Changing the Landscape of Sri Lanka


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Reinforcing National Development Strategy

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  • Island Nation of 20 Mn people. Situated at the base of India.
    Sri Lanka is to India just like Hong Kong is to China.
    As can be seen, we are located strategically at the mid point between East and West.
    After 30 years of fighting terrorism, a solid peace has now returned to Sri Lanka. The political stability is undoubted, as we have the strongest Government we have had in decades. The ruling coalition enjoys a majority in excess of 2/3 rd of the Parliamentary seats, which is a huge achievement under a PR system.
    We are thriving democracy with an Executive Presidency and a parliament of 225 members.
    Sri Lanka’s economy has been growing at an average 8% and the trend is expected to continue.
    We achieved US$ 1.07 Billion in FDI in 2011, and are well on track to achieve US$ 2 Billion in 2012.
    We have probably the highest literacy rate after Japan and Korea in Asia, and this is mainly due to free education provided from Kindergarten to University.
    Even in the worst of times that Sri Lanka has undergone in the recent past, we have never ever defaulted on our international debt obligations, which speaks volume for the resilience of our economy.
  • Changing the Landscape of Sri Lanka

    1. 1. Changing the Landscape of Sri Lanka Reinforcing National Development Strategy
    2. 2. WHY SRI LANKA
    3. 3. SRI LANKA • Island Nation of 65000 Sq. Kilometers • • Population of 20.9 Million • Peace and Political Stability • GDP Growth Rate of 6.4% (2012), 2nd Qtr 2013 6.8% • FDI (2012) - $ 1.34 Bn. • Per Capita Income US$ 2,923 (2012) wealthiest among its South Asian neighbors' • Literacy rate 92% intelligent labor force • Never defaulted on international debt obligations Air Routes Strategically connected to major shipping and air routes to the East and West Sea Routes
    5. 5. The Ancient Silk Route once again an International Pathway
    7. 7. The Mahinda Chintata – “Vision for the Future” “The objective of our next massive leap forward is to transform Sri Lanka to be a strategically important economic center of the world. My determination therefore, is to transform Sri Lanka to be the Pearl of the Asian Silk Route once again, in modern terms using our strategic geographical location effectively. I will develop our Motherland as a Naval, Aviation, Commercial, Energy and Knowledge hub, serving as a key link between East and West.” The Ancient Silk Route once again an International Pathway
    8. 8. WHY SRI LANKA? Business Environment Total Foreign Ownership Unrestricted repatriation of earning Constitution guarantees foreign investments Strong intellectual property laws in line with WIPO Signatory to the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) of the World Bank. Investment Protection Agreement and Double Taxation Relief Agreement with over 25 countries, including Singapore
    9. 9. Multilateral Investment Guarantees Belgium/Luxemburg, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France. Germany, Iran. India, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, The Republic of Korea, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Britain, and USA.
    10. 10. MACRO ECONOMIC PERFORMANCES ON AN UPWARD TREND 2009 Growth in GDP in Real Terms % 2010 2011 2012 3.50 8.00 8.20 6.40 Per Capita GDP US$ 2,057 2,400 2,836 2,923 Unemployement % 5.80 4.90 4.20 2013 2nd Qtr 6.80 4.00 2012 May-13 Foreign Direct Investments US$ Mn (Finalization of current FDI pipeline will raise FDI to US$ 537.00 2,000Mn by end of year) 1,340.00 Net Inflows to Stock Market US$ Mn 302.00 120.20 Net Inflows to Banking System US$ Mn 554.00 664.30 Net Inflows to Govt Securities US$ Mn 78.50 664.40
    13. 13. Sri Lanka- Level of Economic Freedom (2012) Heritage Foundation / Wall Street Journal
    14. 14. Under article 157 of the country’s constitution, no force of law and no legislative, executive, or administrative action can be taken to contravene the provisions of a bilateral investment agreement except on grounds of national security.
    15. 15. WHY SRI LANKA? Aviation Hub Mattala – 2nd international airport Vavunia Katunayaka International Airport Sigiriya Polonnaruwa Ampara Ratmalana Modernization of the Katunayake International Airport Katukurunda Koggala
    16. 16. WHY SRI LANKA? WHY SRI LANKA? NAVAL HUB Kankesanthurai Port (KKS Port) Trincomalee Port Colombo South Port Galle Port Oluvil Port Hambantota Port
    17. 17. Development of High Mobility Network • Colombo - Katunayake Expressway (25km) • Southern Highway (126km) Northern Highway • Outer Circular Highway (28km) • Colombo - Kandy Highway (98km) • Katunayake - Padeniya - Anuradhapura (153.3km) Katunayaka-Anuradhapura Highway Colombo-Katunayaka Highway Colombo-Kandy Highway Outer Circular Highway Southern Highway Southern Highway Extension
    18. 18. WHY SRI LANKA? WHY SRI LANKA? Transforming Sri Lanka into a strategically important economic centre Energy Hub Telecommunications Hub • • • • Develop own energy resources Build new refineries Acquire technical know-how on how to conduct international trade in oil • • • Sri Lanka is being developed as regional hub for telecommunications Fastest growth sector driven by public private partnership Development of faster and more efficient technologies Fiber Optic Cables with SEA-ME-WE IV – (Connectivity Bandwidth - 1.32 terabits per second)
    19. 19. WHY SRI LANKA? WHY SRI LANKA? Transforming Sri Lanka into a strategically important economic Centre Knowledge Hub • Introduce scheme to reverse brain drain and obtain knowledge and services of local experts who have excelled internationally • Make significant changes to the education structure of universities, technical colleges and tertiary education institutions • Commence training programmes that directly target foreign markets • Restructure the education and knowledge systems that Sri Lanka becomes a hub for knowledge and learning in the world. Commercial Hub  Establish Sri Lanka as the foremost centre in the provision of commercial services, international banking and international investments
    20. 20. “ Sri Lanka, the fastest growing Asian economy after China” “ Sri Lanka has emerged from a decades–long war, and is enjoying an economic revival. It is currently the second-fastest growing Asian economy after China , a fact not lost upon the IMF, Which recently upgraded Sri Lanka to middle income emerging market status ” Teo Chee Hean Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Home Affairs, Co-ordinating Minister for National Security and Minister-in-charge of the Civil Service
    21. 21. WHY SRI LANKA? Factor Costs US$ Sri Lanka India Thailand Vietnam China 120 306 263 114 364 696 1291 1423 641 840 0.09 0.07 0.12 0.06 0.12 0.48 1.045 0.415 0.38 0.94 17.4 71 22 38 114 Housing 1353 1965 1935 2550 4629 Telephone - Local (per min.) 0.02 0.02 0.1 0.01 0.03 14 26 89 169 18 Labour (Monthly) Shop floor Managers Power Business (per Kwh) Water Business (per cum) Office rent (per sqm) Internet (Broad band monthly charges) Source : JETRO survey 2010
    25. 25. CHELINA CAPITAL CORPORATION Chelina Capital Corporation has an array of exciting projects that are in the process of being developed to an investor ready stage in various sectors of the economy of Sri Lanka The following pages will present highlighted projects for your perusal.
    26. 26. Taprobane Business Center and Financial Hub •The only such land parcel of contiguous 30 acres In a investment frontier •99 Year lease •Land valuation close to USD 150 Mn •A Master Developer could deposit 10% in SIA account and sign agreements with Gosl •Live Work and Relax self contained community •Access to Leisure and Entertainment city on D R Wijewardhane Mawatha •PWC viability report available More details >
    27. 27. Keppetipola Mawatha Housing Project AT PRESENT 70 Summit Flats 1090 sq.ft. floor area Required: 600 apartments 1500 sq.ft. USD 150,000 per apartment Total Cost USD 75 million LAND PRICE USD 35,000 / 25sqmt (perch) •Total land area 16 acres •For the 11towers 5 acres •Balance 11 acres on 99 year Lease to investor More details >
    28. 28. VAUXHALL STREET PROPERTY The Property Total Sq, Ft area sq. ft. – 69,088 Buildable area (80% of land) 55,270 sq. ft. Saleable area (70% of Land) 48,362 sq. ft. - Proposed 35 floors – 1,934,450 sq. ft. Saleable area - 1,692,656 sq. ft. This land is being held and possessed by the Developer on a 30-year Lease Agreement with Government. According to the Agreement the lease can be extended to a 99-year Lease Agreement More details>
    29. 29. KALPITIYA Islands on offer Name Baththalangunduwa Pallitawatta Eramutivu Mutwal (Dutch Bay) Periya Archchalai Sinna Archchalai Sinna Eramutivu Eramitivu West Kakativu on offer (ha) 124.67 59.37 90.56 201.28 44.41 16.86 2.11 4.25 27.15 •SL Rs. 10 million to 12 million per acre depending on extent •99 year Lease •Still available for investment •Tax Incentives •2 million tourist arrivals •JV with local partner More details>
    30. 30. Mega Investment in Trincomalee Sampur/ Trincomalee harbour To develop, operate, and manage a special industrial zone for heavy industries around the north eastern Trincomalee Harbor. MORE DETAILS
    31. 31. Hambantota Port Entrepot opportunities Provides opportunities to establish business ventures and industrial units in an area developed in all spheres to divert congestion of industries and other The Sri Lankan Government has activities in the Western Province approved 23 project proposals for More details > setting up industries in the Hambantota district.
    32. 32. Solar Power Projects 2 PV Solar Power Projects 10MW each 45 Acres each allocated for the projects in Hambantota Can be purchased with all approvals on a plug-& Play basis Cost - US$ 5 Mn each More details > Sri Lanka’s Commitment to Green Energy Buruthkanda Solar Park Maximum Capacity 1237 KW Annual Generation 1,7GWh
    33. 33. OIL EXPLORATION IN SRI LANKA "Sri Lanka hopes to join the natural gas producing nations' club, we are looking at natural gas production around 20172018," – Chairman Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat `Oil majors Exxon Mobil Corp, Royal Dutch Shell PLC and France's Total have shown interest in bidding for blocks offered in Sri Lanka's current licensing round `Cairns India to bid for another block in the second licensing round.
    34. 34. KATUNAYAKA AIRPORT HOTEL BIA Ideal for an Airport Hotel, almost opposite of the Bandaranayake International Air Port (BIA). The Katunayake expressway’s is 500m from the site. This expressway will be open in August 2013. It will only take 20 minutes to reach Colombo using the highway. Land extent : 7A-2R-12P (3.0603Ha) Estimated land cost : Rs. 250,000.00 per perch Development : 4 star / 200 rooms BIA is the gateway to the city for international travelers. Last year, almost 1.0 million passengers flew to and from BIA and that number should increase over the next few years. Katunayaka Highway
    35. 35. Mt Lavinia Property In 1805, Sir Thomas Maitland, a military General, sailed to the island of Ceylon) to assume duties as the second British Governor. He had the desire to build a grand country mansion for himself. He chose a location today known as Mount Lavinia. It was in the year 1806 that Governor Maitland built his new residence, a house fit for a king. This mansion is today the Mount Lavinia Hotel Mt Lavinia Hotel St. Rita’s Road, Mt Lavinia – Passing Mt. Lavinia junction, proceed south about 200m and on to the right (sea side) is St. Rita’s Road. It’s a rectangular block facing the sea, in extent of 134.5p. More details > Mt. Lavina beach
    36. 36. Sale of 45% of the existing issued share capital of a LICENSED SPECIALIZED BANK In Sri Lanka More Details Transaction Ticket Size US$ 23 Mn
    37. 37. More Details
    38. 38. More Details
    39. 39. Sale of 45% of the existing issued share capital of a FULLY INTEGRATED TELECOMUNICATIONS SERVICE PROVIDER In Sri Lanka More Details Transaction ticket size US$ 245 Mn