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08232012 mentor circle_presentation_-_observations_and_mantras_08232012-2


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08232012 mentor circle_presentation_-_observations_and_mantras_08232012-2

  1. 1. Observations & Mantras from a Diverse Career
  2. 2. Success is a Stroke of Leadership.
  3. 3. Plant Seeds of Ideas and Water Your Plant. “Growth Happens Everywhere”
  4. 4. Team is Everything: Magical Power that Can Change the World!
  5. 5. The Time You Give to Your Team is Paid Back 10X.
  6. 6. Share Credit…Down, Laterally, and Up.
  7. 7. Honor History: It is What Got Us tothis Point. How do We Grow From Where We are Now?
  8. 8. Build Efficiency & Effectiveness: Saves Burn & Creates Value
  9. 9. Innovate & Disrupt:Fuels the Economy & Your Career
  10. 10. Flag Problems Early: Be Smart and Substantive in Your Solution
  11. 11. Be Fast and Cultivate Allies
  12. 12. See the Forest and the Trees Concurrently. Be able to Articulate it to Others.
  13. 13. Your Reputation and Brand IS Your Greatest Asset…Protect It!What is Your Brand? What are You Known For?
  14. 14. Reflection/Self Reflection:Ask for Feedback: Challenge Self to Improve Master Introspection…Great Leaders Do
  15. 15. Be Opportunistic of This Time in History
  16. 16. Be Social! Have a Voice and Perspective
  17. 17. Find Your North Star: What are Your Goals?
  18. 18. Create a Personal Board of AdvisorsNote: Seek Diversity of Thought and Those Who You Admire.
  19. 19. Build Up Your Wealth: Have aStrategy for Growing Your Personal Revenue. Have Choices.
  20. 20. Be Patient: Each Stroke Counts and It is a Process..It is a Process.
  21. 21. Time is a Snowball. The MoreTime You Accumulate to a Subject or Goal, the Bigger the Result.
  22. 22. Observations & Mantras from a Diverse Career