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4 Key Reasons Aruba Should Qualify As A PayPal Payment Receiving Country


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A presentation displaying Aruba’s capabilities in the further development of eCommerce on the island and the key role that PayPal can play in facilitating online transactions and payments. The presentation briefly outlines a strategy and efforts to be taken to become a PayPal payment receiving country.

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  • Seeing as Aruba relies so heavily on tourism, it's mind blowing that we're still so behind on this issue. Anyone dealing with tourists for instance, who would love to get bookings online (e.g. restaurants, hotels, etc.) struggle to do so, due to the lack of online payment systems available to Aruba.
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  • Hi Ed, excellent presentation and I agree that Paypal is the best option right now to stimulate the growth of E-commerce on Aruba. At the company I work form the use of Paypal by consumers has been increasing at a staggering rate since we adopted this payment option. It has a good buyer protection plan and consumers can easily manage the online payment option they want to use on a single platform. This also safes the seller time and money as funds are received on a single payment solution instead of spending time checking and processing payments from different credit or debit cards. This is an ideal option for small and medium sized businesses on Aruba for which the current online banking/payment solutions are not efficient enough for e-commerce. Besides the growth in sales also we will see new IT opportunities as web store development with the integration of Paypal and in the future other payment solutions will lead to a strong incentive for IT companies to establish or expand on Aruba. Let's hope Aruba can get all the stakeholders together and make this plan a reality.
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4 Key Reasons Aruba Should Qualify As A PayPal Payment Receiving Country

  1. 1. Key Reasons Aruba should qualify asa PayPal Payment Receiving country eCommerce & Edward M Erasmus, MA internet payment Aruba, August 2012 system
  2. 2. Outline presentation• State of e-Commerce in Aruba• PayPal (key information)• Key reasons to be listed as a PayPal payment receiving country• Team, plan and proposal• Closing remarks
  3. 3. Since the commercialization of the Internet (1990s)• Tremendous impact on culture and commerce.• The rise of near instant communication by email, instant messaging, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) "phone calls", two-way interactive video calls, and the World Wide Web.
  4. 4. The rise of online shopping and eCommerce• Online shopping has boomed both for major retail outlets and small artisans and traders.• Business-to-business and financial services on the Internet affect supply chains across entire industries.• $246 billion* spent annually online.* Source: Forrester Research, PhoCusWright & Internet Retailer
  5. 5. As we speak...• More than 2.2 billion people are using the Internet.• The internet is revolutionizing every aspect of our daily lives.• Faster speed, open source technology, cloud computing, smart phones, tablets and the growth of socially interactive platforms (social media) enable creative and innovative new forms of online business opportunities.
  6. 6. Disrupting markets and business models
  7. 7. We are witnessing the next level of the digital revolution Its now or never....
  8. 8. So how is Aruba doing?
  9. 9. State of e-Commerce in Aruba• E-steering Committee (final report, August 2000).• Objective: to make recommendations to the government to promote e-commerce on Aruba.• Recommendations: legal and fiscal issues, technical and infrastructure issues, banking and security issues, logistical issues, organization, training and educational issues.• Quick decision-making and implementation was crucial.
  10. 10. State of e-Commerce in Aruba• Unfortunately not much has happened since the publication of the e-Steering Committee Report.• So much has changed globally.• Priority: update report to help boost online commercial opportunities for local businesses.
  11. 11. ...and meanwhile...
  12. 12. A new breed of young entrepreneurs is here• Tech savvy-er than ever before• Developing creative ideas and business models• Using the internet as platform to develop international business (export of goods and services)
  13. 13. The new faces ofentrepreneurship
  14. 14. e-Opportunities• Mobile: access from anywhere anytime.• Social media: hyper connectivity and global outreach.• Open source technology: app development. and social commerce.• From e-Commerce to omni-Commerce.
  15. 15. The era of omni-commerce• Commerce as a multi-channel approach to retail that allows the consumer to buy from the channel that suits them at the time that is convenient, whether that be a mobile (phone or tablet), a physical store or from the quiet of the laptop or at your desktop location at home.
  16. 16. Its a global market space...
  17. 17. Our biggest e-Commerce challenge today...• No commercial transactions through the Internet without an affordable and reliable payment system.• Limiting overseas sales of goods and services.
  18. 18. What is PayPal?PayPal is an online payment service that allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically. PayPal can be used to:• Send or receive payments for online auctions on eBay or other websites.• Purchase or sell goods and services.• Make or receive cash donations.• Exchange cash with someone.
  19. 19. Key information• Founded: Palo Alto, California• Owner: eBay Inc.• Website:• Revenue: US$4.4 billion (2011)
  20. 20. Services• As of 2011 PayPal operates in 190 markets and manages more than 150 million active accounts.• PayPal allows customers to send, receive, and hold funds in 25 currencies worldwide.• PayPal operates locally in 21 countries.
  21. 21. Regulatory status• In the United States; licensed as a money transmitter on a state-by-state basis.• Not classified as a bank in the United States, though the company is subject to some of the rules and regulations governing the financial industry including Regulation E consumer protections and the USA PATRIOT Act.• In Europe; registered as a bank in Luxembourg under the legal name PayPal (Europe) Sàrl et Cie SCA, a company regulated centrally by the Luxembourg bank authority.
  22. 22. Localized Sites
  23. 23. Send, receive and withdraw
  24. 24. Send, receive and withdraw (continued)
  25. 25. Send only
  26. 26. Fee structure of PayPal
  27. 27. Benefits of PayPalBetter for Buyers Better for BusinessGives buyers a faster way to Access 94 million active pay. online shoppers.Provides convenience and 17% lift in sales*. security. A flexible payment solution forAllows customers to utilize retailers large and small. variety of payment types - $3 billion of stored revenue PayPal balance, bank moving through PayPal account, or credit card. accounts every 2 weeks. *Based on a study by IPSOS in Q2 2010
  28. 28. PayPal research data• Businesses get an average sales increase of 14% when they add PayPal (2006 PayPal phone survey).• On average, active PayPal buyers use PayPal for more than half their online spending (Walker Information Inc. February 2006 Customer Relationship Assessment).• The primary reason PayPal shoppers prefer PayPal is the security it affords (Quarterly PayPal brand tracker).
  29. 29. At a glance...
  30. 30. Aruba is located in the southern Caribbean, just off the northerncoast of South America. It is 19.6 miles long and 6 miles across,at its widest point, with an area of approximately 74.5 squaremiles (193 square km).Aruba is a well-developed island with a high standard of living.
  31. 31. Aruba - Key facts• Capital Oranjestad 12°31’N 70°1’W• Size 193 square kilometers• Climate Tropical 82°F (28°C) average temperatures• Population Approx. 108 thousand• GDP Approx. US$ 2.7 billion• Government type Parliamentary democracy
  32. 32. Aruba - Key facts• Language Dutch (official), Papiamento (a Spanish, Dutch, English dialect), English (business language, widely spoken) and Spanish• Currency Aruban florins (AWG). The Aruba florin is pegged to the United States dollar (1$ = 1.79 AWG) and dollar is widely accepted as a method of payment• Legal system Based on Dutch civil law system, with some English law influence.
  33. 33. Key Reasons Aruba should qualifyas a PayPal Payment Receivingcountry
  34. 34. Reason 1 - Tourism• Tourism receipts Afl 2.4 billion• Tourism receipts in % of GDP: 50• Stay over visitors: 871,300• Revenue per available room Afl. 157• Cruise visitors: 599,900• Nearly 1/3 of spending is made in advance
  35. 35. • Huge market opportunities for PayPal-related services.• Reliable booking and reservation option for hotels, car rentals, restaurants, providers of outdoor activities and local airlines.
  36. 36. Reason 2 - Green gateway• Utilizing Arubas unique socio-economic resources and geo-political position within the Kingdom of the Netherlands to develop new economic opportunities.• Positioning Aruba as a strategic hub for European businesses doing business in Latin America.• Moving towards a knowledge-driven economy.• Attracting foreign investment with focus on innovation and sustainability.
  37. 37. Reason 2 - Green gateway• Regional headquarters, medical tourism, product showcasing, renewable energy, commercial aquaculture, etc.• Synergy free zone, airport and harbor.• Opportunities for investment, growth and expansion.
  38. 38. • Huge market opportunities for PayPal.• Reliable payment system for globally oriented companies.
  39. 39. Reason 3 - Untapped market potential• Huge potential online sales of Made in Aruba products and services to overseas markets.• home-grown products: crafts, art, photography, jewelry, pottery, cigars, wine, rum, beverages, honey, spices and ingredients (hot sauce).• Cultural experience (music, movies, language, etc).• Markets: USA, Latin America, Netherlands, Caribbean
  40. 40. • Made in Aruba online market place powered by PayPal.• Small and medium enterprises going global.
  41. 41. Reason 4 - Financial system• Well-regulated monetary system• Prudential supervision of banking, insurance sector pension funds and money transfer companies• High solvency ratio financial institutions• Strengthened regulations and systems AML/CFT• US$ is widely accepted
  42. 42. • Financial integrity of banking activities.• Safe and secure business environment for PayPal.
  43. 43. So where do we go from here?
  44. 44. We need a team
  45. 45. Key actors• Prime Minister • Dept. of Economic Affairs/ IDEA• Minister of Economic Affairs • Free Zone Aruba NV• Minister of Finance • ATA• Parliament: Fixed • AHATA commission Financial and Economic Issues • ATIA• Central Bank of Aruba • Aruba Chamber of Commerce• ARINA
  46. 46. We need a plan
  47. 47. Plan• Explore PayPals needs and how to match them.• Explore Arubas capabilities, economic impact, market and revenue potential (e-Commerce report).• e-Commerce legislation and Intellectual property laws.• Case studies (success of small islands in the region).
  48. 48. We need a proposal
  49. 49. Proposal• Win-Win approach.• Swift and not cumbersome.• Establish legal and technical framework.• Proactivity, creativity and flexibility is the key…
  50. 50. And dont forget....
  51. 51. Implementation plan• Awareness campaign• Assistance and guidance to small and medium enterprises• Made in Aruba online platform• Integration with current Aruba apps• Online marketers and web developers
  52. 52. This is a unique and awesome opportunity we cantafford to miss.The timing is right, we need to seize the moment.eBusiness combined with a reliable payment systemwill forever change Arubas business landscape.
  53. 53. • Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated failures. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.• - Calvin Coolidge
  54. 54. • Edward M. Erasmus, MA••• Facebook:• Twitter:• LinkedIn:• Blog:
  55. 55. Image credits• Andrea Dian /•••• Google images• Kenny Theysen /• Luis Mejia / Luis Mejia Photography