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This is my presentation as a Portal Publishing Manager (2008 Mid-Year Business Meeting at Lombok Island - Indonesia).

This is my presentation as a Portal Publishing Manager (2008 Mid-Year Business Meeting at Lombok Island - Indonesia).

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  • 1. pages of  Detikcom Portal Publishing Manager  Mid‐Year Business Meeting Presentation Lombok, June 22th 2008 [some pages of this presentation are unpublished due to my corporate policy]
  • 2. Seat back and relax…
  • 3. of Detik Family reborn  successfully!
  • 4. finished right on or before  due date! due date!
  • 5. new features/contents added on each canal each canal
  • 6. These are what we delivered... Th h t d li d
  • 7. This is how we worked... user User User Online  Portal  Application Publisher application publisher Stake  Creative  H ld Holder D i Design stakeholder creative
  • 8. 10 Years ago,  Detikcom was born as a lonely goldfish
  • 9. 10 Years after that,  some new friends came…
  • 10. Compete each other  to become:  ‐ the highest ‐ the fastest ‐ the strongest the strongest
  • 11. We have to win the competition…..
  • 12. How?
  • 13. First…
  • 14. To GOD we pray To GOD we pray
  • 15. To ALEXA we trust
  • 16. Pageviews is equal to Pageviews is equal to X Number of  good pages Number of “good” pages Number of  loyal visitors Number of “loyal” visitors
  • 17. Number of “good” pages  are related to… l d
  • 18. Human Interest Situations and the balance of things…
  • 19. of human resources…
  • 20. Number of “loyal” visitors  are related to… l d
  • 21. Experiences p to their spirit, mind and body to their spirit mind and body
  • 22. I said: “Web 2.0 experiences are…” i ” Informed Believe Engaged E d more than  more than more than  “know” “trust” “participate” “ i i ”
  • 23. Beware of : Beware of : ‐ Brand Trap Brand Trap ‐ Cohort Trap
  • 24. Brand Trap! Brand Trap!
  • 25. Q1: how strong: Q1: how strong: [some contents of this page are unpublished due to my corporate policy]
  • 26. Go brush your teeth…
  • 27. Q2: what is… Q2: what is [some contents of this page are unpublished due to my corporate policy]
  • 28. Go wash your hair  Go wash your hair using…. g
  • 29. No?
  • 30. Yes?
  • 31. Pepsodent vs Lifebuoy
  • 32. Cohort Trap!
  • 33. Year X Y X Media Teenager Yuppies Mature
  • 34. Y X 10 Year X+10  (expectation) Media Teenager Yuppies Mature
  • 35. Y X 10 Year X+10  (trend) Media Teenager Yuppies Mature
  • 36. What are we going to  g g do about their youth?
  • 37. Digital Native…
  • 38. Their references  h f are… are
  • 39. Their tools are… Their tools are…
  • 40. OK. No more  bullshit, please!
  • 41. 1. Products Enhancement 2. Markets Enhancement 2 M k E h 3. Experiences Enhancement 3 Experiences Enhancement
  • 42. 1. Products Enhancement [some contents of this page are unpublished due to my corporate policy]
  • 43. 2. Markets Enhancement * [some contents of this page are unpublished due to my corporate policy] *) support to other division
  • 44. 3. Experiences Enhancement * p [some contents of this page are unpublished due to my corporate policy] *) support to other division
  • 45. Let’s go get  more traffics…
  • 46. Let’s go get  more revenues…
  • 47. Thank you… y donnybu@detikinet.com ym: donnybu g y g blog: donnybu.blogdetik.com phone: +62818930932