for the Capital IQ process. Only those candidates who fulfill all the criteria are allowed to sit in the presentation and consequently the selection process.
  19. 19. SELECTION PROCESS -- TQA AND RESEARCH ASSOCIATESTEPS:1) Initial Screening Of Interviews: Initial Screening is done on the basis of applicants and applications. A preliminary interview is conducted so as to select the suitable candidate who can go through further stages of interviews.2) Completion Of Application Forms: The company establishes as many hypotheses about the candidate from the details provided in the application form. It then decides what areas of information it needs to explore or investigate more specifically during the interview
  20. 20. CONTINUED..3) Selection Test (level 1)Selection test are conducted in order to determine the aptitude skills of the prospective candidates which covers 3 sections which includes Reasoning, Logical and Verbal.4)Personal Interview Shortlisted candidates now go through an HR round of interview where their communication skills and inter personal skills are tested.5) Selection Test (level 2) Candidates from the HR round undergo a level 2 test----End of process in the campus on that day----
  21. 21. CONTINUED…At Capital IQ’s Facility:1) Candidates shortlisted from level 2 test undergo Technical level/Manager level round of interview.2) Candidates shortlisted from Technical level/Manager level round of interview undergo Director level round of interview.3) Final List of HIRES communicated to the Placement Coordinator4) Process closed