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#Win x 3 - Career Convention 2012 Presentation
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#Win x 3 - Career Convention 2012 Presentation


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Slides of my presentation during the Career Convention 2012, organized by the 4th year students of the Faculty of Accounting, Finance and Marketing @ the University of Aruba. Thanks for the …

Slides of my presentation during the Career Convention 2012, organized by the 4th year students of the Faculty of Accounting, Finance and Marketing @ the University of Aruba. Thanks for the invitation!

Published in: Education

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  • 1. #WIN x 3 Edward M. Erasmus MA University of Aruba
  • 2. Speed of Technology & Innovation
  • 3. Consumer-controlled market
  • 4. Transition to a ‘greener’ economy
  • 5. Tough growth
  • 6. The biggest challenge is…How can organizations remain competitive,be able to attract, nurture and retain thatcore of talented people, in order to delivervalue in a sustainable manner to a diversegroup of demanding consumers?
  • 7. Vision Faculty for Accounting, Marketing and FinanceThe economic educational institute to developanalytically minded professionals with an eye forinnovation and intercultural collaboration, tostimulate and to help flourish the sustainabledevelopment of the Aruban economy.
  • 8. 6 Skills Taught to Students toThrive in this New Economy
  • 9. #1 Critical Thinkers
  • 10. “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions…”
  • 11. #2 Entrepreneurial
  • 12. Business simulation
  • 13. #3 Sustainable Mindset
  • 14. PlanetPeople Profit
  • 15. #4 New forms of Capital
  • 16. New forms of capital Intellectual CapitalCreative SocialCapital Capital
  • 17. #5 Outside the box? Instead of thinking“outside the box”, just get rid of the box…
  • 18. # 6 Think outside the books…
  • 19. Our challenge today…. - Karl Fisch, from ‘Shift Happens, An examination of globalization and America’s future in the 21st century’ (2007)
  • 20. Taking the leap…
  • 21. More like…
  • 22. Freefall…
  • 23. WIN# 1• Demonstrate their skills• Display their talents• Unleash their creativity• Gain experience• Graduate
  • 24. 5 Key Reasons to hire students
  • 25. #1 New perspective onorganizational issues…
  • 26. • Challenge “the way we’ve always done it”• Question processes and improve them• Bring fresh new ideas to the table
  • 27. #2 Tech savvy…
  • 28. • Social media• Computer programs• Accounting software• Research tools• …and more….
  • 29. #3 Help with projects or tasks that you’re struggling to complete….
  • 30. • Initiate and complete assignments.• Conduct research.• Define and solve business problems.• …..
  • 31. #4 Gain brand advocates
  • 32. • Spread the word about your company (whether you mean to or not)• Free advertising• Loyal and supportive
  • 33. #5 It’s a trial period that couldlead to something more…
  • 34. • A great way to see how much potential a student has in the field• Experiencing their skills and work ethic as an intern….• Might lead to you to hire them as paid employees down the line
  • 35. WIN# 2• Get assignments done• Specific projects completed• Contribute to your bottom line• Help you succeed• Opportunity to discover and recruit new talents
  • 36. Challenge…
  • 37. WIN #3:Building a new generation ofprofessionals
  • 38. Our citizens of the future….• Healthy, responsible, accountable, creative, proactive, self-reliant, dynamic, empathic, visionary, analytical and self-reflecting,• Continuous learners,• Embracing their identity,• Valuing the Aruban culture and language,• Global and critical thinker,• Respecting our environment and living in harmony with it.
  • 39. We share an awesome responsibility, youand I, a responsibility that transcends thistime and this place.
  • 40. Edward M. Erasmus, MAe.erasmus@fzanv.comerasmus.bpas@gmail.comFacebook: