Serious Game Analysis: Depression Quest


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  • People without depression: Create a vivid illustration of depression to reduce stigma and help them understand what it’s like to live with depressionPeople with depression: Show them that they’re not alone, and that their difficulties are in fact symptoms of a real illness“The goal of this game is twofold: firstly, we want to illustrate as clearly as possible what depression is like, so that it may be better understood by people without depression. Hopefully this can be something to spread awareness and fight against the social stigma and misunderstandings that depression sufferers face. Secondly, our hope is that in presenting as real a simulation of depression as possible, other sufferers will come to know that they aren't alone, and hopefully derive some measure of comfort from that. ”
  • Gameplay (Describe the game core mechanics and player’s goals within the game. Succinctly but clearly convey what the game is like for fellow students.Use categories like those described in the Ouroborous or in Ferrara’s book. )Support with screen grabs, arrows, closeups
  • Serious Game Analysis: Depression Quest

    1. 1. Katie Dobruse March 27, 2013TC 830: Serious Game Analysis
    2. 2. • Budget: $500-$5,000• Team size: 3• Sponsoring organization: iFred (International Foundation for Research & Education on Depression) – Not clear whether iFred provided funding beforehand.
    3. 3. Audience/Serious Goals• People without depression: gain greater understanding and compassion for those with depression• People with depression: see that they’re not alone
    4. 4. Gameplay• Simple point-and-click interface• Several story tracks• Mimics depression’s ability to rob you of choice – Displays options it does not allow you to select• Deliberately feels increasingly monotonous• No clear immediate goal – Like depression, feels aimless Demo
    5. 5. “As soon as you think about the work that awaits you athome you can feel the panic creeping in from the back ofyour brain, unbidden. All you can think about is howincredibly far behind you are, and the amount of workseems nothing less than insurmountable.…You want to sit down and work but the mere thought oftrying to work sends your stress levels flying; more thananything you feel suddenly and absolutely exhausted, andfeel a strong desire to simply hide in bed.”
    6. 6. Choices (or lack thereof)“Do you...1. Order some food, grab a drink, and hunker down for a night ofwork.2. Reluctantly sit down at your desk and try and makeyourself do something3: Turn on the TV, telling yourself you just need a quick halfhour to unwind from work4: Crawl into bed. Youre so stressed and overwhelmed youcouldnt possibly accomplish anything anyways.”
    7. 7. “…your ever-increasing fear that your relationship is becoming one-sided weighs more and more heavily on you. You feel more than everlike a burden or a ward to her, and its virtually impossible for you tosee what value you could possibly offer to her in return…What do you do?1: You know despite the bad times, your girlfriend sincerely lovesyou. Relationships are a 2-way street, and you resolve to always bethere for her like she has been for you.2: Tell Alex how important she is to you and enjoy your evening.3: Ask Alex if shes happy with your relationship.4: Dont say anything; youre already worried about her beingupset with you.”
    8. 8. Stats
    9. 9. As much as you like the idea of trying to get work donetonight, the thought of the amount of catching up you have todo instantly freezes you up. The longer you stare at yourcomputer, the higher your stress levels rise, until youreon the verge of a full blown panic attack. Not evenwandering into the living room to try and watch TV relaxesyou. You soon succumb to the mental and physical exhaustionand crawl into bed, making a point to close your laptop beforeyou turn the light out. You lay in bed for some time feelingdisappointed in your own inability to be productive beforefinally passing out.You awake in the morning from a sleep that was far fromrestful. In fact, it seems impossible, but its as thoughyoure more tired than you were when you fell asleep lastnight.
    10. 10. Even though you love your family, you really feel likethey dont know you at all sometimes and this makesthem exhausting to be around on nights like this. Youwish you could tell them what you are feeling. Thatsometimes it feels like youre lost in the woods, andthat if you were to drop dead in your apartment theworld wouldnt notice. You want to make her understandthat more often than not, you feel like an alien, likethere isnt anywhere in this world that feels like aplace where you belong, and you have no idea how tofix it or what to do. You wish you could find the words sothey would understand you, but you end up feeling likean outsider instead.
    11. 11. Your entire apartment feels claustrophobic, as thoughyoure being choked by how isolated you feel, howtrapped you feel just being here with yourself. You cantstand to be here any longer, so you grab your coat andjust start walking. If you take a walk and get some air,maybe you can get away from the crushing feeling inyour chest.You walk for longer than anticipated, headphones on andblaring a favorite track. Before you know it, youvewalked over a mile. The entire time your thoughts dartfrom personal failure to personal failure, and youfeel like youre trying to get away from yourself.
    12. 12. As you were leaving work tonight, a group ofcoworkers asked if you wanted to join them fordrinks. Feeling antisocial and put on the spot,you declined. You have a habit of doing this -youre often so convinced that you are weirdand terrible and that any invitation to hang outwill end in disappointment for those inviting you.You never feel like you know how to act in groupoutings, and you feel like a total creep since itseems to come so naturally to anyone who isntyou. You find yourself petrified of breakingsome unknown social rule that you dont oftengo out.
    13. 13. Ouroboros Magic Circle of Serious Game Design FORMAL ENVIRONMENTALCOMPONENTS COMPONENTS Outcomes Rules (serious goals) Game World or Board Mechanics (Actions or Resources Procedures) System Premise or Dynamics Story Player-Player Interactions Characters PlayerGOALS Experience GAMING CONTEXT Designer’s Relation to Serious Goals Real Life Conflict or Pre-Game Challenge Context End State (Game During Game Outcomes) Context Player Goals Post-Game Copyright Carrie Heeter, 2013 Context
    14. 14. DISCOVERY LEARNING increasing your finding something understanding of or that wasnt known knowledge about before the real world FUN CARD FUN CARD LOVE PROBLEM IMMERSION SOLVINGstrong affection going into antoward, love, lust, or environment finding solutions tocaring for different from ones problematicsomebody (real or usual situations thatvirtual, human or environment by require thoughtalien or pet) physical means or by use of ones imagination FUN CARD FUN CARD FUN CARD
    15. 15. INTRINSIC CREDIBILITY CAPTOLOGY PROCEDURAL MOTIVATION Factors such as RHETORICPlaying or learning appearance, dress, To be persuasive, link to a real Carefully designbecause the content personal grooming, organization, system dynamics toor game is eye contact and highlight your convey yourinherently tone of voice can expertise, avoid learning content orinteresting to the influence the errors, look message embodiedplayer/learner credibility of a professional, be in the game. source (or NPC). organized, etc. THEORY CARD THEORY CARD THEORY CARD THEORY CARD ROLE TAKING ACCOMODATION PRESENCE INTERACTIVITY Players need toHaving players When new Factors such as understand whatexperience a information media richness, actions aresituation and somehow immersion and possible, and toperspective in the contradicts or interactivity can experiencegame can be conflicts with prior heighten the feeling immediate andeducational and knowledge, revising of presence in a expectedpersuasive. world view to fit the game. responsiveness new data when they take an action. THEORY CARD THEORY CARD THEORY CARD THEORY CARD
    16. 16. Gems• Credibility• Immersion
    17. 17. Anti-gems• Hard to target two such different audiences• Music is hit-or-miss