IP Networking at HSBC


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IP networking from eircom supports drive for cost efficiency at HSBC.

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IP Networking at HSBC

  1. 1. HSBC IrelandCase Study | IP Networking
  2. 2. 2 Case Study - HSBC IrelandCustomer Overview “For us, the IP network has beHSBC Ireland is part of HSBC Global and a ‘set it and forget it’ solutionprovides corporate and private banking,insurance and securities services. It employs over We have not had to perform a500 people in Dublin. maintenance on the network, has proved extremely resilientThe Need is key for us, considering the v of critical faxes being sent eveA concerted cost efficiency drive raised the needto reduce the cost of HSBC Global’s Bermuda-based e-faxing solution and HSBC Ireland callcosts. Declan Cummins Head of IT, HSBC IrelandThe SolutionHSBC Ireland use eircom IP Networking forhosting e-faxing in Dublin at a significantlyreduced cost, and for carrying all external HSBCIreland calls.The Benefit• Cost of sending faxes for HSBC Global reduced by 79%.• HSBC Ireland call costs reduced by 29%.• True confidence in IP Networking as a stable, resilient service on a 24/7 managed network from eircom.
  3. 3. Case Study - HSBC Ireland 3een HSBC Ireland . banks on eircomany Through innovative use of eircom IP and it Networking, HSBC Ireland, a subsidiaryt, which of the HSBC Group, has made a large contribution to the efficiency of the group’svolume global operations, delivering significant costery day“. savings for fax and telephony services. Merging its three Dublin offices into one location in 2008 gave HSBC Ireland the opportunity to drive new efficiencies in its operations, including consolidating its telephony with one supplier. With over 500 staff relocating into its headquarters in Grand Canal, HSBC required robust infrastructure to cope with the additional users. Declan Cummins, head of IT at HSBC Ireland, chose to return HSBC Ireland’s telecoms business to eircom, primarily due to its consistent service levels and reliability. Initially, HSBC Ireland used standard ISDN lines, but as cost efficiency came into focus as a key priority in 2010, it decided to upgrade to eircom IP Networking, a decision which has since delivered savings in a number of areas.
  4. 4. 4 Case Study - HSBC Ireland79% reduction in international any maintenance on the network, and it has proved extremely resilient, which is key for us,fax charges considering the volume of critical faxes being sent every day.”One service in target for cost reduction wasa global e-faxing solution, which traditionallyrouted fax traffic from all of HSBC’s global Migrating external voice calls to IPoffices through its Bermuda office. International Networking drives further savingscall charges meant costs for the service wereconsiderable, and alternative locations including HSBC site-to-site calls are made free of chargeNew York and Dublin were considered to host through an internal group network, but HSBCthe service. Ireland staff make hundreds of external calls daily to mobile, local and national numbers.Declan knew from discussions with his eircom Encouraged by the cost savings deliveredAccount Manager that eircom IP Networking by IP Networking for e-faxing, HSBC Irelandcould deliver significant cost reduction, and implemented a second IP Networking line foranalysis confirmed this: a Dublin-Australia fax external voice calls.would cost just €0.02, compared to more than€3.50 (USD5) for a Bermuda-Australia fax, a Looking to the future with eircom79% saving annually. As cost reviews continue Declan says HSBCToday HSBC Ireland is the global fax hub for Ireland will continue to examine how itsHSBC worldwide, sending thouands of faxes investment in IP Networking could help deliverweekly over IP Networking. “The move has further savings.raised the profile and reputation of HSBCIreland,” said Declan. “It’s also boosted the “Our relationship with eircom is excellent,”morale of our team here in Dublin as it’s Declan says. “Not only have they helped usrecognised globally how much we’ve been able realise significant cost savings, their reliabilityto save annually for the group.” and accountability is second to none. If we chose to implement any new technology for voice orNetwork reliability provides data in the future, eircom would be the provider we’d choose.”consistencyFor Declan, reliability has been another keybenefit of IP Networking. The consistency of theservice, delivered over a network managed 24/7by the eircom Network Operations Centre, hasprovided real peace of mind.“For us, the IP network has been a ‘set it andforget it’ solution. We have not had to perform
  5. 5. Case Study - HSBC Ireland 5“During the first three monthsfollowing the migration of all voicecalls to IP we have seen a saving of29% on our phone bill, comparedto ISDN.Looking for ways to make costsavings is one of our key objectives,and with eircom IP Networking wehave achieved significant reductionsin our telecoms costs,”Declan CumminsHead of IT, HSBC Ireland
  6. 6. Overvieweircom solution at a glance• eircom IP Networking provides the ideal • eircom IP Networking is a private nationwide basis for business efficiency, offering IP network only for eircom customers; it’s excellent reliability, scalability and cost separate from the public Internet, so traffic effective bandwidth for voice and data is fully secured, and international links services. provide global reach.• Bandwidth can be adjusted at any time, • IP Networking makes it fast and easy for and dedicated capacity is available for key organisations to connect offices anywhere applications, so critical business processes to one network, which provides a strong run smoothly. foundation for initiatives like voice over IP, centrally hosted applications and secure remote working.Get in touchTo find out how IP Networking can benefityour business, please contact youreircom Account Manager.www.eircomforbusiness.ie