Integration Across Digital


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Mahesh Murthy, founder and CEO of Pinstorm's presentation on Integrating Digital Marketing at the OMCAR 2009 - The Online Marketing Summit.

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Integration Across Digital

  1. ∫ INTEGRATING DIGITAL MARKETING: THE 20 RULES mahesh@ It’s always more beautiful when integrated.
  2. ∫ INTEGRATING DIGITAL MARKETING: THE 20 RULES mahesh@ 25 years. Almost as many media. FCB, Grey, Ogilvy, Channel V, Pinstorm. Print, TV, Radio, Outdoor, Display, Search, Social and more.
  3. ∫ 1 Like the seasons, media comes and goes. Newspapers, Radio, TV and Digital. Digital: Orkut, Facebook and Twitter.
  4. ∫ 2 The pace of change is increasing. As are your challenges. Insist your partner keeps up – for your own sanity.
  5. ∫ 3 The larger you are, the less you can afford to miss focus. Or manage many vendors. Let your partner manage focus.
  6. ∫ 4 Every specialist becomes obsolete. What do you do when yours does?
  7. ∫ 5 Digital’s bigger than you think. 65m on net, 375m on mobile. 16m on Orkut, 7m on Facebook, 0.5m on Twitter. 10 hours a day. SEC A, B+. Bigger than English TV on key demos.
  8. ∫ It all starts with your consumer. 6 Where are they? On digital? How many and how much?
  9. ∫ 7 Find their path online – and follow it. Awareness? Interest? Desire? Action?
  10. ∫ 8 No one medium outperforms others. No army uses just 1 weapon. Use the right mix of all.
  11. ∫ 9 On building awareness and branding. Display (CPI not CPM),Contextual, Social, SEO, SMM, ORM
  12. ∫ 10 On generating interest. Search (CPUV not CPC), Contextual, CPUV display, Mobile, ORM.
  13. ∫ On increasing desire. 11 Landing pages, microsites, CPQL, social, review sites, mobile web
  14. ∫ On catalysing action. 12 PerfectLandings, CPLV/CPA, SMS, Call, Chat, Call Center, Analytics
  15. ∫ Be a master of all trades. Or a jack. 13 Be media-agnostic. Focus on audience, message. Not on medium.
  16. ∫ Compensation determines incentive. Commissions→paid media. Retainers→social. Performance pay. 14
  17. ∫ Structure for integration, not division. 15 SEO, SEM, Display, Virals, Mobile, Social etc are not departments.
  18. ∫ 16 Visibility: on doing better SEO. On-site: Flash, Tags, Maps, Copy, Age, Freshness. Off-site: In-bound links, PR plan, directories, High PR pages
  19. ∫ 17 Reach: on doing better SEM. Words: Long-tail, Fresh Bids: Lower now, CAT / SCAT Ads: 1 per word / page, languages Landing pages: Relevance, SEO, site not page Tracking: don’t use GA, try new stuff
  20. ∫ 18 Impact: on doing better display. Size: Own the page Construct: Movement better than still Message: Intrigue, don’t just inform
  21. ∫ 19 Buzz: on doing better social media Identity: Your own, don’t fib. Character: Fit in before you try stand out. Message: on network. Blogs: own and others. Facebook, Orkut: Apps and fans Twitter: Deserve to be followed.
  22. ∫ 20 Integrate: make small look big. Small can be nimble – move faster than others. Look bigger to customers and prospects. For far less money than the big guys have.
  23. ∫ 0 Integrate with peace. Nothing to lose but your inhibitions.
  24. ∫ One quick case.
  25. ∫ 151 responses
  26. ∫ 151 responses
  27. ∫ An astounding 46% would change!
  28. ∫ Most didn’t seem to need/use VAS
  29. ∫ Perception of strengths
  30. ∫ Perception of weaknesses
  31. ∫ What is of value to them?
  32. ∫ Abhishek and the minister.
  33. ∫ Social Media Optimization is a set of methods for generating publicity through Social Media, Online Communities and Community Websites. Blogs Forums Communities Social Networking Sites Video/Photo Sharing websites Virtual Reality – Second Life Thus, focus is on driving traffic from sources other than Search Engines
  34. ∫ How did we promote this?
  35. ∫ SEM:
  36. ∫ SEO
  37. ∫ Contextual Advertising
  38. ∫ On Yahoo! Answers
  39. ∫ On
  40. ∫ Blog marketing We created a blog at m to showcase the top ideas that were voted for on the myIdea website. We use the blog to bring to the fore what we thought were some of the best ideas. We elaborate on the issues the myIdea represented and asked users to vote accordingly. This is another way for our TG to find us.
  41. ∫ On Twitter
  42. ∫ Viral:
  43. ∫ Contextual Display
  44. ∫ Contextual Display
  45. ∫ Apps: Google, Facebook, Orkut
  46. ∫ Pay-for-performance
  47. ∫ Integration results: • Catching up with Jaagore as the most consumer-involving campaign in India. – 3 weeks vs 12 months – Only online vs crores on TV • Queries from advertisers to use it as a platform for ads
  48. ∫ INTEGRATING DIGITAL MARKETING: THE 20 RULES Integrate and rule the world. mahesh@ There’s no limit to how big you can get.
  49. ∫ INTEGRATING DIGITAL MARKETING: THE 20 RULES Questions? Answers? SMSes? mahesh@