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Recruitment and joining process in bharti airtel


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The objective of Recruitment is to ensure precisely channeled selection of resources, to enable achievement of the company’s business goals.

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Recruitment and joining process in bharti airtel

  1. 1. Name: Monika Yadav (2008 -2010)<br />Title: RECRUITMENT AND JOINING PROCESS IN BHARTI AIRTEL<br />Executive Summary<br />The objective of Recruitment is to ensure precisely channeled selection of resources, to enable achievement of the company’s business goals.<br />In Bharti Airtel once the Manpower budgeting is prepared by the CEO, GM-HR & HODs at the end of financial year.<br />The concerned manager of a vacant position requests for manpower through Manpower Requisition Form (MRF). GM-HR approves the form. If the manpower requirement is approved it is forwarded to recruitment manager. <br />Then the sourcing of CVs is done, through various methods. Then the initial screening, if the candidate is selected then he is supposed to fill JAF , and then get the JAF form and mark the date of functional Interview .<br />Short listing of CV’s as per requirement and then the candidates are called for the interviews. Then the candidate’s initial screening is done i.e. qualification of candidate is matched with the requirement. JAF is made to fill by the candidate. Then comes the functional interview round which is taken by the functional manager. If he qualifies functional interview round then the candidate goes for the salary negotiation, which is done by the HR. At last the offer letter is issued to the selected candidate.<br />Objectives:<br />To learn the HR process of the organization<br />To study the recruitment policy’s and procedure<br />To learn the ability to select a recruitment model that will improve the quality of the present and future workforce of the organization<br />To learn the framework around how to achieve recruitment objectives<br />SWOT Analysis of Bharti Airtel<br />Recommendations:<br />Many HR Policies are not known to most of the employees. It should be made clear on the day of joining or on the First working day.<br />Interview Assessment Sheets are not filled by both Functional and HR-Interviewer. It should be filled on the time of interview.<br />The company should follow job rotation to retain its best talents.<br />In the Skip Level Meetings, no name and oracle code should be asked. To get the true reply from the employees. <br />There should be frequent Feedback Sessions for employees.<br />There should be Exit Interview of all the leaving employees and it should be taken seriously.<br />For COLD Calls or WARM Calls a proper data should be made (on the basis of work experience, and current salary) and then the calls should be made for Interviews.<br />New Joiners should be made clear of there KRA on the first working day.<br />There should be proper maintenance of all the employees documents for future needs. <br />