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6. shift week 1
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6. shift week 1


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • More information on New Tech in Indiana
  • Transcript

    • 1. Unit #1 – Why Technology? SHIFT: What’s all the fuss about? [Or, why are we here?] EDUC W200 Week 1
    • 2. THEME #1: SHIFT HAPPENS • How has this change impacted the world? o Shift Happens o Discussion:  What part of the video impressed you most?  What does it mean for us as teachers and for our students? EDUC W200 Week 1
    • 3. THEME #1: SHIFT HAPPENS • Digital World • Unprecedented ease of communication • Unprecedented access to information • Global everything (The World is Flat) • Technology is changing whether we like it or not • The need to be capable to function in and help others function in whatever world we are shifting into EDUC W200 Week 1
    • 4. THEME #2: SHIFT AND STUDENTS • So, who will your students be? • We care about technology in this class, but whose technology? • Mine? Yours? Your teachers? Your students? • Consider who your students are (not what you are used to), and go from there? • Vision for technology in K-12 Education EDUC W200 Week 1
    • 5. THEME #3: SHIFT AND ADAPT • How do we adapt? • Harrison Central High School: A Commitment to High Tech (8:55) – High School Example • Tech Fueled Differentiated Instruction – Elementary Example EDUC W200 Week 1
    • 6. THEME #3: SHIFT AND ADAPT • Think-Pair Share (3 Minutes – based on the video): • What about your own technology experiences in your previous schools? • Would you rather like to be a student in such a high-tech school? EDUC W200 Week 1
    • 7. Theme #4: Shift… Or else • The fact is, SHIFT or not, we do not have much of a choice • Schools, administrators, parents, students, etc expect us to adapt • Sometimes, it is the law • If we do not adapt, others will (and we risk becoming irrelevant) • Ex. New Tech High School – Project-Based Learning and Technology… • New Tech High – All over Indiana! (Watch until 4:41) EDUC W200 Week 1
    • 8. SUMMARY • In the weeks ahead, we will expand on each of these themes • As technology (and the world around us) changes, we as teachers must adapt – not give in, not ignore, but adapt and make good decisions • This course is about navigating all of this SHIFT and making good decisions as teachers o And to learn that there are tech tools that can make our classrooms better and lives easier – but that is your decision to make EDUC W200 Week 1
    • 9. SUMMARY • This course is divided into three units: o Unit 1: Focuses on the SHIFTs and expectations we as teachers must navigate o Unit 2: Looks at how technology can best facilitate learning, depending on the task students are doing o Unit 3: Looks at how technology can or should impact our jobs as teachers as professions EDUC W200 Week 1