creative roadshow for BMW


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the roadshow is aimed to distinctly communicate new BMW 'Efficient Dynamics' concept and will take place in 9 major cities in Russia.

we planned this event to be highly mobile and inventive itself

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creative roadshow for BMW

  1. 1. BMW ED RoadShow for first class pilots 1 by ubiq solutions team
  2. 2. mission zOOm 2 We create distinctive brand message communication ‘ED - with innovations we are continuing to improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions’ the innovations are: High Precision Injection, Auto Start Stop function, Brake Energy Regeneration, Electric Power Steering, Air Vent Control and the Gear Shift Indicator We do it for V.I.P. guests and for the press around 9 cities of Russia we also think about children if they are to present
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. the concept 4 essential upgrade* *the result of ultimate skills
  5. 5. ‘the upgrade’ 5 By upgrade we mean that tech break-thru made by BMW becomes more ‘friendly’ to nature and by being ‘over-thought’ it gained additional abilities and this is the result of the new approach to the core logic of the method By getting on our test drive guests acquire new experience and test their skills concentration reaction coordination power-handling meditation
  6. 6. actions’ layout helping guests to feel different 6
  7. 7. global understandings 7 We interact with guests the most human and effective way: we play games with them these games are based on essential skills to hold the situation these games are test drive power-golf V.S. mini-golf power-balls power-jump ice car - concept art
  8. 8. types of actions 8 Observing guests always have something to put an eye on - so they can watch and socialize Participation almost any activity can be joined - any guest can play any game Acting there are some major challenges to take care of - those who dare - win!
  9. 9. timing 9 welcome farewell test drive and all the Show final suspence timeline__12.00____13.30____________________19.00________21.00
  10. 10. first action 10 This is the invitation to the show V.I.P.s get a package with the textile badge [personally named if that’s possible] if guest wins a F1 suit he can sew the badge on it right on place press invitations have a 3D tech picture of the concept prototypes
  11. 11. zoning helping guests to feel different 11
  12. 12. constructions 12 GeoSpheric form-factor accents the ‘eco-futuristic’ trend and can be easily installed by proven specialists
  13. 13. zones mapping 13 racing range [test drive arena] EcoZone transit lounge lounge space check in room [chillout] [social space] [welcome space] parking [leave your car here!] tech room [specs area] [press bar] BMW town [kids space]
  14. 14. 14 Park your vehicle and welcome to the future!
  15. 15. check-in 15 Girls in the new ‘F1 collection’ uniforms check the guests and propose registration for those, who’d like to take a test drive as pilots to be enlisted, guests get cards and every enlisted V.I.P. gets a number and his photo printed - creating personal ‘Pilot card’ to remember the drive!
  16. 16. transit lounge 16 This place is for hanging around and socializing guests are treated as test pilots awaiting their missions with snacks and soft drinks As for catering we got non-alcoholic drinks and fine cuisine we also have special ‘press-bar’ with alcohol for those who won’t actually drive vehicles but write in notebooks about it they must get something to compensate lack of adrenaline action
  17. 17. eco_drive the main experience 17 V.I.P.s proceed to the Racing Range as ‘Test Pilots’ they can choose either they are drivers or passengers eco_drive racing range transit lounge EcoZone [test drive arena] [social space] mini-golf Exiting ‘Transit Lounge’ to ‘Racing Range’ leads to the main activation/experience - the Eco- Drive the first 150 meters leading to the race track are covered from sides and top with ‘EcoDrive’ banners
  18. 18. eco_drive EcoZone the ‘eco’ experience 18 While they are in the ‘Eco Zone’ - the car moves slowly and it goes on the grass - peebles - sand [50 meters of each] until it reaches the race track By driving these natural surfaces without disturbing them - we show that we care about environment
  19. 19. mini-golf EcoZone mini golf experience 19 Upgrade your meditation abilities by testing your concentration skills! Everyone can join the mini-golf game taking place right near the slowly-moving cars the game is started by BMW crew mini-golf tests the ability of precise eye-hand coordination and self-control Players are observing BMW cars taking slow rides while eco-drive is going on Optionally the special golf stick pro model named ‘ED’ is launched and presented
  20. 20. powerballs lounge space competitions powerballs 20 Upgrade your handling abilities by testing your power skills! Powerballs - how fast can you handle? the record is high - so is the price of victory breaking 15 000 record u get the BMW branded bowerball with you the HIGHEST record gets prize - the BMW F1 pilot suit
  21. 21. transit lounge transit lounge artifact 21 Every time the show starts - one of the BMW ProModels is carved in ice so every city will see an unique piece of ice-art this is additional ‘prototype showroom’ PR trigger These prototypes are started from the ice cube with preset head- and back-lights and are finished during the show to make more show out of it cubes are surrounded by concept hand-drown art
  22. 22. transit lounge power-golf power-golf 22 Upgrade your handling abilities by testing your power skills! players shoot balls to the interactive screen and play a Virtual Reality golf game
  23. 23. transit lounge power-jump power-jumps 23 Upgrade your moving abilities by testing your coordination skills! you can jump quite far and high if you can handle them Special team of acrobats teaching guests and showing tricks on the power-jumps
  24. 24. activation mapping 24 racing range eco_drive/ mini-golf powerballs power-golf competitions transit lounge lounge space power-jump BMW town driving school radio- racing
  25. 25. driving BMW town school [kids space] driving fun 25 BMW Town is built for kids using the accessory already provided by the brand it includes as toys for babies so the more serious devices for building cross-lanes for grown-ups BMW trainers are teaching kids their first rules
  26. 26. radio- BMW town racing [kids space] more fun is always fun! 26 Additional fun for kids !!! race track for radio-models and jumper’s contest
  27. 27. motivations and rewards 27 Those who dare can play for score: to test drive with best time to win a golf game to break a powerball record So we got two types of prizes for those people the ‘ED’ pro model golf stick the BMW F1 coverall suit branded powerballs
  28. 28. tech_show tech room innovations showroom 28 In the BMW Truck the technicians show and explain all new BMW techniques and concepts the BMW Truck is the ultimate answer
  29. 29. racing range [test drive arena] eco_drive/mini- golf parking [leave your car here!] EcoZone power-golf transit lounge lounge space check in room [social space] [chillout] [welcome space] powerballs competitions power-jump BMW town tech room [press bar] driving school [kids space] [specs area] radio-racing 29
  30. 30. music set up assorted but thought over picks 30
  31. 31. music layout 31 easy listening dj Existence dj Nils intelligent Final timeline______12.00___________16.00_______18.00______________21.00 Suspence Triangle Sun lounge time
  32. 32. Triangle Sun 32 First russian band included in ‘Cafe Del Mar’ compilation LIVE lounge music mostly
  33. 33. final suspense and farewell 33 Professional crew developed new technique - neonlight show In the end of the party the music-synched fireworks are shot its when the blast chain is preset for the exact music track After this show guests are driving home
  34. 34. see you there! ubiq solutions team 34 []