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Communication Plans (CADCA)


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Coalition Communication Planning for the CADCA 20th annual National Leadership Forum

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Communication Plans (CADCA)

  1. 1. Coalition Communication Plan From Shoestring to Ad Firm Danvers CARES “ Healthier decisions, healthier lives, healthier futures.”
  2. 2. The nuts & bolts of our communication plan Communication is essential to your coalition! Brand your Coalition! Send a clear and consistent message! Create your message through data & logic models! Send it early, and send it often! Media Outlets • Traditional Print Press • Website • Blog • Social Media • Gorilla Marketing • Cable Access Television • Email Marketing • Ad/PR Agencies • Elevator/20 Second Pitch • Schools • Local Civic Organizations • Business Associations • Community Activities • Radio • School Paper • Promotional Materials
  3. 3. Social Marketing Planning and research is more than half the battle! • Use your logic model! Use your data! • Clearly select your target audience! • Focus Group, Focus Group, Focus Group! • Develop messages and test them prior to launch. • Build in evaluation for the entire project. •  Remember, a very successful campaign does not need to cost a lot of money.
  4. 4. Our first campaigns... Budget: $0.00 (okay, maybe we had a couple bucks for printing) • BE ONE OF THE MAJORITY CHOOSE NOT TO DRINK
  5. 5. Prom/Graduation Youth generated sticker campaign • Youth generated message • Donated Design • In House Printing on Avery Labels • Community buy in with local businesses • Free message dissemination
  6. 6. Where we are today... DanversCARES has dedicated time and money into a large scale social marketing project. Our current project is aimed at parents of 8th, 9th, and 10th grade students in our community. The ask is to have them prevent/reduce youth access to alcohol from the home environment. This ask is directly from our logic model, and is part of our 3-point plan. We are currently working with a PR/Marketing firm to do focus grouping, message development, design, dissemination, and event planning. In addition to the firm, we are working with an evaluator to evaluate the project, and help DanversCARES to learn, improve and report out on this campaign.