The Future of Content Marke0ng: How to Rise (and stay!) Above the Noise


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The Future of Content Marke0ng: How to Rise (and stay!) Above the Noise

  1. 1. The  Future  of     Content  Marke0ng:      How  to  Rise  (and  stay!)  Above  the  Noise   #ContentSuccess    
  2. 2. #ContentSuccess     Welcome  Webinar  A?endees   Type  ques0on  here  
  3. 3. #ContentSuccess     Follow  this  webinar  on  Twi?er   #ContentSuccess   Demand  Gen  Report:   @DG_Report   Marketo:   @Marketo   Maggie  Jones:   @maggiejonezzz   Michael  Gerard:   @michaelgerard  
  4. 4. #ContentSuccess     About  Demand  Gen  Report   @DG_Report •  Launched  in  2007  to  track  best  pracNces  in   lead  generaNon   •  Newsle?er  has  grown  to  more  than  26,000   readers   •  We  also  offer  a  menu  of  research  and  best   pracNces  reports     •  New  audio/video  podcasts  at  
  5. 5. #ContentSuccess     The  Changing  Role  of  Content   •  70%  of  execuNves  said  they  rely  more   on  content  than  they  did  a  year  ago   when  research   •  The  majority  of  respondents  have  used   5  different  content  types  when   researching   •  90%  of  execuNves  feel  overwhelmed   by  the  amount  of  content  available   •  65%  said  they  would  like  to  see   vendors  stop  overloading  content   with  text-­‐heavy  pages    
  6. 6. #ContentSuccess     Panelists   MODERATOR:   Andrew  Gaffney   Editor,  Demand  Gen  Report   Maggie  Jones,   Content  MarkeNng  Specialist,   Marketo     Michael  Gerard,     CMO,   Curata    
  7. 7. The Future of Content Marketing: How to Rise(and Stay!) Above the Noise Maggie  Jones     Content  MarkeNng  Specialist,  Marketo   @maggiejonezzz  
  8. 8. CONTENT
  9. 9. •  Big  quesNon  mark  over  fortune  teller   ?  
  10. 10.    
  11. 11. •  Big  quesNon  mark  over  fortune  teller   ?  
  12. 12. Content Metrics!
  13. 13. Push  Leads   Through  Funnel   Content Metrics!
  14. 14. •  Mid  Stage     •  Late  Stage   •  Early  Stage  
  15. 15. ConsumpNon   •  Total  visits   •  Unique  #  of  visits   •  #  of  downloads   •  Time  spent  on  site   •  Bounce  rate  
  16. 16. Search  Rank   •  Mapping  keywords  to  intent   •  Value/Relevance   •  Authority  
  17. 17. Vanity  Metrics   •  Facebook  “likes”   •  Shares   •  Comments   •  Favorites/Re-­‐tweets  
  18. 18. Lead  Gen  Metrics   •  How  many  leads  get   moved  to  the  middle  of   the  sales  funnel?  
  19. 19. ALribu0on   •  First  Touch   •  MulN-­‐Touch  
  20. 20. Lead  Gen  Metrics   •  How  many  leads  get   moved  to  the  end  of   the  funnel?  
  21. 21. ALribu0on   •  First  Touch   •  MulN-­‐Touch   •  CommunicaNon                with  Sales  
  22. 22. content-­‐marke0ng  
  23. 23. The Future of Content Marketing: How to Rise(and Stay!) Above the Noise #ContentSuccess March 20, 2014 Michael Gerard, CMO Twitter: @michaelgerard
  24. 24. 36#CMTactics
  25. 25. 37#CMTactics
  26. 26. Content Marketing 2014 •  What content marketing staff & process changes will take place in 2014? •  What’s a best-in-class content marketing mix? •  How can I better leverage technology? 38#ContentSuccess
  27. 27. State of Content Marketing: “Full Steam Ahead!”... 39Source: Curata’s 2014 Content Marketing Tactics Planner •  Strategy •  Priorities: More leads, engage buyers, build brand awareness •  Top challenges: More... staff, budget, content •  Investment – Increasing •  “30% of (2013) marketing budget spent on content marketing.” - MarketingProfs and CMI •  “71% of marketers will increase content marketing $ in 2014” – Curata •  Content – Increasing Production •  “73% of B2B content marketers are producing more content than they did 1 year ago.” - MarketingProfs and CMI #ContentSuccess
  28. 28. But Be Careful Following the Herd 40#ContentSuccess •  Strategy: Work in process •  Investment: Blind ambition •  Content: Quantity is everything
  29. 29. Content Marketing 2014: Organizational Changes 41 1.  Hire a Content Marketing Lead 2.  Build a Team 3.  Align Internally Ed Youngblood Director of Content Strategy Enterprise Group, Alcatel-Lucent Noriko Morimoto VP Brand and Content Marketing Zipcar #ContentSuccess
  30. 30. 42 Map out Your Content Supply Chain Drive Innovation in Content Development Align Content with Buyers Content Marketing 2014: Process Changes Content Strategy Content Development Asset Development Distribution (publish, promote) Analysis Content Pyramid Content Pyramid: #ContentSuccess
  31. 31. Content Marketing: The process for developing, executing and delivering the digital content and related assets that are needed to create, nurture and grow a company's customer base. 43 Syndicated Content 3rd party content published in full form on your digital property that has already been published on another site.(paid or unpaid model) Created content Original content authored on behalf of your organization. (internally or externally sourced) Curated content Portions of 3rd party content published on your digital property that have been contextualized (e.g., annotated, commentary added) for your audience. Definition of Content Marketing #ContentSuccess
  32. 32. Content Marketing Barriers to Success External: Most content is in our own voice. Buyers demand more. Internal: “We can’t create enough content every week!”
  33. 33. #CurationRockstar STOPEGOCENTRIC MARKETINGTM 11 #ContentSuccess
  34. 34. 46 What will the Content Marketing Mix be for Leaders in 2014? Q. What is your [desired] content marketing mix for each type of content? Created Content 65% Curated Content 25% Syndicated Content 10% #ContentSuccessSource: Curata’s 2014 Content Marketing Tactics Planner
  35. 35. 47 “Content curation is when an individual (or team) consistently finds, organizes, annotates and shares the most relevant and highest quality digital content on a specific topic for their target market.” -Curata Content Curation Defined Curation 101 Webinar #ContentSuccess
  36. 36. Have you ever… Published a “best of” post? Commented on and shared a link on twitter? Pasted a link to facebook with your commentary? 48#ContentSuccess
  37. 37. Then you’ve curated. 49#ContentSuccess
  38. 38. Then you’ve curated. 50 And so have these folks. . . #ContentSuccess
  39. 39. Curation Benefits 51 . . .Thought leadership . . . Lead generation . . . Lower content development costs #ContentSuccess
  40. 40. 52 Curation in Action: Alcatel-Lucent #ContentSuccess
  41. 41. 53 Curation in Action: 360Chestnut #ContentSuccess
  42. 42. Content Curation & Fair Use •  Share only a portion of the original content •  Always attribute sources •  Drive visitors to the original publication •  Add your own analyst insight Create, curate, but never pirate content. 54 For more ethics tips: #ContentSuccess
  43. 43. #ContentSuccess
  44. 44. The Content Marketing Tools Universe 56 hLp:// #ContentSuccess
  45. 45. Content Marketing Priorities in 2014? •  Do invest in content marketing. . . It’s not just a fad •  Build your team (internal and external) •  Develop a content workflow and mix •  Market your marketing! •  Measure, measure, measure 57 Don’t Forget, Content Marketing is an Extension of Your Nurturing Process #ContentSuccess
  46. 46. 58 Additional Resources #ContentSuccess eBook: Look Book Content Curation Case Studies eBook: 5 Steps to Becoming a Content Curation Rockstar …and more online at: Industry Resource & News: Content Curation Marketing Site eBook: Content Marketing Done Right: Ethical Curation eBook: Open & Shut Case for Curation Guide: Content Curation Annotation Methods Email: Twitter: @GetCurata LinkedIn Group: Content Curators eBook: Stop Egocentric Marketing: Content Marketing Strategy eBook: 2014 Content Marketing Tactics Planner
  47. 47. #ContentSuccess     Q&A    //    Panelists   MODERATOR:   Andrew  Gaffney   Editor,  Demand  Gen  Report   Maggie  Jones,   Content  MarkeNng  Specialist,   Marketo     Michael  Gerard,     CMO,   Curata    
  48. 48. #ContentSuccess     Thanks  for  a?ending  this  webinar!   Download  and  view  this  presentaNon  at:         hLp://dg-­‐