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Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1
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Bpos live company presentation-june 2010_v1


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    version 1.1
  • 2. BPOS-Live is a Belgian ICT companyspecialized in cloudcomputing, hosting and provisioning services
    Enablingcloudcomputing and SAAS forTelco, Service providers and Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) through the provisioning platform via a white label model
    End-to-End business services for Hosted solutions based on the Microsoft Hosted Messaging and Collaboration Model (Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint Services,...) extended with ISV applications and other platform technologies delivering Voip Unified Communication and workplace management services
    n a
    Design, build and maintain virtual server environments based on Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware technology in combination with infrastructure services (online back-up, storage on demand, security on demand,…). Integrating onsite, private cloud and public cloud solutions.
    p 2
    Version 1.1
  • 3. BPOS-Live serves multiple EMEA verticalswith the support of ouralliances
    Telco &
    Service Providers
    Independent Software Vendors
    Small &
    p 3
    Version 1.1
  • 4. We translatedourpassionfor the ICT business into a clearvision and appropriatevalues
    Company vision
    Making applications and services available everywhere, anytime bringing thus people together, allowing value for money, through performance and availability of the platform and the creation of competitive advantages for our customers.
    Company values
    Thinkforwardwithourcustomer & partner ecosystem and translate this in to new business value
    Be onthop of the latesttechnologies and translate this in to real business opportunities
    Provide tailor-madesolutions and efficient service support forourcustomers
    Embrassing the diversity of people and respecing the environment
    p 4
    Version 1.1
  • 5. Ourcompany is drivenbyanexperienced management team combinedwith domain experts
    Marc Crauwels : CEO/CFO/CHR
    Marc Crauwels is a through business leader with more than 25 year of experience in the IT business. Before BPOS-Live, Marc was active as General Manager is several large European service provider companies like LogicaCMG and Info Support. At Info Support, which has his core activities in IT consultancy, IT training and hosting , Marc collaborated with Tim Meskens on the hosting domain. Their shared vision on the hosting market led to the creation of BPOS-Live in January 2009.
    Tim Meskens : COO
    Tim Meskens is a senior hosting consultant and entrepreneur with more than 8 years experience in the hosting domain. His profound hosting expertise is build up through out his professional hosting career at Microsoft, Oracle, Insight and Info Support . Together with Marc Crauwels he founded BPOS-Live.
    Pascal Van Hove : Marketing & Sales director
    Pascal Van Hove joined BPOS-Live in April 2010. He has more than 10 years of field experience as ‘B2B Sales and Marketing expert’ within the Telco and IT sector both in Belgium and internationally. Before joining BPOS-Live, Pascal was Outsourcing Sales Manager for Capgemini Belgium and held different sales and marketing management functions at the Belgacom Group
    p 5
    Version 1.1
  • 6. BPOS-Liveestablishedhisownhigh-available, ‘state of the art’ cloud platform, which is physicallylocated …
    Platform components
    EMS-CORTEX Provisioning Tool
    HP580-WS 2008 R2 Enterprise SP2
    HostedMessaging & Collaboration 4.5
    PRODUCTION - Node 1
    TEST, DEV, DEMO - Node
    SW Firewall MS ISA server 2008
    HP380-WS 2008 R2 Enterprise SP2
    MS System Center
    PRODUCTION - Node 2
    HP EVA 8400
    • redundant
    • 13. 30 TB storage
    virtualisation & clustering via MS Hyper-Vtechnology
    SAN Storage & Backup
    p 6
    Version 1.1
  • 14. … in professional datacentresguaranteeing the highest level of securityforourcustomers.
    Primary DC Standby DC Easynet DC CTAC DC
    Capronilaan 2 Goudbloemvallei 30 Schipholrijk ‘s Hertogenbosch
    • 4 x 2000 kva Generator back-up @ N+1
    • 15. UPS system – redundant parallel formation @ N+1
    • 16. Close control downflow air conditioning units to guarantee stable temperature and humidity @ N+1
    • 17. 2 independent AC chilled water systems @ N+1
    • 18. 6 MVA of UPS conditioned power @ N+1
    • 19. Diverse Power Supplies with diesel generator backup
    Power & airconditioning
    • Aspiration Smoke Detection Apparatus (ASD)
    • 20. Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)
    • 21. MIST firesuppression system
    • 22. CCTV system covering all entrances
    • 23. 24-hour video recording
    • 24. Full perimeter alarm
    • 25. Security card access system
    • 26. Visual verification of all persons entering the data floor
    • Redundant Cisco routers and hardware FW
    • 27. Multiple carriers & 4 internet providers
    • 28. Redundant fiber connection to Standby DC
    p 7
    Version 1.1
  • 29. The BPOS-Live service portfolio covers a broad spectrum of ICT cloud services (1/4)
    Integration Services
    Infrastructure Services
    Application Services
    Deliveringintegratedonsite, public and private cloudsolutions
    p 8
    Version 1.1
  • 30. BPOS-LiveApplication Services – SAAS (2/4)
    + OCS
    p 9
    Version 1.1
  • 31. BPOS-LiveInfrastructure Services – IAAS (3/4)
    p 10
    Version 1.1
  • 32. BPOS-LiveIntegration Services – XAAS (4/4)
    p 11
    Version 1.1
  • 33. Our services are underpinnedwithanITIL-driven support and solid SLA
    Local Service Desk (NL, FR, E) centralizingincidents, changerequests, service requests, questions and complaints
    Standard Service Window : Mon-Fri08.30 AM – 5.30 PM
    Extended Service Window : 24/7 support
    Service Levels :
    Guaranteed 99,9% availability SLA on all public cloud services
    p 12
    Version 1.1
  • 34. Oursatisfiedcustomers are the proof of the BPOS-Livequalitytrade mark (1/2)
    P&T Luxembourg
    BPOS-Live designed, build and maintains the new 2009 hosting platform , virtualized on VMWare, with complete EMS-Cortex provisioning system for PT Lux, the Luxembourg telco incumbent. The new platform was build to replace the existing physical platform and Ensim provisioning. Custom developments like billing integration and custom reporting are delivered with the project. The platform will mainly be used by PT Lux and Lux GSM to deliver its solutions to the market in an SaaS white label model.
    Techdata : Fusyx
    BPOS-Live is the hosting and service provider for Techdata Belgium within the Fusyx Hosting brand. Techdata is positioning the BPOS-Live services to its partner channel in a white label model. Their partners can deliver a complete set of shared and dedicated services going from Application Services (e.g. Hosted Exchange, CRM, …) to Infrastructure Services (e.g. Shared Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, Back-up Online, domain names,…) to Integrated Servervices (e.g. Managed Desktop, Application streaming, …) services and users, fully automated.
    BPOS-Live is the hosting and service provider at Ctac Belgium and Netherlands for Microsoft Hosted Solutions. Ctac , a SAP Gold partner, delivers SAP services to its customers via a Citrix platform. The SAP services are combined with with BPOS-Live Microsoft Services into the cloud, where Ctac is using the BPOS-Live hosting platform and EMS-Cortex for the automated provisioning like single management of resellers, accounts, users and services.
    p 13
    Version 1.1
  • 35. Oursatisfiedcustomers are the proof of the BPOS-Livequalitytrade mark (2/2)
    Admiral Dynamics
    Admiral Dynamics is a Belgian service provider specialized in Microsoft ERP and CRM with profound domain expertise in retail, fashion and distribution. Admiral Dynamics teams up with BPOS-Live as their infrastructure and hosting partner for Hosted Exchange, Hosted CRM, Hosted Sharepoint, Hosted web services,… This way, Admiral Dynamics is capable of offering full end-to-end solutions to their customers both from an application and infrastructure perspective.
    Corporate Crime Security & Investigation
    Corporate Crime Security & Investigations, in short CCSI is a reliable, independent party advising companies confronted with fraud or crime. InvexSoft, an innovative service concept in incident reporting and crime is a independent software, distributed and installed by CCSI. CCSI engaged with BPOS-Live to migrate InvexSoft towards a cloud-ready mode. Through the BPOS-Live platform, the new InvexSoft SAAS offering will be offered to existing and new customers.
    Notary as a Service @ Notaris Geusens
    The physical server, with multiple installed software packages, at NotarisGeusens is replaced by a private cloud solution, which gives an answer to all the functionalities required to run a notary in an efficient and professional way. The solution incorporates the notary software of Data consult (Delphi based), e-notary (public service with eID and Real card reader), Microsoft Office, Exchange and Sharepoint. The Hosted Managed Desktop is delivered via Microsoft’s Terminal Server Desktop technology.
    p 14
    Version 1.1
  • 36. Contact
    BPOS-Live BVBA
    Industriepark West 75
    9100 Sint-Niklaas
    General Information
    Free Phone : 0800 / 200150
    Phone : +32 3 354 09 79
    Fax : +32 3 354 07 89
    E-mail :
    Contact Information
    p 15
    Version 1.1