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Hosted IP Telephony Services


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To businesses everywhere, a phone system is like the air we breathe. We need it to survive and yet we take it for granted. For many businesses running legacy telephone systems that’s as far as it goes. It works, so why change it? However, that age-old split between desktop client /server computing on one hand and traditional voice communication on the other is being challenged by the fast-changing tide of voice and data convergence.

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Hosted IP Telephony Services

  3. 3. IT WORKS, SO WHY CHANGE IT?To businesses everywhere, a phone system is like the air we breathe. We need it to survive and yet we take itfor granted. for many businesses running legacy telephone systems that’s as far as it goes. It works, so whychange it? However, that age-old split between desktop client /server computing on one hand and traditionalvoice communication on the other is being challenged by the fast-changing tide of voice and data convergence.OUR HOSTED Ip TElEpHONY pROpOSITION /The simple truth that ‘technology as a business accelerator waits for no man’ resonates across the business landscape. The hidden messageto either ‘seize the moment or get left behind’ is a warning shot that no business should ignore. So, while organisations grapple with their IT &Communications convergence strategy, it’s true that for many the primary driver will be cost savings. However, look deeper at the equally valuablebenefits of increased productivity; better customer experience; improved resilience and disaster recovery (dr) – and perhaps above all greaterbusiness agility – and the advantages become clear reasons in themselves to start the convergence journey. That journey normally starts with theintegration of voice and data networks. While this is a daunting proposition for some, it need not be.Delivering converged networks Multiple services from a single circuitfor over 20 yearsThe provision of a best-in-class managed InTechnology’s model is straightforward: provide best-in-class network services as a conduit, atnetwork is InTechnology’s core service a time that’s right for the customer, through layered hosted services that support their individualproposition. We manage our own national convergence strategy. put simply, we’ll build you a rock-solid mpLS connection to link your headfibre network ring and offer high bandwidth, office, regional offices and home workers directly to our own core network ring and – whenhighly resilient links into Tier 1 carriers. you’re ready – to the managed services accessed from our own data centres embedded in thatWe have the widest range of connectivity, core: hosted Ip telephony; hosted unified communications (‘Voice plus’); plus a full range of data98% uk population coverage, 20,000 services such as server backup, server replication and connections across 800 leading ukbusinesses and a state-of-the-art NetworkOperations Centre responsible for monitoringand optimising performance 24 hours a day,every day. We manage a purpose- built £100m infrastructure with the sole objective of delivering affordable, flexible and totally dependable voice and data services.
  4. 4. YOUR Ip TElEpHONY / 1 Huge savings annual budget forecast, based on real example of 180 staff across 2 offices: BUDGET ITEM CURRENT COST OUR SOLUTIONThe traditional voice landscape involves Capital Expense Telephone System £250,000 £0expensive in-house infrastructure: The Replacementubiquitous ‘tin box’ telephone system bolted Operating Expense Maintenance £7,000 paonto the wall which – following sometimes ISDN30 Line Rental £19,000 pa £15 / user / monthconsiderable upfront expense – comes witha nasty catch in the hidden expenditure of Site-to-Site Link £7,000 paupgrade, maintenance and running costs. Call Charges £13,600 pa £7,900 pa* Total Capex £250,000 £0Our managed service model is different: RequirementThere are no upgrade or maintenance charges. Annual Opex £46,600 £40,300It’s a straightforward monthly licence fee on Requirementa per user basis. a simple pay-as-you-go *In this real example, the business saved the £250,000 Capex quoted formodel with a compelling punch line – a new the replacement of its telephone system and saved 42% on its call charges.telephone system for about the same price as additionally, InTechnology provided 180 brand new handsets free.the maintenance charges on your old one. 2 Budget predictability 3 Enhanced agility 4 ReliabilityWe live in unprecedented times. an era The current economic climate represents pain We’re back to our starting point. a business’sof austerity in which IT budgets are under for some, but a perfect growth opportunity voice communications platform is like the aircloser scrutiny than ever before – and budget for others – particularly those looking to we breathe. We need it to survive and reliabilityvariance is no longer an acceptable risk or expand by merger or acquisition. The logic is imperative. InTechnology’s Ip telephony iscontingency. The good news is that not only of centrally-sourced voice and data services enterprise grade and delivered via its own nextdo we fix our service charges to the penny, provides a ‘single scalable architecture’ (with generation ‘Enhanced mpLS’ network.but we can also typically save 30% on your guaranteed compatibility and commonalitycall charges. across the estate) and makes increasing at the end of the day, managed services is sense for agile businesses. what we do, it’s all we do. We developed one of the uk’s first business ISps (planet Online); one of the first consumer ISps (freeserve); and one of the first corporate hosted Ip telephony services (‘unity’).
  5. 5. FREE SpEND & STRATEGY REVIEW: 0800 983 2522 / 5 Front-end focus 7 Our network, the enablerThe sourcing, maintenance and upgrading Our hosted Ip telephony solution ‘unity’ is accessed via our 24/365 monitored next generationof infrastructure (pbX or server room fibre network – our Cloud – with embedded data centres which host our and the management of multiplevendor relationships is a distraction.It’s back-end infrastructure hassle thatsaps time, energy and focus. Little wonderthat progressive businesses are choosing todeploy their IT talent to optimise the front-endsales operation and out-task routineback-end activity to dedicated managedService providers such as InTechnology. 6 ‘Voice Plus’ upgradeInTechnology’s voice proposition comes withan upgrade package – ‘Voice plus’. It’s a suiteof best-in-class unified communicationsapplications including hosted microsoft OCSwith video calling, desktop screen sharing,Instant messaging and more. The apps packis a bolt-on to our ‘unity’ voice proposition,and is available at an affordable monthlycharge. microsoft’s own research suggestsa £3m annual saving per 1000 employees viaimproved group collaboration, reduced travel& subsistence and other benefits. CHAllENGE US / Ip telephony is just one of the value-adding propositions within our managed services portfolio. To learn more about how we could help you cut cost, build agility and increase productivity put us to the test and ask for a FREE Spend & Strategy Review. Call: 0800 983 2522 rICHard QuINE / email: dIVISIONaL dIrECTOr / Ip TELEpHONY / Visit: All content correct at time of going to press.
  6. 6. InTechnology Head Office InTechnology Reading InTechnology LondonCentral House Commensus House 17 St. Helen’s PlaceBeckwith Knowle 3-5 Worton Drive BishopsgateHarrogate Reading LondonHG3 1UG RG2 0TG EC3A 6DGTel: +44 (0)1423 850 000 Tel: +44 (0)870 777 7778 Tel: +44 (0)20 30 40 50 00Fax: +44 (0)1423 850 001 Fax: +44 (0)870 777 7779 Fax: +44 (0)20 30 40 50 Network Data Data Unified Calls Instant IP Telephony Management Centres Comms & Lines Comms