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Informational interviews & networking


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Conducting Informational Interviews and Networking to Score Your Next Job.

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Informational interviews & networking

  2. 2. Why Informational Interviews? Job Posting is currently down. Job openings are actually up. Referral potential. Shortens the hiring process. Reduces the competition. Builds your circle of influence. Helps you stay employable long-term.
  4. 4. Three Steps to Land a JOB
  5. 5. STEP #1: RESEARCH
  6. 6. KNOW YOUR CONTACT! WHAT TO KNOW HOW TO FIND ITMajor Skill Sets Internet SearchWork History LINKEDINAccomplishments TwitterAssociations Ask Mutual Contacts
  7. 7. GO BEYOND THE SURFACE! Find 3-5 points that JUMP out at you! Make the connection with the person, NOT the company
  8. 8. STEP #2: Plan a Q & A
  9. 9. Be a Reporter! WHAT TO FIND OUT HOW TO ASK ITProfessional History How did you get into this industry?Expertise What is your specialty?Beliefs What do you think is most important to consider in this profession?Missing Pieces What challenges do you see and how should they be resolved?
  10. 10. EXAMPLE: “I see you have been in the social work industry for 20 years and have been employed at X, Y, and Z. Could you please tell me how you got into the industry and share with me the progression in your work history through today?”
  11. 11. EXAMPLE #2 “I see that in your 20 year history in social work there seems to be a theme. You’ve done a great deal of work with disenfranchised families from urban environments. Is that your specialty? If so, how did you develop that specialty?”
  12. 12. Be the ASPIRIN to their PAIN!
  13. 13. QUESTIONS?
  14. 14. The Person May Ask About You!“Tell me about yourself?”“Why are you doing this?”
  15. 15. Tell Your Story WELL! Keep it SHORT! WHAT TO SAY HOW TO SAY IT What do you love to do for I love to… companies What problems have you I believe… identified that you want to work on in the industry Why you feel it is important I think experts are important to talk with experts in the sources for me because… field
  16. 16. QUESTIONS?
  17. 17. STEP #3:Show YourProfessionalism
  18. 18. Look & Act in CHARGE!WHAT TO DO HOW TO DO ITDress the part Don’t be casual!Pay attention to body language! Eye contact, smile, hand shake, thank youOffer your expertise How can I help you?Ask for a referral Based on my goal to learn more, who do you think would be an exceptional person for me to interview?Request networking protocol How would you prefer I touch base with you to keep posted on my progress and share occasional info I come across?
  19. 19. RECAP:Research!Plan Out Your Q&A!Show Your Professionalism!