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Conferencia impartida el 14 de mayo en las oficinas de HP.

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  • Equipos locales, dedicados y en plantilla (in-house)Métodosescalonados: Waterfall methodsMetodologíasversátiles: Agile methods[WEB 2.0 – RIA B/C PERFORMANCE AND SECURITY DRIVER; add to notes – even the vendors products are built this wayOrganizations have spent a decade or more automating their business through software. Most of the architecture was very siloed, monolithic and proprietary making it hard to maintain, change, or integrate which meant there was limited innovation. Not all have the supporting technology, systems and management processes to enable success throughout the lifecycle.Today we’re on the threshold of a massive refresh of Enterprise business applications. The next generation of SAP and Oracle applications will be based on SOA, which fundamentally requires a new architectural model. SOA adoption is also driving new custom applications and legacy integrations. And new Web 2.0 models like Ajax are leading customers to not only refresh web application and their web presence, but to build completely new models.All of these dynamics allow organizations to integrate and innovate business processes in a way they’ve never been able to do before. However, they need the right processes, the right products and the right management disciplines to realize the promise of agility and innovation while increasing quality and reducing cost.Slide MessageThe environment we are working in is changing – we cannot carry on with the same quality initiatives, we must recognise that the IT world is necessarily becoming more complex to support today’s agile business needs, and that means that to improve quality we need to develop even fasterSmall issues can have wider impact in today’s IT world. Increased reliance on new technologies such as SOA (whether directly or “under the covers” in the latest ERP versions), unproven technologies such as AJAX, and new platforms such as Vista mean that the IT world is changing underneath us. Building better quality in this environment is like building a house of cards during an earthquake. To ensure quality going forward, we need to first establish a solid platform
  • Requirements = translating business goals/objectives into a realized software-enabled business process. You need to understand the business goals and objectives AND you have to care about the IT approach and impact. This is a strategic control point in the process – if you don’t get it right, even if you do everything else perfectly, you will fail in the end if you have not delivered against the requirements. When you begin to understand the perspective of each side – you can see how the requirements will help bridge the gap between IT and the business.Key benefits:Manage requirements changes and impactMulti-dimensional traceabilityRequirements coverage analysisRequirements linkages to requirements, tests, defectsBi-directional traceability across the application quality lifecycleKey capabilitiesManage complete and verifiable requirements and dependenciesTrack multiple requirements typesAnalyze requirements change impactLeverage existing assets in MS WordIntegrates with demand systems, both strategic and operational
  • manage all test types in one place
  • Alert key stakeholders through automated emailsEnforce defect lifecycle process through custom fields and workflow
  • HP Quality Center has a new integrated Dashboard module to centralize Quality Center reporting and tools, including standard reports, excel reports and dashboard. Dashboard functionality is now integrated into QC for simplified installation, configuration and maintenanceHP Quality Center can export a report source into Microsoft Excel, letting your end users perform endless data manipulation. HP ALM adds the ability to produce standardized reports across projects and modules to provide end-to-end visibility of quality metrics across multiple QA initiatives.Features:Fully integrated Dashboard module to centralize HP Quality Center reporting tools including standard reports, excel reports and dashboardStandardized cross-project or cross-module reporting and drill-down graphsCustomizable pagesAnalysis tab with access to built-in reports and excel reports Make business decisions based upon holistic view of quality status, defect trends and requirements coverageAllocate resources based upon current progress and status of application releasesReport progress on test cyclesIntegrated dashboard provides simplified installation, configuration and maintenanceBenefits:Simplified installation, configuration and maintenanceEnd-to-end visibility of quality metrics across multiple QA initiativesFully integrated Dashboard module to centralize HP Quality Center reporting tools including standard reports, excel reports and dashboardCustom, role-based, shareable reportsCoverage graphs with drill down capability
  • Welcome to Sprinter 11.5, HP Application Lifecycle Management’s manual testing solution.Sprinter provides advanced functionality and capabilities to make manual test planning and execution more efficient and effective.
  • Sprinter Scanners automatically verify different aspects of application behavior and find potential defects. Using Scanners you can check whether strings in your application are spelled correctly, whether the application complies with Web Standards (for Web applications), if there are broken links or whether the user interface is translated correctly.You can select which scanners to use either before or during the run session. After each scan is completed, you can perform several actions on the results, such as create a defect or defect reminder.You can also extend Sprinter’s capabilities by defining custom scanners that can detect defects specific to your application.
  • HP Sprinter provides some unique capabilities to support exploratory testing. Exploratory testing is an effective approach for uncovering defects based on the tester’s knowledge of the functionality, of the changes to the application, and the high risk areas of the GUI. Exploratory testing may sound easy, but requires structure, context and accurate defect documentation to be useful. This can be challenging if the tester follows a path that leads to a defect, and then can’t remember how they got there. With HP Sprinter, you can apply process to your exploratory testing that cuts down on you test cycle time, creates reusable assets, and produces accurate, thorough defect descriptions.
  • We’re not done with what’s newAnnouncing UFT Mobile!And integrations with:SV integration– helps with hybrid composite appsTurnkey– accelerate testing even further with pre-built frameworksAnd tie into ALM to manage complete process and drive collaboration between dev and test
  • Purpose of Slide: Introduce LoadRunnerWith HP LoadRunner, project teams are able to effectively conduct load and performance testing of their solutions before impacting the production users. With LoadRunner’s wide range of supported protocols (over 50), projects are able effectively test almost any application. With the HP Diagnostics solution, difficult, deep code issues can be uncovered and corrected before end users discover the problems.With LoadRunner, project teams are able to:Reduce risk of deploying systems that do not meet performance requirementsReduce cost by predicting scalability and capacity and eliminating over-deploymentReduce time by shortening test cycle time. Accelerate delivery of high quality applications
  • Here it is the Virtual User generator – to develop scripts to test the load.
  • Once you are in the Virtual User generator (VUGen), you can select from a range of protocols based on the application/environment being tested.We will select the Ajax TruClient.
  • When using TruClient technology, you basically start executing the transition in the browser and the script gets automatically created.You can replay the script and then make few adjustments to your test.It is easy, quick and don’t require extensive knowledge.It reduces time and cost and increases productivity.
  • Here are the results of using TruClient. Scripts are automatically created when executing the transaction.
  • Now, it is time to test the load. Within the Controller, you can plan the load, control and execute the tests. You can select what views you want manage during the test and make adjustments in the load to get the best results in your load test.
  • Once tests are complete, you can analyze the results in many forms. LR provides robust graphics and reporting for test results analyses.Here we are looking at the Average response time per transactions.
  • As mentioned before, you can see multiple tabs with different data points for analyses. Here we are looking at the average download time (in seconds) for each web page and its components.
  • Calidad en entornos SAP

    1. 1. Calidad en entornos SAPÁlvaro del Ser // Engagement
    2. 2. ● Desafíos en entornos SAP● Solución HP Software● Visión general● Gestión e integración● Quality Center● Pruebas funcionales● Manuales – HP Sprinter● Automáticas – HP UFT● Pruebas no funcionales● Rendimiento – HP LoadRunner● Monitorización● Procesos - HP APM● Caso de éxito● Preguntas16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe TestingAgenda
    3. 3. Desafíos en entornos SAPLa calidad como herramienta para la gestión del cambio16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing
    4. 4. .NETJAVA.NETJAVAASPSAP.NETASP.NETJAVAEquipo virtualEquipo subcontratadoAsiaEquipo internoNorteaméricaEquipo internoSuraméricaModernización de las AplicacionesEquipo internoNorteaméricaAyer• Equipos locales, dedicados y en plantilla• Enfoque monolítico, propietario, local, Web 1.0• Autónomo, independiente, métodos escalonadosHoy• Equipos distribuidos, compartidos y virtuales• Enfoque basado en servicios, abierto,compartido, Web 2.0• Integrado, metodologías versátiles
    5. 5. Evolución de las aplicaciones SAPComposición flexible deProcesos de negocioProcesos de negociopredefinidosPlataforma de procesos de negocioeSOAVersatilidadDWCRM3as partesERPTiempoFIR3
    6. 6. Gestión del cambio• Governance• Gestión del riesgo• Cumplimiento normativas• Ejemplos:LOPD, SOX, SEC, FDA, Basel2• Mantenimientos• Nuevas funcionalidades• Actualizaciones• Rollouts nuevos módulos• Cambios en los procesos de negocio• Reorganizacion interna• Nuevos productos, proveedores, …Negocio Normativas Tecnología… these change events impact the life cycle of most Enterprise SolutionsEl cambio viene originado por 3 elementos principalesConsolid.NewImplem.UpgradesCustomDev.SupportPackHotPacksEffortCambiosconstantesNew processesTimeCambiosplanificadosCustomDev.SupportPackCustomDev.
    7. 7. Solución HP SoftwareSolución completa para entornos SAP y otras tecnologías16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing
    8. 8. Visión generalPreparación entornos y juego de datos de pruebaCreación de requisitosdesde Business BlueprintAutomatización y ejecución de pruebasunitarias, funcionales e inicio a finHP Quality CenterHP LoadRunnerActualiza SOLMANcon información deejecuciones y defectosEjecución de pruebasde rendimientoHP DiagnosticsDiagnóstico de cuellos de botellaSAP ApplicationDiagnosticsHP Unified FunctionalTestingSAP Test Data Migration Server
    9. 9. HP QC / ALMQuality Center (QC) Requirements Management Business Process Models Test Management Business Process Testing (BPT) Defect managementSolution ManagerBusiness Blueprint Definition of Scenarios, BusinessProcesses and Process Steps SAP Business Content (BPR) Solution Documentation Assistant forsemi-automatic setup Business view: Documentation andbusiness requirements Technical view: involved SAP andnon-SAP systems, Transactions,… Starting point for customizing Linked training materialBusiness Process ChangeAnalyzer (BPCA) Identification of business processesaffected by code / customizingchanges / Support & EnhancementPackages Business Blueprint Bus. Requirements Test Objects Documents Incidents/Defects Test results Incidents/DefectsSolutionManagerAdapterforQualityCenterPerformance Center (PC) Performance Testing Lab ManagementProject Planning & TrackingTest Acceleration & Optimization Generation of Test Case and BPT componentsfor the SAP GUI Based Business Processes Leverages BPCA Analysis for automatedmaintenance of BPT test component and testcasesHP UFT Comprehensive UI Based Testing Business Process Components TestingHP Sprinter Streamline manual testing by reuse andby simplifying repetitive work BPCA Analysis (Business Impact to Change Impact Testing)Test Data Management Server (TDMS) Reduce SAP data volume of non-production landscape Scramble sensitive data according to your needsVisión general
    10. 10. 16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe TestingVisión general
    11. 11.  Gestión de versiones Gestión de requisitos Gestion de pruebas Automatización Business Blueprint SolutionDocumentation Gestión del cambio MonitorizaciónIntegración SAP Solution Manager
    12. 12. HP Quality CenterGestión e integración16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing
    13. 13. HP Quality Center coreSupporting key stakeholders from across IT & the businessDevelopment TeamsBusinessAnalystsQA TeamsAllows organizations to lower costs bycapturing critical defects before they reachproductionFacilitates distributed collaboration andcommunication between QAteams, developers and business analysts on asingle platformEnables organizations to manage releaseprocess and make informed go/no godecisions through real time reportsSingle, scalable platform that enables aconsistent, repeatable process for:• Requirement management• Test planning, scheduling & execution• Release & cycle management• Defect management• Real time reporting of progress and status• Integration with Developer Environments
    14. 14. – Business analyst can collaborate onapplication requirements without fear ofoverriding other’s work– Assess overall risk to the business throughreal-time visibility of test coverage andassociated defects against business needs– Assess the impact of change before changingrequirements– Easy adoption by Business AnalystsRequirements ManagementKey BenefitsKey Capabilities– Define and track multiple requirement types– Establish templates to ensure higher qualityrequirements– Manage requirements dependencies– Bi-directional traceability from requirementsto requirements, tests and defects– Manage change requests through formalapproval process– Familiar rich test editor interface– Version Control and Baselining– Leverage existing assets in MS Word
    15. 15. Test Plan– Create test cases to adequately test therequirements– Manage all test types (Functional,Performance, Security) in one place– Ensure requirements coverage throughtraceability to requirements– Manage change associated withrequirements changesKey BenefitsKey Capabilities– Design, build and manage manual andautomated test cases– Link test cases to requirements– Leverage test cases from MS Word andMS Excel– Version Control and Baselining
    16. 16. Test Scheduling and Execution– Manage and control execution of manual andautomated tests– Schedule the execution of automated testscripts for unattended execution– Execute manual tests via HP Sprinter– View and assess test execution runs andresults including logging defects with rundetailsKey BenefitsKey Capabilities– Create ‘test sets’ or groups of tests to beexecuted together– Create ‘test sets’ based on releases andcycles– Define dependencies and design testexecution flows– Assign to QA testers– Assign to execution host
    17. 17. Defect Management– Manage, track and enforce defects across theapplication lifecycle– Create defects from manually or directly fromthe execution of manual and automated tests– Clearly communicate bugs to developers withcontext from requirements and tests– Integrated into developers IDEKey BenefitsKey Capabilities– Enforce defect lifecycle process throughcustom fields and workflow– Log defects directly from test runs with testdetails (test step, result, screenshots,attachments) to ensure the developers canreproduce the issue– Traceability to requirements, tests and otherdefects– Alert key stakeholders through automatedemails
    18. 18. Reports, Graphs & Dashboard– Make informed business decisions– Clearly communicate to all stakeholders– Understand the real-time status of anapplication– Full trending analysis and insight intoapplication projects– Understand release and cycle progressKey BenefitsKey Capabilities– Fully customizable project reports (exportto MS Word)– Integrated Dashboard– Out of the box or customizable analysisreports and graphs– Report to MS Excel– Embed graphs and charts into web portals– Requirements traceability matrix
    19. 19. Pruebas FuncionalesManuales o automáticas HP proporciona una solución integrada16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing
    20. 20. HP SprinterPruebas manuales optimizadas16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing
    21. 21. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.21HP Sprinter• Author tests manually or save steps taken as atest• Speed execution by eliminating redundantactivities• Crystal clear defect write-upsAuthor RunSubmitDefectAuthor
    22. 22. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.22Manual TestingLifecycleAuthor from scratch.• Excel like• Parameterization• Rich text editor• Work on multiple tests in parallel• Copy steps from one test to another• Attach annotated screen captureAuthor RunSubmitDefectAuthor
    23. 23. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.23Manual TestingLifecycleAuto-authoring.• Capture steps taken• Steps saved to a test• Standardizes test case formatAuthor RunSubmitDefectAuthor
    24. 24. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.24SubtitleManual TestingLifecycleAuto-authoring.• Capture steps taken• Steps saved to a test• Standardizes test case formatAuthor RunSubmitDefectAuthor
    25. 25. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.25Sprinter 11.5: DefectScannersLet Sprinter find defects for you.• Misspellings• Broken links• Localization• W3 compliance• Custom• Submit tailored defectsAuthor RunSubmitDefectAuthor
    26. 26. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.26Enter the Sapient TesterExplore the AUTUncover defectsKnowledge + AUT Changes + High Risk AreasNot random acts of testingStructured approach + Context + Accurate defect writeupsHas its challenges…• What steps led to the defect?• What data did I use?
    27. 27. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.27Exploring Testing with SprinterAuthor RunSubmitDefectAuthor
    28. 28. HP Unified Functional TestingSuite integrada de automatización16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing
    29. 29. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.30HP Test Automation Suite - One Integrated SuiteTesting mobile, packaged and hybrid composite appsGUI (QTP)API (ST)Manual(Sprinter)ServiceVirtualizationALM RequirementsReleaseManagementTest PlanningTurn-KeyDevelopmentmanagementFramework(BPT)HPUFTMobileDefectsNDA until Nov 6th, 2012(HPUFT)NewNew
    30. 30. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.31Comprehensive market leading solution for functional test automationThe HP Functional Testing SuiteAccelerate Delivery and Increase QualityEnables consistent, repeatableprocess to:• Automate manual test scripts• Test a broad range of technologies• Accelerate testing cycles• Validate quality of frequent builds• Reduce per unit cost of testing
    31. 31. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.32HP Unified Functional Testing 11.5What’s new?• A brand new modern IDE• HP Unified Functional Testing 11.5 (GUI +APIautomation)• HP UFT Mobile – automated testing for mobileapps• HP UFT Insight – image based automation• Integration to CI systemsBenefits• Modern IDE– simplifying automation• GUI & API – test earlier, test more and faster• Single solution for mobile – increase automation formobile apps to streamline innovation• Add new technology on the fly – changingenvironments aren’t a barrier anymore• Support continuous integration – to streamline qualityautomation in an agile mannerHYBRID, MOBILEApplicationsPublic CloudTraditionalPrivate Cloud Managed CloudAgile Delivery GUI (QTP)API (ST)Manual(Sprinter)ServiceVirtualizationALM& QCRequirementsReleaseMgntTestPlanningTurn-Key…Framework (BPT)UFTMobileDefectsEnd to end technology agnostic one stop testing tool for GUI, API, Packaged Apps &Mobile
    32. 32. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.33End to end testing of composite appsEnd-to-EndBusinessProcessGraphicalUser-InterfaceGUI LayerAPI / HeadlessLayerSAPScreen 3(ABAP)Screen 4(HTML).NET API Rest API RFCJMSService.NET API RestProcess LayerA New TransactionExchangeScreen 5(AJAX)Screen 6(Java)Web 2.0 BillingScreen 1(AJAX)Screen 2(Java)1. Interaction with few modern GUI interfaces2. Continue the scenario into the API layer3. Test the Integration between layers4. Report on quality of the entire end-to-end processEnd to endtesting
    33. 33. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.34UILayerHP Unified Functional Testing 11.5Test automation for GUISearchProductListPurchase ProductShopping CartUILayerfFeatures (GUI testing)• Modern GUI testing – new UI alignedwith modern dev IDEs• New features- scripts editing, coding,MDI, checkpoints, auto completion…• Graphical UI - Canvas• Workflows support thanks tointegration to QC / ALM• Support latest technologies – Qt apps,Flex, more than 20 new versionsBenefits• Automation made easier• Learning automation made easier, takesless time, less technical• Graphical UI with drag & dropcapabilities• Shortcuts, sharing and reuseProblem it Solves• Automation takes time,complicated• Automation requires advancedcoding skills• Automation requires codingskills• Automation requires repeatableactions• New advanced technologies
    34. 34. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.35UILayerServicesLayerUnified Functional Testing 11.5Test automation for APIFeatures (API testing)• GUI +API testing end-to-end• Biz process and integrationtesting• Graphical test flow view• API test actions--workflows• JSON-based REST services• SAP IDOCS and RFCsBenefits• Test earlier -- services andcomponents• Lower costs of composite app tests,lower learning curve• Sharing and reuse, less maintenance• Supports the most popular new APIs• Accelerate accurate SAP testsProblem it Solves• Different tools to test services• Different tools, different IDEs,skill set• Modular, comprehensive tests• New API technologies• Repeatable tests for SAPNDA until Nov 6th, 2012
    35. 35. © Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.36Image based automationHP UFT InsightFeatures :• Simply recognizes controllers bytheir appearance• enables the user to record anyobject displayed on his screen,whether or not UFT recognizes theobject’s technologyBenefits:• Technology agnostic• Flexibility and agility by adopting tonew changing technologies
    36. 36. Pruebas no funcionalesCertificación del rendimiento en entornos complejos16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing
    37. 37. HP LoadRunnerOverview16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing
    38. 38. The market leading solution for project performance validationHP LoadRunnerReduce Risk, Cost and TimeEnables consistent, repeatable process to:• Emulate production workload• Test a broad range of apps• Identify performance bottlenecks• Diagnose root cause of issues• Optimize performance before deployment
    39. 39. 5 Analysis, Diagnostics and ReportingDatabaseInternet/WANMiddle Tier(HTTP, WebSphere, Server, Network)ApplicationEnd UserSimulatethousands of usersTransaction Record‚TransferFunds‛‚Check Balance‛‚Pay Bills‛Author Scripts1TestScenarioPlan and Control LoadTests2Generate Load3 Measure Impact4How HP LoadRunner works
    40. 40. Virtual User Generator
    41. 41. Supports WIDE range ofapplications and BROAD set oftechnologies
    42. 42. TruClientThe revolutionary way ofscripting modern applications
    43. 43. Scripting made EASY!
    44. 44. Plan, Control andgenerate the Load Tests
    45. 45. Measure the impact andanalyze the results
    46. 46. Multiple data points
    47. 47. MonitorizaciónSeguimiento y evolución con HP APM16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing
    48. 48. 16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe TestingThe business says: “Stop using our customers as monitoring devices”“We’re always in catch-up”“We monitor the infrastructure but still miss user experienceproblems”“It takes ages to figure out where the problem lies”The business: “you need to demonstrate and control quality of service.”End-User Experience Challenges
    49. 49. 16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe TestingEarly warning of actualcustomer experience issues?Plus adequate information toprioritize them?And detailed information inorder to resolve them?• Allows for a proactive response• Warning needs to based onexperiences for all users from alllocations all the time• Isolate an issue to one customer, asegment of customers, a locationor entire set of customers• Associate business impact withthe issue• Details of the path the userperformed during the transaction• Details of how the user was trulyexperiencing the applicationwhen the issue occurredIf a service goes down, do you knowthe business impact?Do you have adequate informationto quickly resolve a customerexperience issue?Do you monitor your applicationbased on customer calls?What if you had…
    50. 50. 16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe TestingSyntheticMonitoring•Proactivelymonitorapplicationperformance andavailability•Emulates userbehaviorReal UserMonitoring•Monitor real usertransaction as theyflow across tiers•GranularInsight, FastIsolationService LevelManagement•Measure servicelevels based onuser’s experience•Reportapplication healthto the businessAnywhere•24x7 Stability•Global Scalability•Monitor outsidethe firewall fromanylocation, cloudreadyRun-Time Service ModelSolution HP End User Management
    51. 51. 16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe TestingIntegrated Business Service HealthCloud,SaaS &InternalPhysical &VirtualApplicationsBusinessprocessesTransactions3rd partydataBSM Run-timeService ModelUCMDBEvent &Performance DataBusinessProcessApplicationand ServicesSoftwareInfrastructureRuntime Service Model
    52. 52. 16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe TestingSynthetic UserSwitzerlandSynthetic UserNew YorkSynthetic UserSingapore• Synthetic Users are simulated by running scripts atregular intervals from multiple locations• Scripts verify availability and performance of yourcritical business servicesDescription• Proactive notification even when no one is using theservice (i.e. before banks open)• Supports business-centric service level management• Isolation capabilities reduce MTTR and associateddowntime costBenefitsReport+AlertLaunchScriptTxn1 Txn2 Txn3Verify Banking Service (script)Synthetic Monitoring
    53. 53. 16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing• Proactively find availability and performance issuesbefore customers do• Active monitoring from multiple locations• Reduce end-user outages by proactively monitoringperformance and availability trends• Leverages industry-standard HP LoadRunner loadtesting scripts• Support a broad range of protocols, technologies andenvironments• Automatic and dynamic calculation ofperformance/availability thresholds• Accelerate time to resolution through integration withHP Diagnostics & TransactionVisionSynthetic Monitoring
    54. 54. 16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe TestingHP Business ServiceManagementRealUser MonitorEndUserMainframe/DatabaseFirewallWebServers ApplicationServersSwitchLoad BalancerInternetMirroredTraffic• Agentless monitoring of transactions• Gain visibility into real user behavior patterns• Isolation capabilities reduce MTTR and associateddowntime cost• Real user monitoring for all users, from all location, all thetime• Captures real user experience from http/https or otherTCP/IP trafficDescription BenefitsReal User Monitoring
    55. 55. 16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing• Captures key user application performancemetrics such as roundtrip time, availability, andapplication errors from all users, at all locations, at all times• Quantify business impact of an event bydrilling down to identify the precise number ofusers affected, and specific domains impacted• Detailed session data along with session replayabilities to further isolation efforts• Ability to agentlessly monitor applicationtransactionsReal User Monitoring
    56. 56. 16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe TestingRequirement Synthetic RealCheck health when no one is using PMonitor from multiple locations PDiagnose actual user problems PTrack user behavior patterns PComplete capture of business processes P PService level reporting P PUnified End-User Monitoring
    57. 57. 16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe TestingDefines and publishes Performance &Availability KPI’s for SLMMonitors and Supports SLM forPerformance & AvailabilityProvides reporting and analytics forPerformance & Availability SLMBusiness Rules & Financial ImpactAnalysisService Level Management
    58. 58. 16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing
    59. 59. Caso de éxitoFCC16/05/2013Confidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing
    60. 60. GraciasÁlvaro del Ser // alvaro.delser@globetesting.comConfidential and Propietary // All rights reserved // Globe Testing