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Rasberry pi class
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Rasberry pi class


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A quick class for computer literates

A quick class for computer literates

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Quick Start for Computer LiteratesRASBERRY PI QUICK START 1
  • 2. USER NAME AND PASSWORD User Name:___________________ Password: raspberry Case is important! 2
  • 3. MAGIC WORD The magic word is sudo This gives your commands super powers 3
  • 4. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD passwd Enter your new password________________ passwd Old password: enter your current password New password: enter your new password Retype new password: re-enter your new password 4
  • 5. RECOVERING A LOST PASSWORD This can be done Handle on a case to case basis Worst case is a reformat of the SD card 5
  • 6. POWERING DOWN The Pi has no switch You must command it to turn off This is important! At a console prompt (use the magic word): sudo shutdown –h now 6
  • 7. SET UP—YOURS COME PRE-SETUP Plug SD card—this is the all the software! The Wifi and Wireless Keyboard/Mouse (WKM) should be plugged in, the WKM should be on the lower USB port so you can see the Wifi light blink Plug in HDMI Last, plug in the power 7
  • 8. NOTES Use the separate power supply that comes with your Pi A computer USB port will not provide enough power to run a Pi A powered USB hub can be used for more USB ports 8
  • 9. THIS IS LINUX… Much of Linux happens in a console window or shell Tour of the console shell… 9
  • 10. PENGUINS… penguinspuzzle 10
  • 11. HOW TO… Arrow keys to move. Spacebar to switch penguins. (Only possible if you have fed the baby penguins with a fish.) U to undo a move. R to reset the level. Z to zoom out for a wider angle view. N to skip to the next level. P to change to the previous level. Escape to quit. 11
  • 12. NOTES ON THE GRAPHICAL INTERFACE The graphical interface is Lighweight X11 Desktop Environment, or LXDE The Linux our Pi’s use is the latest ( Oct 28, 2012)  Raspian, an optimized version of Debian  12
  • 13. JUST SO YOU REMEMBER ABOUT THE PI… There are two Text Editors  Leafpad  Nano There are three Internet Browsers  Midori (featured with a short cut)  NetSurf (start menu)  Dillo (start menu) 13
  • 14. HERE WE GO… To start the Graphical User Interface: startx 14
  • 15. TOUR OF THE GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE Item by item on the screen 15
  • 16. IMPORTANT WEB SITES -- the home page guide -- more details than in this PowerPoint -- A free and fun magazine all about Pi’ing 16
  • 17. MINECRAFT ON THE PI Minecraft, is coming RSN It will be free Uncle Donald will be watching for the release of it… 17
  • 18. QUESTIONS? We have gone over the bare minimum basics Never be afraid to ask! 18