WEMTA 2012: Engaging Your Students with Web 2.0

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Livebinder Link - http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/281505# …

Livebinder Link - http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/281505#
My Website - jswanski.wordpress.com

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  • 1. Jennifer SwansonWest De Pere School District @jswanski
  • 2. • Follow Along – –http://goo.gl/EkLDD• 3 Things… • Monday • Within a month • Long term
  • 3. Students born after 1980Students have grown up with digital technology Today’s students think and process information fundamentally differently
  • 4. Most Well Known Wikipedia Wiki InformationCommonCraft Video Favorite Site PBWorks WikiSpaces Examples: Mrs. Swanson Mrs. Kohl Mr. Slowinski
  • 5. Blog InformationCommonCraft Video Favorite Sites KidBlog Posterous Blogger Wordpress Google Sites Weebly Examples: Mrs. Kohl Mrs. Swanson Mr. Slowinski
  • 6. Audio• Audacity (Podcasting)Images• PhotoStory 3• Voicethread• AnimotoVideo• Windows MovieMaker (PC)• iMovie (Mac)
  • 7. Google Docs PrimaryPadWallwisher (example) Skype (example)
  • 8. Delicious (Explanation) Diigo Pinterest Facebook Twitter (Explanation)
  • 9. Voki (voice) Glogster EDU (posters) Blabberize (voice) Dipity (timelines) YouTube (video) Crocodoc (editing)Wordle/Tagxedo (word clouds) Prezi (presentations) ToonDoo (comics) StoryJumper (stories) Kerpoof (comics) LiveBinders (organizing links) Screencast-o-Matic (screen recording) PollEverywhere (cell phone poll)
  • 10. • We dont have to find information anymore - it canfind us! Example: RSS (Explanation)• Look at your curriculum to find natural integration ideas. Don’tuse a tool just to say you’ve used it…it should fit.• Do what works for YOU! Its impossible to do it all - findsomething that you enjoy and find a way to incorporate it intoyour curriculum.• Take time to explore! Play with some of the applications yourcurious about!• Dont forget about liabilities when you use some of thesethings in your classroom. Always error on the side of caution…• Remember copyright rules!
  • 11. Books
  • 12. CONTACT ME! Questions? Jennifer Swanson jswanson at wdpsd dot com http://jswanski.wordpress.com Twitter - @jswanski Skype – jswanskiNeed Something Different? CHECK HERE! Web 2.0 Guru Go2Web20 CoolTools4School
  • 13. Sources• Slide 1 – – Picture 1: Child at Laptop. [online image] http://www.timeoutsydney.com.au/kids/large-genz20.jpg, January 10, 2010. – Picture 2: Students in Computer Lab. [online image] http://kester.typepad.com/signs/kids%20computers.jpg, January 10, 2010. – Picture 3: 4 boys at laptop. [online image] http://blog.eun.org/etwinning_camp_2007/upload/kids_computer.jpg, January 10, 2010• Slide 3 – – Brain Fry. [online image] http://michaeljlewis.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/fried-brain.jpg. March 27, 2012.• Slide 4 – – Picture 1: Baby at Computer. [online image] http://ycorpblog.com/wp- content/uploads/2008/06/babycomputer.jpg, January 10, 2010 . – Picture 2: Child with Camera. [online image] http://media.timeoutkids.com/resizeImage/htdocs/export_images/38/38.x550.Tech.main-12.jpg?. January 10, 2010• Slide 7 – Blooms Digital Taxonomy Pyramid. [online image] http://www.usi.edu/distance/bdt.htm. March 28, 2012.• Slide 9 – cc licensed flickr photo shared by langwitches• Slide 10 - cc licensed flickr photo shared by langwitches• Slide 11 – cc licensed flickr photo shared by langwitches• Slide 12 – cc licensed flickr photo shared by langwitches• Slide 13 – cc licensed flickr photo shared by cobannon