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  • C2C Forum no2 Bill Murphy final

    1. 1. Superfast broadband: the time is nowBill Murphy, Managing Director, NGABT Group8th March - Brighton
    2. 2. The Big Build
    3. 3. Why superfast broadband? Attract inward investment Enable local Improve digital businesses to inclusion flourish Improve the Improve home- provision of public working services Encourage the young, skilled & professional to stay in the area
    4. 4. Commitment from the Government In 2010 we heard… By 2015 “Our goal is simple: within this parliament we want Britain to have the best superfast broadband network in Europe” Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport £830m public funding for superfast broadband in rural areas between now and 2017 Wave 1 announced : Highlands and Islands, North Yorkshire, Cumbria, Herefordshire 2011 saw… Wave 2 announced: Devon & Somerset, Norfolk, Wiltshire, Northamptonshire & Suffolk Remaining funding allocated 2012 is the year to make it happen!
    5. 5. BT’s ultra-connected mix Advanced copper broadband • Up to 20Mbps available to 90% of UK premises during Spring 2013 Superfast broadband • £2.5bn investment to reach two-thirds of UK premises by end of 2014 • More than 7 million premises passed • Speeds rocketing this Spring • Next Spring: Ultra-fast fibre to the premises speeds available on request in our fibre footprint Wi-Fi • 3.5 million hotspots and growing Ethernet • 1080 nodes across the UK and growing • Choose speeds between 10Mbps and 10Gbps • Guaranteed speed, dedicated line • Fraction of cost of traditional private networks • Easily expanded to enable growth • Helps public sector organisations run more efficient networks, saving money and protecting public services
    6. 6. BT: Connecting up the UK 2.5bn investment to bring superfast broadband to two-thirds of UK premises by end of 2014 Public-private partnerships could extend fibre to more than 90% of UK premises - BT will match funding if we are successful This means slow spots could fall to as little as 2% of premises. BT is trialling alternative solutions such as white spaces, wireless and satellite to reduce this even further
    7. 7. BT in the Coast to Capital area ADSL ‘up to 8Mbps’ broadband available to more than 821,000 homes and businesses ADSL2+ ‘up to 20Mbps’ broadband available to 86% (more than 707,000) of homes and businesses. A further 8 scheduled exchanges will bring the total to almost 90%59 exchanges announced for superfast broadband, serving c.65% of homes and businesses (more than 530,000). 17 exchanges accepting orders with 42 going live by the end of 2012 42 Ethernet nodes live, 2 more planned If we can work together, we’re ready to invest more
    8. 8. Choose wisely…sustainable solutions are key Work together Open, Competition ReadyA joined-up approach is key Choose a provider with an open network that will keep competition high and prices low Demand Stimulation ExperienceDemand for the new services is You need a supplier that key. Choose an experienced understands the rules, the dos provider to work with you on and don’ts – someone who has demand stimulation been there before
    9. 9. Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly BY 2014 “To enable Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly to become the best connected rural location in the world” NGB to 100% of county, 80-90% fibre 10k businesses on new connections 4k jobs created, 2k safeguarded TODAY  34 exchanges live  241 cabinets live  Available to 65k premises (90k by March 2012)  3.9k customers connected  16 CPs connected  St Austell FTTP trial complete  Home to FTTP on demand trials  Joint, shared programmes delivering the vision
    10. 10. Northern Ireland: mission accomplished!
    11. 11. The benefits speak for themselves “ Having super-fast broadband has opened our eyes to ” new ways of promoting ourselves to customers Rhiannon Fraser, Park Manager A family-owned holiday and retirement park in Perranarworthal, Cornwall Experiencing broadband speeds fifty times faster than previous connection Used to drive company accounts to the accountants in Falmouth, now they are emailed almost instantaneously Installing CCTV cameras over the fast, stable Wi-Fi connection. Before super-fast the only option was the expensive alternative of digging trenches to fit hard-wired cameras Using their new high-speed wi-fi zone to attract new customers to the site“We can now compete with the bigger guys but remain leaner and more flexible Seamus Breslin, Design Manager A print and design company ” Enjoying speeds 20 times faster than previous connection Saving two hours a day from being able to download large artwork and image files in five minutes instead of 15 minutes No need to invest in an expensive back-up facility as can now optimise use of the cloud Estimate savings of £7,500 a year on maintaining back-up systems, network and intranet
    12. 12. Fibre: transforming small businesses • Faster speeds • Send & receive Increasing Improving large files in competitive seconds edge productivity• Improving web • Improved home presence working capability• Improving customer • Reliable service experience • Carry out bandwidth• Enabling expansion hungry tasks simultaneously Cost savings • Hosted & site based VoiP • Improved video conferencing reduces need for travel • Utilise more cloud computing resources
    13. 13. ‘White label’ SME brochure tailored for the Coastto Capital LEP
    14. 14. More than just infrastructure Digital inclusion – Working with citizens online to help disadvantaged people in communities across the UK – Dedicated project coordinators mobilising activity over a three year period – Supporting local communities through our community connections awards – Encouraging young people to pass on ICT skills through our internet rangers awards – Encouraging our people to volunteer to support digital inclusion activities, including Age UK itea&biscuits week Sustainability – Independent environmental board established in Cornwall – Project measuring the programme’s impact on Cornwall’s carbon footprint Research & Innovation – Working with universities, including University of Falmouth and Cornish businesses on projects to exploit the availability of superfast broadband
    15. 15. The time is nowWork together on a co-ordinated plan Act now, don’t miss out Engage, participate and partner with us, we’re ready to invest in the Coast to Capital area We can help you create a sustainable solution that provides maximum economic value bill.murphy@bt.com
    16. 16. ADSL2+ coverage in Coast to Capital area
    17. 17. Superfast broadband coverage
    18. 18. Ethernet coverage