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Planning for Content Governance
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Planning for Content Governance



We get it. Our website is a process, not a project. Without a content plan redesign projects are just short-term fixes. We need content governance. But where does the process start? In this session, ...

We get it. Our website is a process, not a project. Without a content plan redesign projects are just short-term fixes. We need content governance. But where does the process start? In this session, learn how to plan for content governance—managing content roles, responsibilities, processes, documentation, tools and training. Create a sustainable content plan stakeholders can buy into and a website that can survive day two of your website redesign launch.



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Planning for Content Governance Planning for Content Governance Presentation Transcript

  • Planning forContent GovernanceRick Allen@epublishmedia • ePublish Media, Inc.HighEdWeb New England#hewebne • March 18, 2013
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Hi, I’m Rick.2 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia3
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Content governance4 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Content governance The process of managing content roles, responsibilities, workflow, documentation and training.5 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • Content governanceis the process ofmanaging yourcontent strategy.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmediaePublish Media, Inc.
  • The problem8
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia What we’re talking about • Roles and responsibilities • Content workflow • Documentation • Training9 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • A content governanceplan must be practical.Think resources, thinkneeds.
  • Roles and Responsibilities http://www.raw-hollywood.com/2012/04/glee-cast-to-perform-beyonces-i-was.html
  • “ #hewebne • @epublishmedia It’s critical for each person to know what their role is and how it fits into the larger content process. This is why defining ownership and roles is one of the most important aspects of workflow and governance. Content Strategy for the Web, 2nd Edition12
  • #hewebne • @epublishmediahttp://www.flickr.com/photos/jamtea/1792070920/
  • #hewebne • @epublishmediahttp://www.flickr.com/photos/jamtea/1792070920/
  • Content governanceis relationshipmanagement.
  • Staff Organization ChartePublish Media, Inc. 4
  • Staff Organization ChartePublish Media, Inc. 4
  • Content Governance Model Committee Editor-in-Chief Editor Editor Editor Author Author Author Author Author AuthorePublish Media, Inc. 4
  • Content Governance Staff Organization Model ChartePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Knowledge Gaps • Web writing • Accessibility • CMS / publishing tools • Usability • Copyediting • Photography & videography / editing • HTML/CSS/JavaScript • Page design & layout • Metadata & Taxonomy • Community • Information management architecture • Web analytics & user • SEO & findability research20 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Adequate staff resources? http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevendepolo/4825345881/http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamtea/1792070920/
  • Content Workflow
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Interview • Describe your content planning and publishing process from beginning to end. • Who requests, creates, edits, approves, publishes, and measures content? • What authoring, publishing and measurement tools do you use? • What processes work and what don’t?23 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Map it out Plan Create Revise Approve Test PublishePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Document all department processes • Admissions • Student organizations • Academic advising • Marketing and communications • Academic programs • Alumni relations • Faculty • PR • Student Services • Dean’s office • Career Services25 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Document all content delivery channel workflow • Web • Print • Email • PR • Social media26 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Do existing tasks work? • Are copyediting requirements inadequate? • Is your photo team trained on image editing? • Does your CMS support your content workflow?27 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia How much time is allotted to each task? • Is the content approval process too long? • Does Creative Services have adequate time to create custom graphics? • Is your social media content calendar sustainable?28 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Sample Content Creation Workflow Plan Create Revise Approve Test PublishSource: Content Strategy for the Web, 2nd EditionePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Sample Content Creation Workflow: Roles Plan Create Revise Approve Test Publish Roles: Role: Roles: Roles: Roles: Roles: • Editor-in Chief • Author • Editor • Editor-in Chief • Editor • Editor • Editor • SEO Spec. • Editor • Author • Author • SME • SEO Spec. • Publisher • Publisher • SMEePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Sample Content Creation Workflow: Tasks Plan Create Revise Approve Test Publish Tasks: Tasks: Tasks: Tasks Tasks: Tasks: • Determine • Create draft of • Copyedit • Review • Build content • Publish need for new new copy • Return to content for in email or web content on content • Send to author for rewrite accuracy template schedule • Request new content editor or send for • Return to • Submit for content for review approval author and editor publication for rewrite or submit for publicationePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Sample Content Creation Workflow: Guides & Tools Plan Create Revise Approve Test Publish Guides & Guides & Guides & Guides & Guides & Guides & Tools: Tools: Tools: Tools: Tools: Tools: •Content audit •General •Message •Message •CMS publishing •CMS publishing •Editorial content guides architecture architecture guidelines guidelines calendar •Content models •Editorial style •Editorial style •Email •Email •Content guide guide publishing publishing templates •General •General guidelines guidelines content guides content guides •Visual style •Visual style •Content models guide guide •Content templatesePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Sample Content Creation Workflow: Timeframe Plan Create Revise Approve Test Publish Timeframe: Timeframe: Timeframe: Timeframe: Timeframe: Timeframe: • Varies • One day • Two days • One day • One day • One dayePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Content Creation Workflows • Website • Social media • Email • Print34 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Additional Workflow • Content maintenance • Content measurement • Content governance35 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • Documentation
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Content audits and analysis37 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • Information architecture38
  • Content guides40
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia41 http://eyeform.co.uk/eyes-2/iceberg-ahead
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Scheduling Source: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2010/08/content-marketing-editorial-calendar/42 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Measurement • Content quality checklists • User surveys and feedback systems • Usability focus groups • Web analytics43 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • 44 http://www.uxmatters.com/mt/archives/2009/04/toward-content-quality.php
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Additional documents • Web policies, social media guidelines • Accessibility and usability guidelines • CMS training guides • Taxonomy and metadata guidelines • SEO guidelines • Web analytics analysis45 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • In order to be useful,content guides andtools need to be easilyaccessible.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Publish documentation • Decide how to publish by considering what will make it as easy to access as possible • Publish on your live site (then share!) • Publish on your intranet47 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • Training http://www.flickr.com/photos/highedweb/6299940481/
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Training checklist • Are staff trained on content policies, processes and guidelines? • Is there adequate documentation, including guides for editorial style, SEO, accessibility, usability, delivery methods, content types and formats? • Are messaging and communication goals made useful and usable for content contributors? • Are content contributors made aware of changes in web policies, processes and guidelines?49 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • Train content owners and contributors50
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Train the trainers51
  • Create content groups52
  • Resourceshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/jamtea/1792070920/
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Resource requirements • CMS with workflow • Web analytics and survey tools • Editors • Photographers • People who can make decisions • Web authoring tools54 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • Maintenancehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/jamtea/1792070920/
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Ask: • Have our website objectives changed? • Have our users’ needs changed? • Have our resources changed? • Is our governance plan still effective?56 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Assess (again) • Roles and responsibilities • Processes • Documentation • Training57 ePublish Media, Inc.
  • #hewebne • @epublishmedia Thank you! Rick Allen @epublishmediaePublish Media, Inc.