A social media story


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A social media story

  1. 1. A social media story Copyright © Tekriti Software | 2010
  2. 2. Hi ! Let me be anonymous! Or you can call me GUY ! The ordinary guy.
  3. 3. But I would like to tell u about myself. ASL (age, sex and location) used to be 1 st few things people used to talk about in a chat room in early 2000.
  4. 4. I was a simple guy and very shy. In my town, schools didn’t have computers with internet. When I was in school I heard about chat room. I could make friends there. internet users in India is 81 million as of 2009. Still internet penetration in India is one of the lowest in the world which is just 7.0% of the population.
  5. 5. After engineering, I did MBA and am working for a MNC. I am still shy. (So I am part of 90% of Indian online users which belong to 18-45 age group which has high purchase power and high disposable income.)
  6. 6. I love to write. I even have a blog from a long time! I blog about web 2.0 & technology. web 2.0 is a term coined in 2004 that means interactive information sharing, and user-centered design like social networking site, blog, wikis etc
  7. 7. I was very regular on Orkut . But now I only visit facebook. there is 228 % growth in Facebook’s India user in a year compare to only 35 percent gain for Orkut users.
  8. 8. I love watching videos & song on youTube I am among the 21 million people in India who visit social media sites which is 60.3% of the total active Indian Internet users.
  9. 9. Twitter India has achieved tremendous growth in the last few. 16% use it as a News Service primarily (16%) so 11% stay in touch with Friends by using it and 11% like to update their status and 10% uses Twitter for Research work while 17% are still figuring out what to do with Twitter. And for time pass I do twitter . I share cool links & tweet about health & yoga. I got many followers. A Gartner study says 50% of organizations will embrace twitter in the coming 2 years.
  10. 10. My present company doesn’t know anything about power of social media According to IAMAI, Indians go online for e-mail and IM (98 %); job search (51 %); banking (32 %); bill payment (18 %); stock trading (15 %); and matrimonial search (15 %).
  11. 11. Due to slowdown, not much of the investment was happening. I thought why not I talk about social media in my company board meeting. Due to 2008-09 slowdown jobs hiring and growth went low. But hiring activity across all experience brackets moved up in early 2010.
  12. 12. We made a page on facebook. We started updating about cool schemes & offer on twitter, up to date corporate blog gave us lots of hits and our company work culture video on youTube is already a favorite and we are connected with many more with the help of LinkedIn. The Indian corporate are slowly entering in social media world, from MNC like Mahindra, TCS, Infosys to BigBazaar. The presence on social media platform has increased their active engagement with outside world.
  13. 13. We even got a mobile application to update customer about updated product range & rate. Nokia's Ovi Store, Android Market, Blackberry App World, Apple's App Store and more upcoming mobile apps store means more useful applications for consumers. It is expected that the market for mobile applications will be "as big as the internet“.
  14. 14. I became the PR face of my company and started interacting with followers on twitter/ facebook/ linkedIn etc . Other known faces are Anand Mahindra (@anandmahindra)- Managing Director, Mahindra Group, Prannoy Roy (@PrannoyRoyNDTV) Chairman NDTV, Vijaya Mallya (@TheVijayMallya),
  15. 15. We started engaging with relevant users. We got reviews and recommendations from real people. We started reaching to more consumers. social media play an important role in fostering collaboration, co-operation and customer relationship.
  16. 16. We are audible and reachable and more lovable than ever!
  17. 17. So am I :)
  18. 18. I have friends. I am no more SHY!
  19. 19. That’s my story! What’s yours ?
  20. 20. Need help to customize a story? Contact Email to CEO – [email_address] www. tekriti software .com Follow us on twitter: @ tekriti For company updates : www.facebook.com/ tekriti software