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Creating a Successful Transmedia Project


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Presentation to the San Francisco transmedia meetup group - Transmedia SF. Thanks to everyone who came out and for the passionate discussion afterwards. It was a huge pleasure!

Creating a Successful Transmedia Project

  1. 1. Transmedia SF San Francisco 25 June 2012 Robert PrattenCEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd @robpratten
  2. 2. Robert PrattenCEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd
  3. 3. Transmedia Storyteller Ltd“We power remarkable experiences”
  4. 4. transmedia production tool to deliver personalized,cross-platform experiences that drive conversation andengagement. Its cheaper, faster, scalable & manageable and theres no coding.
  5. 5. Storytelling with Conducttr Narrative Gaming Rewards Levels Collaboration CompetitionCharactersPlotEventsThings Social Networking Participation, Conversation
  6. 6. Story-in-the-Cloud Character’s live 24/7 in the cloud
  7. 7. Characters connect experience .. with online .. with mobile ..between episodes
  8. 8. Lowlifes 2.0
  9. 9. Lowlifes 2.0… whodunit• Characters: – reveal intrigue, clues, histories – have moods: sympathetic towards you or not – real-world time availability (coffee break, sleeping) – surprises – reversals & follow-ups• Personalized experience – via character behavior and… – help mode on or off – feedback on progress (e.g. “60% complete) – personalized calls-to-action/reminders based on position in story• Out-of-world communication from author integrated with in-world communications from characters• Measurable – how deep people play – time to respond – A/B testing to improve results• No cookies, plug-ins, apps or registration forms: played on email, Twitter and SMS• Entirely scripted, no AI and no coding
  10. 10. Metrics• Marketing budget = $0• Production budget = $500• Total Net Kindle Revenue (2011) = $1748• Total shipments on Kindle Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2011 = 972 (retail price at $2.94)• Number of people connecting to Lauren Ortega on email = 83 = 9% of total sales• Video views of Episode 1 (Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2011) = 4727
  11. 11. Sales vs Social Media (Lowlifes) Nb: “video views” used as simple proxy for trend of social media activity. Wasn’t the sole activity also included email, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  12. 12. Sales vs Social Media (Lowlifes) Tipping point
  13. 13. Empower advocates
  14. 14. “Big on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn”
  15. 15. Audience variables Email Contact Details Twitter Mobile Language? Community-level Groups Level? personalization Trait? Health? Individual –level Custom Fields Stamina? personalization Power NB: Custom Fields also available for other entities such as Characters and Touchpoints
  16. 16. Alien encounter readiness (SMS)TEST your readiness for alien encounters!Reply TEST to answer two questions that will revealmore about yourself than you knew! – Q1: You suffer an alien abduction but are returned to Earth. What do you do? Reply keep SECRET or GO PUBLIC – Q2: You find yourself impregnated with an an alien child. What do you do? Reply give BIRTH or KILL it. demo: txt (575)208-5005 alien test
  17. 17. Alien test results SECRET PUBLIC You are a PERFECT HOST for alien You are an EXHIBITIONIST whoBIRTH explorers. Your willingness to seeks celebrity in two solar keep an alien lovechild and tell systems. We are wary of you but nobody has been noted and will we may use you if it suits our be rewarded. cause. You are an EARTH WARRIOR - KILL You are a SILENT RECLUSE. You ready to make a stand against crave alien attention but are alien invasion and exploration. afraid to show your affection. You are not to be trusted.
  18. 18. Work inProgress…
  19. 19. Audience participation opportunities FEEL Companion Actor Moral dilemmas, Role-play, meaningful choices provide building blocks Outsider Observer Reflection, consideration Exploring, discovering THINK DO What will the audience do? How will they be engaged?
  20. 20. Participation for MskRD FEEL Companion Actor Psychophol The 22er Tarot experience experience Cards Outsider Observer Web Series THINK DO
  21. 21. Mask of the Red Death Story Real-world Online Web series Co-creation Gaming Psychophol experienceWastelander experience Real World Feature film Tarot CardsEvent: Festival Screening Mobile app DVD release
  22. 22. WORKFLOW: Mask of the Red DeathShort story Synopsis Transmedia Funding Write Feature Psychophol Write Strategy Approved Script Experience Psychophol Defined Story Director’s Wastelander Create Create Vision Experience Card Card Defined Mechanics Story Information flow Storyworld Write Wiki (Bible) Webseries Key Documents Story writing Experience
  23. 23. Project Structure Producer (Jonathan Sothcott) Transmedia Producer (Robert Pratten) Interactive Graphic Design & Branding Feature Script (Transmedia (Simon Cluett) Storyteller Ltd) (BTL Brands) Psychophol The 22ers Tarot Cards Web Series (Cassi) (Berta) (Tara) (Robert)
  24. 24. The 22ers
  25. 25. Mask of the Red
  26. 26. The End Robert Pratten @robpratten USA: +1 415 287 4150 Europe: +44 207 193 4567