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FCS 368 Market Analysis and Branding


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FCS 368 Market Analysis and Branding

  1. 1. Yvette Purser
  2. 2. Threads + Stompers The retailer is Threads + Stompers. Threads + Stompers calls back to fashions inspired by those from the 1940s-1960s, but with a modern twist. The name Threads + Stompers reflects this: the term “threads” is a slang term for clothing used often during the time period, and “stompers” is the time period-appropriate slang term for shoes. Threads + Stompers uses these terms to evoke that “vintage” feeling. Threads + Stompers does not currently have a slogan—the store speaks for itself! Target Market The Threads + Stompers woman fits into the “Experiencers” VALS segment. This segment is an appropriate target market for Threads + Stompers because Threads + Stompers aims to reach the women who go against the current mainstream, but are still interested in the current trend of retro fashions. The Threads + Stompers woman is sociable, spontaneous, and is always looking to add unique pieces to her colorful and quirky wardrobe. Experiencers tend to develop loyalty to those brands that always deliver what they are looking for, and Threads + Stompers looks to be that brand for experiencers who are interested in fresh pieces each season that stay true to the vintage aesthetic. Cars: Volkswagen Beetle, Kia Soul; Furniture: Anthropologie, Neat Space, Ikea; Eating Out: Jason’s Deli, Whole Foods (market); Groceries: Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Hy-Vee Brand Personality On Aaker’s Brand Personality Model, the Threads + Stompers brand is Excitement. Threads + Stompers is imaginative in the products purchased for the boutique, spirited because of the appeal to young adults who want some retro spunk in their wardrobe, daring because of the risks taken with the products purchased, and maintains a contemporary vibe despite the retro product sold because of the trendy approach to retro styles.
  3. 3. Store Atmosphere Information When the Threads + Stompers customer walks through the store…she feels at home. The experience of shopping at Threads + Stompers should feel like shopping a large closet with a lot of personality, perhaps like the closet she has at her city loft (or the closet she’s always wished she had). The exposed brick walls and hardwood flooring, scattered with colorful rugs, add to the closet feel. Threads + Stompers is full of unique, vintage décor—everything from the printed area rugs scattered throughout the store, the weathered mirrors throughout the store propped up against the pillars, and the vintage advertisements, memorabilia, and art on the wall. Threads + Stompers has a boutique floor plan. This floor plan feels relaxed and casual, and related merchandise is displayed together in shops. The fitting room area is walled off so that it feels like a secluded area in itself.
  4. 4. City and Regional Profile The flagship location of Threads + Stompers is located on High Street in the Short North Arts District, right in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is a city filled with a diverse population because of the companies and corporations located in the city (Nationwide Insurance, L Brands). Columbus is also home to The Ohio State University, the third largest public university in the nation. The Short North is a known as the “art and soul” of Columbus, and is a popular dining, shopping, and nightlife destination for creative minded millennials.  Population (city of Columbus): 835,957  Population (greater Columbus-Marion-Zanesville area): 2,370,839  Median city age: 32..1  Median city income: $43,844  Annual income:  Employed: 67.3%  Education level: 89.8%(high school or higher); 36.7% (bachelor’s degree or higher)  Nearby major cities: Dayton, Cincinatti, Akron, Cleveland
  5. 5. Trend and Inspiration Analysis
  6. 6.  nipped waists  midi skirts  feminine collars  scallops  culottes  gingham  polka dot  cropped pants/jeans  vintage style heels
  7. 7. Colors  Classic Khaki  Sailor Navy  Periwinkle  Sky Blue  Vintage Grey  Rosette  Golden Butter  Baby’s Breath White Textures
  8. 8. Wall Art
  9. 9. Assortment  woven tops: 00-18  knit tops: XS-XXL  skirts: 00-18  sweaters: XS-XXL  pants: 00-18  jeans: 00-18  dresses: 00-18  jackets: 00-18  shoes: 5-11 (u.s. womens)  hats: s/m, m/l, l/xl  bags/clutches: one size Brands  Hell Bunny  Folter  Heart of Haute  Hey Dollface  Elope  Sourpuss  Louche  Kenzie  House of Fraser  Miss Selfridge  Freddie’s of Pinewood  Shabby Apple  Trashy Diva Price Point  Threads + Stompers is moderate. Prices range from $20-$200.
  10. 10. Planograms Rounder 1 Glass Feature Table
  11. 11. Culotte Shop Wall Ladder Fixture
  12. 12. Store Images Aerial View
  13. 13. Front Door View
  14. 14. Shoe Corner Sofa Area
  15. 15. Denim Wall + Skirt and Dress Shop
  16. 16. Coat Corner + Culotte Shop
  17. 17. Casual Dress Shop + Cash Wrap
  18. 18. Fitting Rooms References