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CommunitySherpa Field Presentation


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by Keith sauro

Published in: Business, Technology
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CommunitySherpa Field Presentation

  1. 1. A Content Marketing Solution for the Apartment Industry Rep Name: Title:
  2. 2. SMB Internet Marketing Priorities & Challenges• Web Discovery 1. Proprietary Traffic Predictable 2. Social Media Discovery• Traffic Management 1. Visitor Conversion 2. Analysis & Optimization Convertible• Barriers Traffic 1. Time 2. Expertise 3. Budget Optimization Getting Found is the “Head Pin” of Web Marketing!
  3. 3. There are lots of ways todrive traffic to your site
  4. 4. Content Lives At The CenterOf Traffic & Conversion
  5. 5. Q. How Do Search Engines Work? The Internet’s File cabinetA. Google (and other search engines) search the internet for content• It organizes the content around keywords• Places it into it’s big file cabinet so people can find it easilyContent must be fresh, frequent, unique, and unduplicated•GOAL: Get as many search terms as possible toserve up your content on page 1! CONTENT Page 1 Keywords
  6. 6. Q. What is a Blog? A. Website that allows you to: • Add content easily/ often • Interactive- Leave comments • Neatly Organizes content for search engines • Can be your main website • Most commonly an extension of your main website • When properly integrated shows Google your “main” website content is being updated.
  7. 7. Q. What is Blogging? A. Content that lives on the blog: • Video, Stories, Photo’s •Write Content you feel would be interesting to the type of customer you want to do business with. • Content creates Keywords • Flood the internet with lots of content • create lots of long tail search terms. • GET YOUR SITE FOUND!
  8. 8. Q. How Does Social Media Help?A. MORE FANS AND FOLLOWERS= MORE RELEVANCY!•Grow fans and followers that are customers/prospects.•Content keeps you top of mind with fans and followers.•Their engagement gets you noticed by Google.•Google pushes you up in rank and around those keywords created by the content
  9. 9. Example Post 1
  10. 10. Consumers Find Your Content!The Post Created Specific Long Tailed Search Results….
  11. 11. Example Post 2
  12. 12. Creates Relevant KeywordsSearch Return Shows This Community is Kid Friendly
  13. 13. Example Post 3
  14. 14. Top 3 Organic Returns!This searcher wants to live Green They found what they wanted!
  15. 15. Example Post 4
  16. 16. #1 Organic Search!Oh, by the way, we posted the story November 28th!
  17. 17. What Do I Need to Do To Execute? How Long Does It Take To Set Up A Content Marketing System?Action: Time: :Set up a Blog (Wordpress)Pick template, add plugins, widgets and graphics: 6-20 hoursMap to Your Domainrequires some techinal info: 1-2 hoursCreate Facebook Page for your Business: 30 minsCreate Twitter Page: 30 minsConnect all to auto feed: 1-3 hoursAttach Google Analytics: 1-2 hoursTotal: 10 - 28 hours
  18. 18. My System is Set up Now What? •Write fresh, frequent and unique content •Follow blogs you like • Comment on blogs •Manage open source systems •Share content on your Social Networks •58% Spend 6 Hrs weekly • 34% Spend 11+ hrs weeklySource: Social Media Examiner 2011 Social Media marketing Industry report
  19. 19. You Can Do This Yourself as Long As you Gain The Expertisetime and energy• Are you willing to invest the to gain the knowledge: • Attend seminars • Webinars • Read, read, read It can be done!
  20. 20. Ask Yourself; One Question“Is it costing me money, or making me money?”
  21. 21. A Content Marketing Solution for The Apartment Industry
  22. 22. Design aWordpress blog Map toSub-domainof main site Set Up GoogleAnalytics Call Tracking Number
  23. 23. CreateFacebookBusiness Page
  24. 24. CreateA Twitteraccount
  25. 25. How System worksContent sources Feeds, auto- posts, Measurement & trending reporting topics, keyword alerts News, photos events. Products, sales, links Intake Process Content & Fan Activation Platform campaigns s comments, sharing Sale > smb enters Training environment
  26. 26. Account Manager services in the following ways:• Implement content strategy • 8 pieces of unique content per month to blog (with auto feed) • 8 pieces of unique content per month to Facebook • 8 pieces of unique content per month to Twitter• Comment moderation on blog• E-mail analytics monthly• Assist with questions• Call tracking number• available for client education Community Sherpa Professional $380 PER MONTH 13 MONTH CONTRACT
  27. 27. The Sherpa You Know And Love
  28. 28. Big Savings For PMCwith 25 Community Blogs
  29. 29. Big Savings For PMCwith 25 Community Blogs
  30. 30. As A Community Sherpa Client,what do I need to do to be successful?• Provide content ideas and feed back monthly • E-mail ideas/photo’s • Tell us what you like about content (and what you don’t like), so we can grow with you.• Grow your Social Media fans and followers • Get your customers, prospects, and friends, to like your page on Facebook and follow you on Twitter.
  31. 31. Why do People Buy Community Sherpa? Attract online traffic Find new customers Content creation Generate leads Social media presence SAVES TIME! And Money!
  32. 32. To Find Out More About Digital SherpaWebsite: Rep E-mail AddressPhone: Rep Phone