2013 CHECET Pre course survey results


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2013 CHECET Pre course survey results

  1. 1. Pre course survey results CHECET 2013
  2. 2. Disciplines• Health (6)• Education (4)• Inf Technology (2)• Student learning (2)• Science (2)• Gender studies (1)
  3. 3. Biggest teaching challenges• Lack of time (4)• Students engagement (4)• Lack of infrastructure (3)• Keeping up to date (3)• Resistance in students and colleagues (2)• Big classes, funding, distributed students, reaching all students (1)
  4. 4. Biggest learning challenges• Academic literacy, study skills, underpreparedness, language (11)• Juggling demands of family/work/academic (5)• Access to resources / technology (5)• Engagement / motivation (1)
  5. 5. Access to technology
  6. 6. Confident users: MS Word, PowerPoint, social networking , skype, SMS Mixed: LMS, Twitter, social media, IM, mobile technologiesNot confident: webbased documents, wikis, blogging, social bookmarking,virtual worlds, cmaps, lecture capturing/podcasting, screencasting, digitalstorytelling, clickers, eportfolios, OERs
  7. 7. Previous use of technology• LMS 11 I have used Blackboard in my teaching. I convene a module where we use blended• Mobile phone 3 teaching. On Blackboard we use self assessments, discussions, assignments,• Google docs 2 quizzes, etc. Challenge has been to get students to participate in discussions• Web2.0/social networking 2 online.• Youtube videos 1 I started a FB page for my English• Clickers 1 for Journalism students in 2008. I liked that it was interactive but did not like that I could not• Podcasting 1 upload documents.
  8. 8. ExpectationsHaving a better understanding of what tools are available, having a betterunderstanding of how to use the tools. eg Im on twitter but would never Support!dream of tweeting anything because I dont know how. Im handicappedby anxiety and insecurities! To learn to use a few tools which I can effectively incorporate in my teaching practices. Less is more… Learning about the possibilities for use of technology to enhance my staff development work. Exposure to hands-on use of certain technologies and exposure to what people are doing with it. Hands-on experience of using technology in my own work. Hands on & sharing of experiences / show and tell
  9. 9. Interest• Concept and mindmapping (9)• Google Docs (8)• LMS, podcasting (7)• Blogs (6)• ePortfolios, mobile apps (5)• OER, mobile technology, DST (4)• PLE, presentation software, wikis, bookmarking, virtual worlds (3)
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