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  1. 1. Did you know Work in India ??
  2. 2. Internet traffic passes through 13 root servers Nine of them are in the US, two each in Japan and Western Europe.
  3. 3. Behind China and the US India Currently ranked - 3rd in terms of the number of Internet users
  4. 4. Active internet users in India grew 28 % in comparison with last year
  5. 5. Reaching 50 million in 2012
  6. 6. 75% of all youths in India access the Internet on a regular basis. Where 82 % of online buyers consider WORD OF MOUTH
  7. 7. India is growing second fastest on Facebook and the sixth largest for Twitter
  8. 8. And 13 million users on Twitter Facebook is available in more than 70 languages
  9. 9. India - second position globally for search queries related to education 13 Education-related queries on Google in India are growing at over 46% year on year
  10. 10. Hope You got an Insight on How Important is Digital Marketing and Social Media for Businesses For More Information Visit-