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  • 1. Disney World Resort Adult Attraction Digital Strategy By, Eshan Desai
  • 2. Target Audience •  Adults over the age of thirty. – Primarily of the ages of thirty to forty five •  Adults vacationing as couples. – Not with kids
  • 3. Key Performance Indicators •  Campaign will be a success if adults start choosing Disney World as their new couple vacation spot. •  Disney World has a plethora of kid’s attractions and business. –  Would want couples vacation business as well •  The success of this campaign can be measured in reservations made by couples alone.
  • 4. Big Idea of this Campaign •  Disney is one of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world – More than 42 billion dollars in revenue last year – 166,000 employees – More than 40 countries •  With all this success still only known as a kid’s brand
  • 5. Big Idea of this Campaign •  Keeping the success in attracted to the younger crowds. –  This campaign will revamp Disney’s persona targeting Disney World Resorts in Orlando, Florida •  The way this will be done is to create a digital marketing scheme that will target adults who are looking to go on vacation. –  Pick Disney World over another popular couples vacation spots
  • 6. Tools and Tactics •  Number of different sources and tactics will be used in this campaign – Google Adwords – Press Releases – Blogs – Social Media •  Twitter
  • 7. Tools and Tactics •  Google Adwords will be a major player in this campaign – Will input keywords such as Disney, Disney Adult Vacations, and Disney Adults – Google anticipates more than 25,000 clicks a day •  Disney’s social media will be used as well – Numerous tweeting and blogging advertising adult get-a-ways
  • 8. Tools and Tactics •  Using press releases will also be beneficial – Will inform travel sites and travel blogging sites – Will have them link back to Disney for maximum efficiency •  Press Releases will be the best way to tell travel websites because the news will go directly to them
  • 9. Budget •  Biggest point of Digital Strategies •  According to research Disney spends 1.93 billion dollars on advertising a year – 187 million dollars on Internet advertising •  With this large number, gives a Digital Agency a lot of room to play around
  • 10. Budget •  With a typical agency charging 250 dollars an hour •  And Adwords costing $1700 a day •  This campaign can be completed with a 5-10 million dollar budget. •  Will not use a bigger chunk of the 200 million for internet advertising –  Because a lot will be done by Twitter and Press releases •  Also a lot will be done on advertising already for normal Disney World stays
  • 11. Conclusion •  The Disney Empire is global leader in all it does •  Only flaw is it directs it’s amenities at one age group •  With this campaign, Disney World Resorts will be an all ages’ paradise.