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What is seo general assembly training

  1. 1. SEO What it is and what you need to know.John DohertyDistilled NYC JOHN DOHERTYhttp://www.distilled.net DISTILLED NYC
  2. 2. @dohertyjfJohn DohertySEO Consultant – Distilled john.doherty@distilled.net http://twitter.com/#!/dohertyjfSEO Consultant at Distilled NYC.Company Blog: http://www.distilled.net/blog/Personal Blog: http://www.johnfdoherty.com/
  3. 3. @dohertyjf Before we talk about SEO, we need to talk about the online marketing landscape.
  4. 4. @dohertyjfInbound MarketingSEO is not a full marketingstrategy. Rather, it is an integralpart of the online, and moreprecisely, inbound marketinglandscape, which encompassessocial, email, SEO, webinars,content, and so much more. This infographic illustrates it well: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/the-noob-guide-to- online-marketing-with-giant-infographic-11928
  5. 5. @dohertyjf What is SEO (search engine optimization)?
  6. 6. @dohertyjf SEO is: The process of improving the visibility of a website or a webpage in the search engines via “natural” or unpaid means. SEO involves using relevant keywords on a page and working to rank for those terms that are typed into the search engine.
  7. 7. @dohertyjf In short, SEO is the way content gets found on the Internet
  8. 8. @dohertyjf Better yet, SEO is the way that GREAT content gets found on the Internet.
  9. 9. @dohertyjf Search Engine Statistics
  10. 10. @dohertyjf Current spread of search engine market share according to netmarketshare.com. Google owns 84% of the US search market.
  11. 11. @dohertyjf Over 100 billion searches per month in 2009, according to Comscore
  12. 12. @dohertyjf Many of the queries on Google are not “head terms”, but are rather longtail searches. So, we need strong domains and a lot of quality content to really win.
  13. 13. @dohertyjf There are two kinds of listings in the search engines.
  14. 14. @dohertyjf Paid and organic
  15. 15. @dohertyjf But there are multiple verticals of search as well, and each requires different (yet related) tactics to rank well.
  16. 16. @dohertyjf Regular organic (which is slowly getting less visibility) http://www.seomoz.org/beginners-guide-to-seo
  17. 17. @dohertyjf Local listings (restaurants, doctors, etc) http://www.davidmihm.com/local-search-ranking-factors.shtml
  18. 18. @dohertyjf Ecommerce search
  19. 19. @dohertyjf Ecommerce in the search results
  20. 20. @dohertyjf Images http://searchengineland.com/library/seo/seo-image-search
  21. 21. @dohertyjf Video SEO Presentation Articles
  22. 22. @dohertyjf News Tips and Tricks
  23. 23. @dohertyjf Blogs
  24. 24. @dohertyjf And sometimes they all collide
  25. 25. @dohertyjf And some more on the next page.
  26. 26. @dohertyjf There are author photos showing. http://www.blindfiveyearold.com/how-to-implement-rel-author
  27. 27. @dohertyjf And review stars and related searches. http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=99170
  28. 28. @dohertyjf And now, search is both universal and personal.
  29. 29. @dohertyjf Familiar with Google+? https://plus.google.com
  30. 30. @dohertyjf It is creeping into the search results.
  31. 31. @dohertyjf You receive “normal” organic when you toggle the switch, or are not logged in.
  32. 32. @dohertyjf But even then, they track you by IP address and other factors, like web browsing history.
  33. 33. @dohertyjf In short, SEO has become complicated.
  34. 34. @dohertyjfThe best place to get started http://www.seomoz.org/beginners-guide-to-seo
  35. 35. @dohertyjf So why bother with SEO/online marketing at all?
  36. 36. @dohertyjf Ranking high is quite important
  37. 37. @dohertyjf If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. Image source
  38. 38. @dohertyjfFirst position (usually) gets the traffic The first position gets on average, according to this study by Slingshot SEO, 18.2% of the clicks for that search. Then the number decreases: Position 2: 10.05% Position 3: 7.22% Position 4: 4.81% Position 5: 3.09% Position 6: 2.76% Position 7: 1.88%
  39. 39. @dohertyjf The SEO industry is growing.
  40. 40. @dohertyjfThe SEO IndustryAccording to Forrester Research,interactive (online) marketingspend will grow from $34.5 billionin 2011 to $76.6 billion in 2016.Currently, about $3.2b per year isspent on SEO/inbound marketing,and will grow to $5.1b by 2014.. Said simply, it’s growing fast because people are seeing an increased ROI. According to this: http://bit.ly/IuM8pc
  41. 41. @dohertyjfOnline Marketing SpendAccording to this survey of 939 marketing professionals, over 90% of businesses plan tomaintain or increase their online marketing spend. This includes paid search as well. Said simply, it’s growing fast because people are seeing an increased ROI. According to this: http://bit.ly/IuM8pc
  42. 42. @dohertyjfOnline Marketing Spend Over half plan to increase SEO/PPC spend. Almost 60% plan to increase email marketing spend, and almost the same amount plan to increase spend on social media. http://www.strongmail.com/pdf/SM_Trends2012.pdf
  43. 43. @dohertyjf How does SEO work?
  44. 44. @dohertyjf Many different areas on and around a website affect SEO/traffic from organic means.
  45. 45. @dohertyjf In short, the more and better links you have from other websites to your site, the stronger your site will be and the better your content will rank.
  46. 46. @dohertyjfGoogle operates off Pagerank Pagerank is the link analysis algorithm off of which Google bases its rankings. Other search engines have similar algorithms. The higher your Pagerank, the stronger your site is considered and the better chance your content has of ranking. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank
  47. 47. @dohertyjfBut we do not know Pagerank Domain Authority is SEOmozs calculated metric for how well a given domain is likely to rank in Google.coms search results. It is based off of the Linkscape web index and includes link counts, mozRank, mozTrust, and dozens more. The stronger the site, the better content will rank. So we use Domain and Page authority Domain Authority Definition
  48. 48. @dohertyjfPage Authority Page Authority is SEOmozs calculated metric for how well a given webpage is likely to rank in Google.coms search results. It is based off of the Linkscape web index and includes link counts, mozRank, mozTrust, and dozens more. The stronger the page, based off the different metrics, the better it could rank. Page Authority definition
  49. 49. @dohertyjf But all this means nothing if you do not have quality content on your site that can rank for these terms AND that keeps your customers happy when they find your site.
  50. 50. @dohertyjf Onsite factors
  51. 51. @dohertyjfContentBetter content, often timescontent that is not timely (we callit evergreen), tends to get morevisits. If you want to rank betterfor more, create better content.The better your content is, thebetter the search engines will rankit, and the more links you will beable to get to it.
  52. 52. @dohertyjf Mixed forms of media get the most links as well. http://www.seomoz.org/blog/what-makes-a-link-worthy-post-part-1
  53. 53. @dohertyjf The site structure determines how well search crawlers can access your content.
  54. 54. @dohertyjf Page titles
  55. 55. @dohertyjf Design has a correlated effect (not causative, but influences user happiness)
  56. 56. @dohertyjf No one wants to look at this.
  57. 57. @dohertyjf All of this influences the share-ability of your site on social networks.
  58. 58. @dohertyjfSocial Signals are well correlated torankings While social might not influence rankings directly, it can drive traffic and is present in a lot of sites that rank well. http://www.seomoz.org/article/search-ranking-factors
  59. 59. @dohertyjf Winning online today takes creating real value for your customers. To do this in a way that also benefits your SEO by earning you high-quality links, high quality linkable assets must be created.
  60. 60. @dohertyjf The content that does well online
  61. 61. @dohertyjfUnique (http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/)
  62. 62. @dohertyjfComprehensive(http://www.salesforce.com/uk/socialsuccess/social-media/)
  63. 63. @dohertyjfFunny (http://fuckyeahcowboyboots.tumblr.com/)
  64. 64. @dohertyjfInstructional (http://www.distilled.net/linkbait-guide/)
  65. 65. @dohertyjf Types of content that do well online today
  66. 66. @dohertyjfAwards http://adage.com/power150/ This page has 1,112 linking root domains. That’s a powerful page!
  67. 67. @dohertyjfData Visualizations http://www.thomson.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/infographic/interactive-music- map/index.html This visualization got 14.3k tweets, 26k likes, and 316 linking root domains.
  68. 68. @dohertyjfInfographics http://aytm.com/blog/research-junction/angry-birds-addiction/ This infographic has received at least 210 linking root domains.
  69. 69. @dohertyjfWhitepapers The Hubspot whitepapers page has received 95 linking root domains, and each whitepaper has gotten more of its own. http://www.hubspot.com/internet-marketing-whitepapers/
  70. 70. @dohertyjfResource Guides This online safety guide (http://kids.getnetwise.org/safetyguide/), which is not even that attractive, has received 246 linking root domains.
  71. 71. @dohertyjfEverything can be an asset today Our Distilled people page flips the person’s photo when you mouse over it. http://www.distilled.net/about/people/
  72. 72. @dohertyjfEverything can be an asset today Our Distilled 404 page went hot on Reddit in September and drove almost 100k visits to our site.
  73. 73. @dohertyjf Guess which day it was popular.
  74. 74. @dohertyjf The point is, everything can be linked to. Creating content that is unique and buzzworthy is the way forward, in every industry, online.
  75. 75. @dohertyjf Offsite factors (link acquisition)
  76. 76. @dohertyjfYou have to do outreachAnd usually, outreach is a combination of allcan the above.different forms. Sometimes Outreach of take many it is through emailing bloggers, sometimes it is PR, sometimes it is through interviews, sometimes it is through guest content.
  77. 77. @dohertyjfThe kinds of links you want The general rule of the links you want is: From reputable domains; In article is better than sitewide; Relevant text in the link back to your site; The harder the link is to acquire, the more valuable it is (harder to replicate, and from stronger domains) And usually, outreach is a combination of all of the above.
  78. 78. @dohertyjfThink of linkbuilding as branding too If you care about your company and your brand, you should think about where you want links placed. The best links are the ones that not only pass strength to your site, but also get you referral traffic and get you in front of your target audience. Think to yourself: where is your ideal link from? A good post on it: http://brandintellect.com.au/branding-vs-link-building/
  79. 79. @dohertyjfLinkbranding takes workI would rather have one link from Time.com than100 links put into the comments of websites by anautomated process.The Time link will get you:• A very strong link• Brand visibility• Referral traffic
  80. 80. @dohertyjfSpamming is riskyNot only is spamming comments and buying linksfrom sites becoming a less effective strategy, and it ismore expensive long-term than building high-qualitylinkable assets, it also puts you at risk for penaltiesfrom Google which can literally kill your searchengine visibility.Read about what happened to JCPenney in 2011.
  81. 81. @dohertyjfYou want to be proud of your brand, right?
  82. 82. @dohertyjf What does SEO get you?
  83. 83. @dohertyjf Inbound marketing has a lower cost per lead than outbound marketing http://www.hubspot.com/Portals/53/docs/resellers/reports/state_of_inbound_marketin g.pdf
  84. 84. @dohertyjf This is why companies are decreasing spend on outbound marketing, and spending more online.
  85. 85. @dohertyjf The more you invest in SEO, the better your leads and conversion rates are. http://www.marketingsherpa.com/2012SearchMBRSEOExcerpt.pdf
  86. 86. @dohertyjf Not to mention more traffic
  87. 87. @dohertyjf And ultimately more business
  88. 88. Thank You Questions?John DohertyDistilled NYChttp://www.distilled.net JOHN DOHERTY