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MOT New Presentation


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Competitive Advantage Competitive Edge
Under article 157 of the country’s constitution, no force of law and no legislative, executive, or administrative action can be taken to contravene the provisions of a bilateral investment agreement except on grounds of national security.

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MOT New Presentation

  1. 1. Competitive Advantage Competitive Edge 25 year Tax holiday 100% Repatriation Of Profit Preferred Location for Doing Business Preferred Location for Investment Gateway to India Strategically important Economic Center The Commercial Hub for South Asia
  2. 2. LOCATION – Railway Land in Colombo 10
  3. 3. Part of Colombo Plan
  4. 4. Taprobane Business Centre - The Logic Under article 157 of the country’s constitution, no force of law and no legislative, executive, or administrative action can be taken to contravene the provisions of a bilateral investment agreement except on grounds of national security.
  5. 5. Taprobane Business Center & Financial Hub Most Modern Technology Streamlined Procedures Dependable Utility Services Stable Political Environment Efficient Legal & Regulatory Regime Skilled Workers Convertible Currency Free flow of Capital
  6. 6. Abundance of Green Spaces
  7. 7. Land Utilization
  8. 8. Environment Friendly City  Eco solutions for transportation, buildings, recycling and waste reduction programs.  LEED standards for buildings - cut energy usage by 31% and water usage by 22%.  Recycle as many organic materials as possible.  City will have extensive bike routes.  Outdoor green recreation spaces that crisscross the entire "city" to reduce carbon footprint.  Street lights with light emitting diodes (LEDs) to lower usage of electricity  Several hundred power hookups for electric cars recharging  Solar panels on buildings for renewable energy for the entire area.  Open storm water run-off system, to collect rain water in ponds in public spaces and through open channels to the sea.  Roofs designed to slow storm water runoff and decrease the heat island effect.  Highest level of environmental certification from LEED, BREEAM and DGNB.
  9. 9. Nowehere else in the World ! The only such land parcel of contiguous 30 acres In a investment frontier.
  10. 10. Positive Hedging Opportunity on fast escalating land values THE EQUATION MARKET VALUE US$ 38,500/ perch or US$ 7 m/acre (4046 sqm ) Land given on a 99 year lease guaranteed by the Govt. The land value equated to cost of the Transport Towers – US$ 125.42 m. Add the CNEB service and management charges Plus the prorated cost of Infrastructure Total value prorated to each parcel of land.
  11. 11. BUILT SPACES
  12. 12. Built – up Areas & Cost Business Center and Financial Hub 15 Towers / 520,880 sqm US $ 625.0 m US $149.8 m Hotels and service Apartments 3 towers Tower 1 - 35,160 sqm 22 /F Tower 2 - 35,040 sqm 22/F floors Tower 3 - 53,662 sqm 22 /F US $ 79.2 m US$ m 125.4 Residential accommodation in 2 Towers Tower 1 -36,596 sqm in 30 floors Tower 2 – 36851 sqm in 30 floors US $ 88.1 m Offices in shopping area 21,000 sqm Mega shopping mall in 21,000 sqm US $ 25.2 m
  13. 13. Area Rentals (USD / sq. ft/year Key industries targeted include financial services (banks, insurance, fund managers, brokerage firms, financial sector regulators); BPO/IT sector; education sector PWC 2012)
  14. 14. Project structuring to be carried out through suitable investment vehicles to maximise investor interest, fast track development and manage stakeholder risk and returns
  15. 15. Key operating characteristics: Residential Assumption Value Saleable area 80.0% Rate Inflation Sale price 3040,000 8.0% 3,406 Service charge 382 Service Charge 33 Overheads Development cost Payback period Project IRR 10.0% 1,292 Na 18.0% Sale price comparison Unit LKR/SQF USD/SQM LKR/SQF USD/SQM Of service charge revenue USD/SQM/Y1 Financed by pre sales
  16. 16. Key operating characteristics: Hotel Assumption Number of rooms Room Rate Inflation Built-up area Value Unit 400 100 USD 8.0% 36,000 Saleable space 80% Saleable space 28,800 Average room size Occupancy 72 SQM Development Cost Payback back period Project IRR 80% 2,583 11 10.9 Of BUA SQM Financed by pre sales USD/SQM (Y1) years %
  17. 17. Key operating characteristics: Office Assumption Value Unit Rental Income 20 USD/SQM Service Charge 6 USD/SQM Inflation Built-up area 8.0% 556,889 Saleable space 70% Saleable space 389,822 Occupancy Development Cost Payback back period Project IRR SQM Of BUA SQM 70% 775 15 16.0% USD/SQM (Y1) years
  18. 18. Employment Benefits Development Residencies Hotel Apt  Hotel Hotel Offices Shopping Shop offices Business premises Total Sourcev: Drivers Jonas Deloitte FAR Area 60,203 57,541 500 rooms 23,000 16,750 16,750 409,745 Employment 365 140 400 1,840 558 1340 32,780 37,423