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FOSS: Technologies Communities And Society
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FOSS: Technologies Communities And Society


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Ahmed Mekkawy on FOSS: Technologies, Communities, …

Ahmed Mekkawy on FOSS: Technologies, Communities,
and the Society

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Free Open Source Software Technologies, Communities, and the Society
  • 2. About me
    • Name: Ahmed Mekkawy AKA linuxawy
    • From: Alexandria, Egypt.
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Blog:
    • Work: Solutions (SysAdmins) Team Leader in eSpace Technologies ( ).
    • Activities: Egypt GNU/Linux Users Group (EGLUG)‏
  • 3. FOSS in a nutshell
    • Free Software was first made to get rid of companies monopoly, and to keep software free.
    • GNU and Richard Stallman (RMS)‏
    • Linux and Linus Trovalds.
    • Free Software Vs. Open Source.
    • Free Speech Vs. Free Beer.
    • FOSS doesn't have to be publicly released. Can be handed only to the customer.
  • 4. FOSS & Community: Learning & Knowledge
    • Freedom of learning is one of the main aspects in FOSS.
    • FOSS gives perfect chance for learning and mangling with the community
    • It should be heavily adopted by the academia (like Berkley and MIT).
    • The initiative made by FOSS resulted creation of other entities such as wikipedia, and even creating the term 'open culture'.
  • 5. FOSS & Community: Philosophy, Freedom, & Society
    • De-centralized knowledge is a must in FOSS.
    • 4 Freedoms.
    • The know-how
    • The Idea of creating a community work based mainly on contributions that breaks the monopoly of companies/entities.
    • Every personnel can be productive, not only get some new ideas, but also implementing them and creating ready to use product.
  • 6. FOSS & Community: Development Methodologies
    • Distributed Development.
    • Development team is not static, adding and removing developers should be an easy thing to do.
    • Costs much less, cause contributions do save your time.
    • Results in a more rigid software due to excessive testing and feedbacks.
  • 7. Arab world & FOSS: Technology Adoption
    • Technology Adoption is increasing in the Arab world. Mainly due to:
      • Web Technologies.
      • Lower Cost.
      • FOSS activists & Techies.
      • NGOs.
    • How to push FOSS adoption more in:
      • Home Users..
      • Professional Techies.
      • Companies.
      • Academia.
      • Governments
  • 8. Arab world & FOSS: Technical Problems
    • Low contribution from the Arab world resulted some technical problems.
    • Arabic support in lots of software.
    • Arabic translations: missing or not satisfactory in lots of software packages.
    • The weight of arabic community in the FOSS community is far less than it should/can be.
  • 9. Arabic FOSS Communities: Current Situation
    • Lots of lugs exist, but how much is really active?
    • => very active, but adopting a strict arabic-only policy which makes most of the community is somehow isolated of the foreign lugs, which breaks the idea of a world-wide community.
    • Arabeyes: itools, wordlist, translations, ... etc
  • 10. Arabic FOSS Communities: Problems
    • The idea of contribution itself isn't spread in the Arab world.
    • Relation between community and profitable companies.
    • Problems in creating/organizing a community based on contributions.
    • Leadership problem.
    • Volunteers Continuity Problem.
    • Creating an crossing borders community may have problems with some governments (even local communities?)‏
  • 11. Arabic FOSS Communities: Collaboration
    • Creating an entity that holds all arabic communities together.
    • Periodical events that gather activist techies.
    • Business between companies that adopt FOSS.
    • Communication Channels between arabic communities & entities.
    • Suggestion??