Applying to graduate school
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Applying to graduate school



Overview of steps you need to take to apply to Graduate School. Presented by AmeriCorps Brewer team: Meg Fransee and August Spafford. May 10, 2013.

Overview of steps you need to take to apply to Graduate School. Presented by AmeriCorps Brewer team: Meg Fransee and August Spafford. May 10, 2013.



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Applying to graduate school Applying to graduate school Presentation Transcript

  • ActivityPartner up!Each person must talk about their feelings,aspirations, and hesitations about graduate schoolfor one minute straightMust maintain eye contactPerson listening cannot react (no laughing, gaspingor making any faces!)Person listening will repeat what their partner saidback to them.Then switch!
  • Why do people go to grad school? Greater earning power Advance your career Career change Enhance your education Get communityrecognition Get researchopportunities Upgrade your education Find teachingopportunities Profession of choicerequirements Work on advancedprojects Access to advancedequipment and tools Higher potential forfuture promotion Not being stuck behind adesk Employer incentives Because you want to Realization of interest
  • Job Security
  • Pay off is right away and grows over time
  • Why do people not go to graduate school?Highly competitiveRelationship strainsStressfulMight take 2–7 yearsof your lifeExtra cost ofeducationGraduating with alarge debtReturn on investmentmight be slowLimited jobopportunitiesUndesirable joblocalesToo qualifiedNo guarantee ofhigher salary
  • Convinced grad school is for you? Masters in Ed. (MEd) Masters in Social Work (MSW) Masters in BusinessAdministration (MBA) Masters in Public Health(MPH) Masters in Fine Arts (MFA Masters in Family Therapy(MFT) Juris Doctor (JD)Doctor of Medicine (MD)Master of Science inNursing (MSN)Doctor of Philosophy(PhD)Masters in PublicAdministration (MPA)Masters in Public Policy(MPP)
  • Components of an ApplicationTranscriptsGREs or other standardized testsLetters of RecommendationAdmission EssayInterview
  • TranscriptsWho are you as a student / work ethicTake into account difficulty of classes, schoolContact Registrar (2 week turnaround)School is considering: Your overall GPA Grades in your major subject area Grades in higher-level courses, particularly in last 2 years of school Patterns of improvement
  • Standardized Tests (GRE)Computer-based (paper-based is option)(overhauled in August 2011)1. Verbal section- 130-170, in 1-point increments ~30mins2. Quantitative section- 130-170, in 1-point increments ~35mins3. Analytical writing section- scale of 0-6, in half-pointincrements4. Issue task5. Argument task6. Experimental section
  • Scaled score percentilesScaled score Verbal Reasoning % Verbal Prior ScaleQuantitativeReasoning %Quantitative PriorScale170 99 760-800 99 800169 99 740-750 98 800168 98 720-730 96 800167 98 710 95 800166 97 700 94 800165 96 680-690 93 790164 94 660-670 91 790163 93 650 88 780162 90 630-640 87 770161 89 620 86 770160 86 600-610 84 760159 84 590 82 750158 79 570-580 79 740157 77 560 77 730156 72 540-550 74 720155 69 530 69 700-710154 64 510-520 67 690153 62 500 65 680152 56 480-490 61 660-670151 51 460-470 56 640-650150 48 450 53 630149 42 430-440 49 610-620148 40 420 44 590-600147 36 410 40 570-580146 31 390-400 36 550-560145 28 380 32 530-540144 26 370 26 500-520143 21 350-360 22 480-490142 18 340 19 460-470141 16 330 16 430-450140 13 320 12 400-420139 10 310 10 380-390138 8 300 7 350-370137 6 290 6 330-340136 5 280 4 300-320135 4 280 3 280-290134 3 270 2 260-270133 2 260 1 240-250132 1 250 1 220-230131 1 240 1 200-210130 1 200-230 1 200
  • Analytical Writing scoreWriting % Below6 995.5 965 874.5 724 483.5 293 112.5 42 11.5 11 10.5 1Have an awareness of thedegree to which your programmight emphasize theanalytical writing score
  • About the writing sectionMeasures the degree to which the test-taker,regardless of their field of study could understandthe task and easily respond to itThe task elicited the kind of complex thinking andpersuasive writing that university faculty considerimportant in graduate schoolThe response was VARIED in content and in the waythe writer developed their ideas
  • 1. As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, theability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree ordisagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the positionyou take. In developing and supporting your position, you shouldconsider ways in which the statement might or might not hold true andexplain how these considerations shape your position.2. A nation should require all of its students to study the same nationalcurriculum until they enter college.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree ordisagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for theposition you take. In developing and supporting your position, describespecific circumstances in which adopting the recommendation wouldor would not be advantageous and explain how these examples shapeyour position.
  • Letter of RecommendationsWho to ask?Faculty membersAdministratorsInternship/co-operative education supervisorsEmployers* Beware of the “star search” fallacy
  • The persons you ask to write yourrecommendation letters should
  • VS.VS.
  • Provide Information to letter writers
  • Personal StatementsYour opportunity to sell yourself in the application processTell a storyBe specific, have a sense of directionFind an angleConcentrate on your opening paragraphTell what you knowDont include some subjectsDo some research, if neededWrite well and correctlyAvoid clichésEdit, Edit, Edit
  • InterviewTHE INTERVIEW WILL PERMIT THE SCHOOL TO DETERMINE:1. If your personal attributes are as appealing as youracademic record (this goes, of course, for a studentwho is already academically acceptable), and if yourpersonal attributes will enable you to overcome anydeficiency that may appear;2. If your personal attributes will place you in theoverall acceptable range (if you are borderline);3. If you are considered to have some obviousacademic or physical deficiency, whether you havethe personal attributes to overcome the deficiency.
  • THE INTERVIEW WILL PERMIT YOU TO:1. Have an opportunity to sell yourself by projectingas favorable an image as possible, and thusovercoming any deficiencies in your record;2. Familiarize yourself with the campus, its facilities,and with the members of its student body;3. Obtain first hand answers to questions about theschool that may not yet have been answered.
  • What is the Interviewer Looking for? Communication skills: Can you express your ideas clearly and intelligently? Motivation: Do you have goals for yourself and do you seem interested inthe program? Maturity: Are you responsible enough to be successful in the field? Interests: What educational, social, and cultural interests do you have? Emotional Stability: Do you maintain composure under pressure? Intellectual potential: Have you demonstrated superior intellectualability?
  • Questions?
  • Useful Links/ Websites