Strategic Networking


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Women of Influence Conference, Ogden, Utah, April 5th, 2013
Co-Presenter: Mary Ann Holladay.

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  • Know your purpose (Mary Ann)Make yourself memorable (Mary Ann)Play to your strengths (Mary Ann)Manage your online reputation (Vicki)Choose the right communication approach (Mary Ann)Master communication skills (Vicki)Diversify your network (Mary Ann)Listen, listen, listen (Vicki)Make new friends, but keep the old (Vicki)Nothing ventured, nothing gained (Vicki)
  • Mary Ann: Know your purposeReflective questions:What are my objectives?What is the benefit of this networking opportunity?Is there a fit for me?Example: Alignment versus Dissonance: Give versus GetYou don’t HAVE to say YES to everything!Tips for networking success:When invited to join, assess the “cost/benefit ratio”Test drive before you buyIf you do say no, don’t burn bridges!
  • Mary Ann: Make yourself memorableExercise: Think of the last person you met who really stood out. What made them unique?Make yourself memorableHow can you differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack?Tips for networking success:Do something that will set you apartKeep every commitment that you makeRemember the little things about othersBeware of all take and no give!
  • Mary Ann: Play to your strengths . . . . But be aware of first impressions!Example: Diet Coke ManDo what comes naturallyTips for networking success:If you are shy, ask for a “job”If you are outgoing, how are you being received?Do what you are good at, butTest your comfort zone a bit!
  • Vicki: Manage your online reputation
  • Mary Ann: Strategically choose your methodWhen to call versus text versus e-mail versus visit in-person. . . What are your rules of thumb?Strategically choose your methodExample: The Power of a Handwritten NoteStrategically choose your methodTips for networking success:Timeliness trumps trying to decideMake course corrections when necessaryAlways respect people’s time
  • Vicki: Master communication skillsPlaceholder
  • Mary Ann: Diversify your networkBasic premise: We tend to like people who are like us. . .Look like usTalk like usThink like us. . . but diversity helps us to grow, learn and achieve!Diversify your networkExercise:Write down all of the networking organizations you are a part ofWhat does the big picture say about you?Diversify your networkTips for networking success:When choosing a new network, review the diversity of its membersAttend a meeting on your own, sit with people who you haven’t metMake a point of getting to know someone who isn’t “just like you”
  • Vicki: Listen, Listen, ListenPlaceholder
  • Vicki: Make new friends, but keep the oldPlaceholder
  • Vicki: Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  • Strategic Networking

    1. 1. Strategic Networking Skills for Women 10 Keys to SuccessPresented By: Mary Ann Holladay & Vicki Whiting, Ph.D.
    2. 2. Why Strategic Networking Matters Harvard Career Services reports that between 65 and 85% of all jobs are obtained through networking Learning is experiential, we learn from the experiences of others Women are behind the eight ball. We‟re not making progress – we‟re gaining in education, but not in earnings. Think about networking powerfully to gain ground You never know what the next contact will mean, what the next person will bring into your life
    3. 3. 10 Keys to Success Know your purpose  Master communication skills Make yourself memorable  Diversify your network Play to your strengths  Listen, listen, listen Manage your online  Make new friends, but reputation keep the old Choose the right  Nothing communication ventured, nothing approach gained
    4. 4. Know Your PurposeReflective questions: What are my objectives? Keeping it real: What is the benefit of this networking opportunity? Alignment vs. Dissonance Is there a fit for me? Give vs. Get You don‟t always have to say YESTips for Networking Success: When invited to join, assess the cost/benefit ratio Test drive before you buy Don‟t burn bridges
    5. 5. Efforts and courage are notenough without purpose and direction - John F. Kennedy
    6. 6. Make Yourself MemorableReflective questions: Who was the last person you met who really stood out? Keeping it real: What them unique? Do something that sets you apart Keep every commitment you makeTips for Networking Success: Give as well as take Make yourself memorable Differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack Remember details about others
    7. 7. ”In order to beirreplaceable, one must alwaysbe different.” - Coco Chanel
    8. 8. Play To Your StrengthsReflective questions: What are you best at? Keeping it real: What first impression do you make? Do what comes naturally What risks are you taking? Be aware of first impressions Example:Tips for Networking Success: Diet Coke Man Offer your talents and skills Leverage other‟s strengths to offset your weaknesses Be natural, authentic
    9. 9. What will peopleremember about you?
    10. 10. Manage Your Online ReputationReflective questions: What comes up when you Google yourself? Keeping it real: What do your social media accounts say about you? You have to give online love to get online love Are you in charge of your on-line activity, or does your on-line activity manage you? Emphasis has shifted to content, not merely presenceTips for Networking Success: Remember, everyone can Create a strong LinkedIn account learn about you on-line Think before you post Add content through all relevant social media channels
    11. 11. The Dangers of On-Line Mismanagement
    12. 12. Choose the Right Communication ApproachReflective questions: Call vs. text vs. e-mail vs. face-to-face Keeping it real: What are your rules of thumb? Strategically choose your method Example: The power of a hand-Tips for Networking Success: written note Timeliness trumps indecision Make course corrections Always respect people‟s time!
    13. 13. Master Communication SkillsReflective questions: How well are your thoughts organized? Keeping it real: How often do you leave a conversation and think about what you should have said? Remember, you can speak without saying a word How willing are you to open a conversation? Ask non-defensive questions (avoid „why‟)Tips for Networking Success: Let someone else be the expert sometimes (the Identify the right time and the right power of “I don‟t know”) place for an exchange Be courageous – Speak up! Practice what you will say
    14. 14. Diversify Your NetworkReflective questions: What does your network say about you? Keeping it real: Mirror image or panorama view? We like people who are like us We learn through our differencesTips for Networking Success: Jungle gym vs. ladder View your network as an investment portfolio Branch out at meetings Get to know someone different
    15. 15. Listen, Listen, ListenReflective questions: How much of a conversation do you control? Keeping it real: What perceptual biases do you have when engaging in a conversation? Don‟t match their story with one of your own Do you physically engage in dialogue? Listening makes others feel valuedTips for Networking Success: Listening has the power to Maintain eye contact save lives Ask clarifying questions Be aware of your perceptual biases Admit if this is a bad time for you to focus – and arrange a better time
    16. 16. The more I listen,The smarter I get – Benjamin Franklin
    17. 17. Make New Friends, But Keep the OldReflective questions: Who has been most influential in your Keeping it real: success? There is never a bad time to What new perspectives could you gain reach out to an old friend from meeting new people? New friends bring new perspectives What direction do you see your Don‟t overcommit to too interests and expertise heading? many relationshipsTips for Networking Success: Know the difference between an acquaintance and a mentor Reach out to past colleagues that truly stand out in your memory Bring new connections into your network
    18. 18. Nothing Ventured, Nothing GainedReflective questions: What‟s the worst that can happen? Keeping it real: Who would be a „stretch mentor‟ for you to reach out to? “You can‟t get anywhere unless you‟re willing to take a risk” dates back to What network is most beneficial for Chaucer (1374) your growth and development? Six degrees of separation, you know someone that knowsTips for Networking Success: someone Don‟t take it personally if the Leverage your connections response is less than favorable Connect for connection‟s sake Say „hi‟ first
    19. 19. Only those who risk going toofar can possibly find out how far they can go – TS Eliot