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Softskill 528

  1. 1. What is Communication? Communication is the process of sending and receiving information among people… Feedback receiver sender Encode Medium Decode SENDER RECEIVER
  2. 2. Why is communication important? Inspires confidence Builds respect in business and social life Helps make friends Develops a distinct personality Reveals your ability to others
  3. 3. WHAT MAKES A GOOD COMMUNICATOR? An Active Listener, An Effective Presenter, A Quick Thinker. A Win-Win Negotiator.
  4. 4. Most common ways to communicate
  5. 5. Communication Goals!!! To change behaviorTo get and give To get action Information To persuade To ensure understanding
  6. 6. A Good AlgorithmCommunication is a two way process!In order to have good communication: Listen to Understand Understand before speaking Speak to be understood Seek understanding before proceeding Repeat
  7. 7. Common Communication Errors: Finishing others’ sentences Preparing our response before someone has completed speaking Multitasking while ‘listening’ Filtering content or meaning based on the speaker Speaking for others (we…)
  8. 8. How can it be improved Recognition Pavlov study Not being judgmental Stop egocentric communication
  9. 9. Click
  10. 10. The Rule of24!
  11. 11. AGENDA Video The Rule of 24! defined Brainstorm Raceway game Ten ways Rule of 24! helps you Put the Rule of 24! to work
  12. 12. It’s about goingfrom this... …to this!
  13. 13. Work to adeadline. Make it 24 hours.
  14. 14. “Just having satisfiedcustomers isn’t goodenough anymore.If you really want aboomingbusiness, you haveto create RavingFans.” - Ken Blanchard
  15. 15. Brainstorm mrotsniar BIdentify the top 3 “time-stretchers” for your gap.Develop 1 clever way tocompress the gap.
  16. 16. Start your race Ten waysRule of 24! helps you
  17. 17. Raving Fans refer their friends.Yeeehaaawww!
  18. 18. Get itoffyourplate.
  19. 19. Test their resolve.A light at the end of the tunnel is good…
  20. 20. …and a shorttunnel is even better.
  21. 21. SuccessBreedsSuccess.
  22. 22. Work Life Balance. When you prioritize and control your calendar you get more done in less time. And your mind doesn’t take home lingering unfinished business. You can focus on what matters most – family.
  23. 23. Put theRule of 24! to work Plan every day in advance.
  24. 24. Apply the 80/20 rule to everything. Take it one oil barrel at a time.
  25. 25. Plan to do paperwork every day… Prospect a little bit every week. plan for emergencies
  26. 26. There will never be enough time to get everything done. “You be a winnerBut there will always be enough time to get the most important things done. if you’re
  27. 27. Be wary of“You can’t be a winner ifyou’re a whiner, wiener.”
  28. 28. Turn Silence your helps you e-mail focus.chime off.
  29. 29. Make iteasy tofocus.Clean offyour deskeverynight.
  30. 30. Get a nextstep.
  31. 31. Sell them the chain a link at a time.
  32. 32. Ask probingquestions.
  33. 33. Go pick it up!
  34. 34. Don’t chasesmoke!
  35. 35. Study credits…
  36. 36. …so you can approach Credit with confidence.
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  38. 38.  Non verbal language Face is the index of the mind and it clearly displays the persons interest Body language presents to the audience what we feel & think about the particular matter Ex: Nodding one’s head Body language (e.g, arms crossed, standing, sitting, relaxed) Emotion of the sender & receiver (e.g, speaking clearly, enthusiastic)
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  40. 40.  Presentation skills include planning, preparation & delivery of the message Making a formal speech is one form of presentation Presentation skills can be broadly categorized into physical oral, & electronic
  41. 41.  Success in life depends on presenting ideas in an appropriate manners Look at the eyes of audience & speak in a natural, conversational voice Appropriate voice will make the presentation effective and interesting Ask for feed back from your audience about your presentation & change accordingly In presentation especially, stop occasionally to ask the audience understand what you have said
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  43. 43. People of either gender, different age groups, qualification, status & skills work as a team with a common objective of accomplishing the task The success of any organization largely depends on in the coordinated efforts of its employees It mainly refers to the agreeableness & co- operation among the team members
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  45. 45.  Man is a social animal & his success in life largely depends on his relationship & interaction with others We must respect the views & sentiments of others. When we want to differ their views, we must very politely give hints to them without wondering their feelings
  46. 46. WHAT IS INTERPERSONAL SKILL? Effectively translating and conveying information. Being able to accurately interpret other peoples emotions. Being sensitive to other peoples feelings. Calmly arriving at resolutions to conflict. Avoiding gossip. Being polite
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  48. 48.  Professional ethics is the need of the hour in India When a person is at the work spot, he must think of his work only He must put his heart & soul into the work Each employee is a organic part of the organization & must strive to contribute his mite to the successful functioning of the organization