Professional studies 2


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Professional studies 2

  1. 1. Professional Learning Environm
  2. 2. Professional (Personal) Learning Networks Sherry Crofut
  3. 3. Creating an OnlinePersonal Learning NetworkDo you have too many websites to keep up with? Doyou want to stay connected with the latest research and educational blogs? Learn how to create your own Online Personal Learning Network through the use of RSS and more.
  4. 4. What is a PLN? "Personal Learning Environments are systems that help learners take control of and manage their own learning. This includes providing support for learners to •set their own learning goals •manage their learning; managing both content and process •communicate with others in the process of learning and thereby achieve learning goals. A PLE may be composed of one or more subsystems: As such it may be a desktop application, or composed of one or more web-based services."Personal Learning Network Professional Learning NetworkProfessional Learning Environment van Harmelen, Mark (August 2006). "Personal Learning Environments". Retrieved 2006-08-24.
  5. 5. Title
  6. 6. Stages of PLN Adoption• Stage 1 Immersion: – Immerse yourself into networks. – Create any and all networks you can find where there are people and ideas to connect to. – Collaboration and connections take off.
  7. 7. Stages of PLN Adoption• Stage 2 Evaluation: – Evaluate your networks and start to focus in on which networks you really want to focus your time on. – You begin feeling a sense of urgency and try to figure out a way to “Know it all.”
  8. 8. Stages of PLN Adoption• Stage 3 Know it all: – Find that you are spending many hours trying to learn everything you can. – Realize there is much you do not know and feel like you can’t disconnect. – This usually comes with spending every waking minutes trying to be connected to the point that you give up sleep and contact with others around you to be connected to your networks of knowledge.
  9. 9. Stages of PLN Adoption• Stage 4 Perspective: – Start to put your life into perspective. – Usually comes when you are forced to leave the network for awhile and spend time with family and friends who are not connected.
  10. 10. Stages of PLN Adoption• Stage 5 Balance: – Try and find that balance between learning and living. – Understanding that you can not know it all, and begin to understand that you can rely on your network to learn and store knowledge for you. – A sense of calm begins as you understand that you can learn when you need to learn and you do not need to know it all right now.
  11. 11. of data, information, of subject matter,knowledge technologies, how to learn
  12. 12. Social-oriented applications and professional networks - new opportunities for learners and educatorsW3C “Social Networks Interoperability Roadmap”Incubator Group (XG) Federated Interoperable Framework
  13. 13. Personal competence development objectivesCompetence development lifecyclein a learning network (accordingRogers)
  14. 14. Professional Network OrganizingLMS, Social network, Start page Development of Professional Learning Network
  15. 15. Professional Network OrganizingPLE as part of Personal Learning Network and ProfessionalLearning Network
  16. 16.
  17. 17. PLN Implementation Plan•Stage 1 Immersion: –Immerse yourself into networks. –Create any and all networks you can find where there are people and ideas to connect to. –Collaboration and connections take off. PLN Action Plan Steps 1. What Tools Will You Use? 2. Timeline 3. Resources 4. Potential Barriers
  18. 18. Tools• Discovery • Mind mapping Educator Network • Google Docs• PBS Teachers • Zoho Tools• Linked In • Collaborative File• • Podcasts Facebook Sharing• • Delicious • Ning Attend a Webinar• • Diigo • Google Tools Use Skype or• • Set up or join a blog ooVoo Twitter• • Set up or join a wiki • Join Second Life Plurk • Use Slideshare • You Tube or other video sites • Flickr or other photo sharing sites
  20. 20. Ning
  21. 21. Diigo Groups
  22. 22.
  23. 23. •Plurk is another micro-blogging website that allowsyou to form your own PLN (Professional/PersonalLearning Network) like Twitter•It is more conversational than Twitter because itallows conversations to stay threaded
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