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  • Our store will be opened at Liberties Walk in Northern Liberty. Liberties Walk is a mixed-use development area with a village feel. There are many stores to shop along on the bottom with apartment buildings on the floors above. The area is very friendly, calm and relaxing which suits the laid-back style of our shop and hipsters. There are quite a lot of individual shops and some restaurants in this area. It’s like a small neighbourhood. We think those shops can help attract our target customers.Our store will be located in the middle of Liberties Walk cornering North American Street as well. People will be able to see our window displays when they drive along North American Street.
  • For our store plan, and according to our US team, our store will be estimated at a score of about 300 squarefeet. The size should hopefully coincide with a similar footage to hotel rooms. If customers are to walk into the shop, they should be able to view our newest arrivals which are displayed on a 3-level stack display table. On the left-hand side of the front door, there will be 2 mannequins on display; one male and the other displaying what we have in our collection. To the right of our entrance, is the cashier’s desk. We have made sure that somebody would stand at the entrance, to welcome everybody into our shop. To be able to greet our customers, has always been our first welcoming policy.The shop will be divided into 3 areas. The left half of the shop will be for men’s clothing. T-shirts and shirts will be hung on the racks. Bottoms, such as jeans and trousers will be kept tidily on a glass-made display table. The same setting applies for the women’s apparel which will occupy the right half of the store. At the back of the store, there will be 2 wall modular cabinets displaying accessories like hats, belts and bags. And there will also be 2 wall shelves. Glasses in which many hipsters like to wear will be displayed on them, and just for their optional choices.
  • Plants, Flowers and Art
  • For the look and feel of the shop, we chose to go for a simple but stylish ambience so as to respect our ‘minimalist’ concept. The atmosphere will be very laid-back and humble, just like the neighbourly area of Liberties Walk, where there is precluded feeling of relaxation. The shop is stylish but we will add the vintage elementto it. Our store will value a sense of space as well as respect the cleanliness of a store.We will use earth-tone colours such as grey and brown as the main theme of the shop. These colours are unisex which, should hopefully coincide with our ‘hipster’ and trendy customers.The shop will use ambient lighting which, should not be too bright and not too dark. The lights will be very soft in effect. We would like to infix several funky spotlights above our new arrivals and to the the clothes racks as well.We will also put focus on music Therefore, our shop will be constantly playing newly emerging and independent music, such as, for example, Com Truise’s “Brokendate”, Tearjerker “Rare” or Chairlift’s “Met Before”. This is to relate our concept towards our target market, simply because of their uniqueness and their fashion choice.
  • URBANITE will follow an aggressive yet creative marketing promotional plan.This will allow us to focus directly on our target customer while still being conservative with our advertising dollars.We have selected 5 methods of promotion. That includes: media kit, flyers/postcards, spot radio advertisements, direct mail program and social media applications. Lets have a further look into them.
  • Our media kit will be composed of fact sheets about ALTERNITE’s business and its products, common questions and information regarding its management plus any other newsworthy information. In addition, we will attach three different types of advertisements. It will be distributed online to provide the essential information about our company.
  • We will create three different types of ads: cut-out 10%discount offer, invitation ad, and showcase ad presented in three versions: female, male and unisex collections.
  • We have also decided to create 2,500 full-color postcards that will include 10% discount, 150 grand opening invites that we will directly send to our new potential customers, and 3,000 business cards with Loyalty Card at the reverse side.
  • Our opening event will held a special event that is a local band performance. (Band name) will play their most famous and recognizable songs such as (…). Our aim is to go beyond a normal fashion store and create a chilled hipster atmosphere while launching. In a long term we would like to be perceived as a laidback store where shopping after work will be a form of pleasure to our targeted market.
  • Here you can have a look at our timeline of opening event. Now, boys will continue introducing you to our online promotion strategy.
  • Alternite will create a page on facebook,an account on twitter and Pinterest. Our daily updates on these mediawill keep our target customers close to the hipster trend. All users are free to upload information and pictures about hipster in order to exchange concepts and boost the popularity of hipster. People who like our page, share our hipster design with their friends and regularly offer us some constructive comments are also able to receive an exclusive 10% discount. Such online coupons with discounts will definitely attract their amazing hipster looks.And forPinterest, it serves as a platform to organize and share all the hipster itemswe find on the web. We believe that Hipster fans would definitely love to share their views on their fashion experience there, especially hipster style because Pinterest is a relatively more popular social medium amongst young hipster in Philadelphia. Therefore, browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.With the promotional power of these social media, our brand Alternite can easily reach our target customers. Also from time to time, we will launch online advertising. Appealing design and attractive models give a positive image to the public. Eventually Alternite will be more familiar to our target customers day after day and become an alternative of fashion style for them. Alternite will not necessarily want people to shop at our store, but to promote the positive image of hipster as well as our brand.
  • People can upload their hipster looks to Facebook or Twitter to win an attractive cash coupon up to USD$ 50 every week! We will have a weekly contest and choose who is the best look of the week. The picture with the most LIKE will be likely to be HIPSTER of the Week and the winner can not only receive an attractive cash coupon up to USD$ 50 , but also enjoy a privilege experience at our store. For those we like their hipster pictures, they will also receive an exclusive 10% discount on their visit within a month.In this sense, hipster fans become more willing and eager to share their fashion experience and promote our brand to their friends.
  • Global fashion store concept northern liberties

    1. 1. EN2837 – Communicating Fashion CultureGlobal Fashion Store Concept Northern Liberties
    2. 2. About Northern Liberties• Center City, Philadelphia, Old City – Home to approx. 4,500 people• Vibrant community – Outdoor spaces, growing restaurants, art galleries and bars – Open and green• Percentages – Married couples  23% – Families with children  8% – Young professionals, artists and self-employed entrepreneurs• Median household income per annum – US$37,958• Variety of transportation options – SETPA‟s Market-Frankford subway line – SEPTA‟s bus routes – Neighborhood is also bikeable and street parking is usually available
    3. 3. Executive SummaryLIBERTINE is a new apparel store that caters to the young and trendy community in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. As our name suggests our focus is to provide unique and stylish apparel and accessories and position ourselves as the top retail store serving this particular market.We are the first and only independently owned „hipster‟ apparel store in the town of Northern Liberties. Our intentions are to obtain 80% market share and become a convenient and popular hub of shopping activity for the local young population as well others who enjoy wearing exclusive apparel.LIBERTINE has centralized itself directly in position to the residential location and social activities of our target market. We believe that this is critical to our initial success and long-term growth.
    4. 4. Mission Statement & Promise• Mission Statement: – LIBERTINE ‟s mission is to offer quality and style in an assortment of apparel and to accommodate the unique and minimalist tastes of the young and trendy.• Promise: – LIBERTINE brings to you a philosophy of lasting everyday design that “drives our brand forward.”
    5. 5. Store Concept• „Hipster‟ Fashion – Not quite old-school – Not quite metropolitan – Products designed with a „minimalist‟ concept • i.e. a moderate/conservative approach – Shoppers commit to the concept of „new and old‟ • Smooth fittings • Intellectual flairs • Casual dress • Easy-going looks
    6. 6. Target Market & Demographics• The „Young Crowd‟ – i.e. 24-35 years – Young singles and couples living in the area – Young customers who have a unique style • They don‟t want designer labels or what happens to be “in style” • They want their own look – To feature independent designs following hipster trends – Customers who want something that no one else will have – Many college students with an artsy taste • Younger, outgoing crowd • Especially with the amount of bars and clubs located in the area
    7. 7. Store Name LIBERTINEFreedom. For. Fashion
    8. 8. Store/Brand Logobut yesterday she said that she was updatingit, no ??
    9. 9. Store LocationLiberty Walk: Shop No. 1030 • Mixed-use development with a village feel • There are many stores to shop along on the bottom with apartment buildings on the floors above • Environment is very friendly and calm • Most calm and relaxing place in Northern Liberties
    10. 10. LIBERTINE will provide a selection of designs that falls within our mission statement. Our goal is to carry a selection Our Products of exclusive apparel from retro, vintage styles to more modern and colourful designs.Management will rely on customer feedback, suggestions, and sales reports to introduce or eliminate certain styles and sizes.The categories and designs we will carry are listed next.
    11. 11. Men – Store Products & Categories Skirts Gifts & Print Tee Shirt & Bottoms Accessories Jewelry Collectibles Polo Shirts Bracelets &Retro/Vintage/Symbols Jeans Watches For Him Bangles Offensive/Irreverent Pants Hats & Scarves Necklaces For Her Black & White Shorts Ties RingsMusic/Entertainment Bags Earrings Playful/Colourful Jean Chains Horror
    12. 12. Women – Store Products & Categories Jumpsuits Gifts & AccessorieDresses Tops Outerwear Bottoms and Jewelry Collectible s Rompers s NecklaceCasual Print Tops Vests Skirts Watches For Him sSumme Hats & Tunics Cardigans Jeans Earrings For Her r Scarves Bangles,Dressy T-shirts Jackets Pants Ties Bracelets & Anklets Tank Tops Shorts Bags Rings Evening Belts & Leggings Tops Chains Shirts & Polo Shirts
    13. 13. Store Plan
    14. 14. Look & Feel
    15. 15. Interior Design
    16. 16. Marketing Promotional Plan1. Media kit will be distributed online to all major mediaoutlets in Northern Liberties • To highlight the grand opening of the first „hipster‟ apparel retailer in the city2. 5,000 4x5 color flyers/postcards will be distributedthroughout the city • E.g. on bus stops, around the Piazza, local cafés bars and restaurants3. Spot radio advertisements on at least two localFM radio stations- 104.5 & 93.9 WMMR4. Direct mail program that will further focus on andtarget the top 50% customer base with special in-housesales and promotions5. Social Media Applications (Facebook, Twitter,YouTube, Pinterest, Blogging) – Make it available and accessible to everyone
    17. 17. Media Kit– Fact sheets about LIBERTINE‟s business and its products– Common questions and information regarding its management– Any other newsworthy information • E.g. Business cards– 3 different types of advertisements
    18. 18. Online Advertisement• Magazine Advertisement One – A cut-out offer for a 10% discount• Magazine Advertisement Two – Informing and inviting people to our grand opening event• Magazine Advertisement Three – Information regarding our showcase collection • Of our female collection • Of our male collection • Of our unisex collection
    19. 19. Flyers, Invites & Business Cards1. 2,500 full-color postcard flyers with a 10% coupon will be distributed throughout Northern Liberties2. 150 grand opening invites will be mailed to potential new customers two weeks before the grand opening.  Invitation will also include a promotional 10% coupon off a customers first purchase.  The customer mailing list has been compiled from contacts the owners have made while in the community.3. 3,000 business cards will be distributed around town and at the opening  With a LIBERTINE Frequent Shopper Card on the reverse side • Entitling the customer to a 15% discount on the 11th purchase after 10 purchases
    20. 20. Opening Event: OrganizationChoosing the Day: July 7th 2012- For Philadelphia Fashion Calendar (All around events planned every week or 2 weeks- Until 30th of June the planning is fullSpecial Event:- Local Band Performance
    21. 21. Opening Event: Band Performance1. Idea- To involve local band to perform at our store opening2. Music:- “The Ark”, “Hang On”, “Black- Red”, “These Days”3. Our Aim- To go beyond normal fashion stores- To create hipster atmosphere while launching- To be perceived as a laidback store where customers can chill while shopping and enjoy listening to their favorite music
    22. 22. Opening Event: Timeline18.00-18.05 Official Welcoming of the Guests by Moderators (Male and Female Pair)18.05-18.10 CEO Welcome Talk18.10-18.14 CEO Thank-you Speech for the Special Guests18.14-18.33 Special Guests Talk18.33-18.39 Handing Flowers to the Special Guests18.39-18.42 Official Opening: Cutting the Ribbon; Fanfares in the Background18.42-18.54 Four Hostesses Dispensing Lamps of Champagne18.54-18.57 Official Champagne Toast18.57-19.00 Announcing the Start of Special Guests19.00-19.28 Band Performance19.28-19.30 Inviting Guests to Have a Look Around the Shop20.30-21.00 Shop and Press Time21.00-21.50 Official Buffet21.50-21.57 Drawing The Winner of the Lottery21.57-22.00 Summary of the Store Opening
    23. 23. Social Media Plan
    24. 24. Facebook , Twitter & Pinterest
    25. 25. YouTubeHipster Tips with Jonah Ray and Jordan Morris
    26. 26. Blogging
    27. 27. Viral Marketing Plan
    28. 28. Projected Start-Up Summary Start-up Requirements and ExpensesRequirementsRent $1,000Grand Opening Event $400Telephone & Utilities (3 months) $1,400Business Insurance $600Advertising & Print Promotions $1,000Store Fixtures/Decorations $1,500Computer/Cash Register $800Signage (Including Permits) $400Business/Office Supplies $400Website & Internet Management $500Social Media & Viral Marketing $1,000Total Start-up Expenses $9,000Start-up AssetsCash Required $2,000Start-up Inventory $8,000Other Current Assets $0Long-term Assets $0Total Assets $10,000Total Requirements $19,000