CES 2014 Review: 12 Principles & What Matters for Marketers


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What matters at CES? Wearables? 4K? 3D? Connected Devices? 3D P

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  • Not just connected devices, connected home, connected car, etc – everything is connected, sensors in everything
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  • CES 2014 Review: 12 Principles & What Matters for Marketers

    1. @CES 2014 the #wearable #connectable #printable future Bonus Inside: See the 12 Principles of CES! David Berkowitz Chief Marketing Officer, MRY david.berkowitz@mry.com @dberkowitz / @mry www.mry.com
    2. What you‟ll find inside • Overview of CES 2014 • The 12 Principles of CES • Parsing #CES buzz • Show highlights: – An endless catwalk of wearables – The Connectosphere – 3D printing – Beep beep, beep beep, yeah! – Gaming • What doesn‟t matter • Resources
    3. Overview of CES 2014
    4. “The new world order is complete collaboration, and CES is a great showcase for that.” - Carolyn Everson, Facebook
    5. We saw, learned, and experienced a lot at CES
    6. Want all our highlights? Check our collaborative Pinterest board
    7. Yes, it is also a 150,000 person party
    8. The speakers keep getting bigger
    9. Demo Day: 8 startups presented about beacons, 3D printing, mobile marketing, and more
    10. The Innovative-Applicable matrix assesses what is truly groundbreaking, and what matters to marketers Useful Applicable Breakthrough Underwhelming Exciting Innovative
    11. The 12 Principles of CES
    12. 1) Every device should be able to connect to other devices, and the cloud
    13. 2) Every surface can be a screen
    14. 3) Sensors are getting small and cheap enough that it will be cost effective to incorporate them into practically every kind of product and package within the next several years.
    15. 4) Your car can drive and park itself
    16. 5) Your car is another connected home
    17. 6) Your home and your car have operating systems
    18. 7) Your home and car operating systems will soon have app stores more robust than what you have today on your phone
    19. 8) Wearable technology will scale when the emphasis shifts from technology to fashion
    20. 9) 3D printing has expanded well beyond plastics to ceramics, metals, food, and even human organs
    21. 10) Within the next 5 years, 3D printers will be cheap enough that they expand from to the mass market, with the „toner‟ costing more than the printer
    22. 11) Within the next 5 years, mass market 3D printers will be able to print common household goods, of the same quality that consumers would expect from local stores
    23. 12) TVs will always get bigger and thinner. The quality of the screens will always outpace the content available. It‟s an arms race ad infinitum
    24. The 12 Principles of CES 1. Every device should be able to connect to other devices, and the cloud 2. Every surface can be a screen 3. Sensors are getting small and cheap enough that it will be cost effective to incorporate them into practically every kind of product and package within the next several years. 4. Your car can drive and park itself (and far better than you can drive and park it) 5. Your car is another connected home 6. Your home and your car have operating systems 7. Your home and car operating systems will soon sport app stores far more robust than what you have today on your phone 8. Wearable technology will scale when the emphasis shifts from technology to fashion 9. 3D printing has expanded well beyond plastics to ceramics, metals, food, and even human organs 10. Within the next 5 years, 3D printers will be cheap enough that they expand from the hobbyist market to the mass market, with people paying a nominal amount for the printer and more, over the course of its use, for the „toner‟ – whether plastics or other materials 11. Within the next 5 years, mass market 3D printers will be able to print common household goods, of the same quality that consumers would expect from local stores 12. TVs will always get bigger and thinner, with the picture more captivating. The quality of the screens will always outpace the content available to take advantage of that quality. It‟s an arms race ad infinitum
    25. Parsing #CES Buzz
    26. “Innovation is applied insight.” - Howard Lieberman, Silicon Alley Innovation Institute
    27. “Global scale powered by human insight is what wins in 2014.” - Michael Kassan, Media Link LLC
    28. Samsung tops 4K buzz, but Sony hogs CES limelight
    29. Parsing CES buzz: why did some trends pop? T-Mobile CEO who crashed AT&T party Looking ahead to February Ubiquitous presence there This wasn‟t even bigger? Overhyped Christopher Lloyd is back! Meet your overlords
    30. What‟s behind the buzz? Overhyped CES mainstay New & important Flubbed keynote
    31. WWE pummels PR competition
    32. It‟s not a show for the faint of heart
    33. Top posts shared are all about the cars
    34. An endless catwalk of wearables
    35. Reebok heads into wearable tech with a sports safety goal, alerting coaches about dangerous head hits
    36. Pebble Steel steals CES “It‟s telling that the most impressive wearable at CES for me was a mostly aesthetic iteration of an existing product. The Pebble Steel is the Pebble I always wanted to begin with.” - TechCrunch
    37. Fitbit has larger than life presence at CES as one of the most successful wearables to date
    38. Fitbit, mirroring Pebble, sees wearable tech as fashion, and partners with Tory Burch for accessories
    39. Can you guess which pair of glasses sports a digital screen and camera?
    40. Glasses through the ages: so many failed attempts that get closer to a vision of the future
    41. Sensors in baby clothing alert changes in breathing, temperature, and position
    42. Intel-backed Mimo Baby onesie hints to broader focus in better baby tracking
    43. Not up for a onesie? Owlet‟s Vitals Monitor is a souped up sock already on sale
    44. The Connectosphere where any device can connect to another, and to the cloud
    45. 2014: year of the connected doorbells and doorknobs
    46. Pets can have their fitness monitored too
    47. Mother and her Cookies cook up new uses for sensors
    48. Mommy Tech: 2050‟s just like 1950 “…CES takes the more antiquated, sexist view that co-parenting isn‟t actually a thing, and moms are, for the purposes of this show, positioned squarely in the kitchen with a baby monitor on the counter and a toddler with an iPad on the floor. Literally. The largest booth in the zone is a kitchen/dining room/laundry room, courtesy of Whirlpool.” - VentureBeat
    49. Smart sporting goods monitor and optimize your game
    50. Adaptable, easily programmable sensors can monitor your home (CubeSensors)
    51. Smart toothbrushes track brushing behavior and encourage you to beat your best „score‟
    52. Guardian Bear, Therapy Seal find more kid-friendly ways to collect vital signs
    53. 3D Printing
    54. 3D printing extends to chocolate
    55. 3Doodler: 3D printing meets the glue gun
    56. Makerbot announces new printers, and promotes its digital store to buy fun 3D printed goods
    57. Beep Beep, Beep Beep, Yeah
    58. Whatever the concept, the future of the car is connectivity
    59. CES concept cars do make it one of the hottest auto shows, and this carbon fiber car pic was the most shared shot of CES
    60. Audi spotlights a new car design with far-reaching headlights
    61. BMW touts hands-free driving
    62. Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai join Google in supporting Android-centric Open Automotive Alliance
    63. Intel Edison: computers keep shrinking, enabling next gen wearable, connectable devices
    64. Gaming
    65. It was a rough CES
    66. Anki Drive: humans control cars with iPhones, computers control cars with artificial intelligence
    67. Oculus Rift finally brings augmented reality past Disclosure level of immersiveness
    68. Sony touts its knockout hit with PS4
    69. Robot pals may soon have minds of their own (meet the WowWee MiP)
    70. Gesture, eye control attempt to further shake up gaming
    71. What doesn‟t matter
    72. What doesn‟t matter? At every CES, a lot of what gets the most buzz isn‟t that important for consumers or marketers. For instance, ever since high definition televisions debuted and became mass market devices, the next generations of 3D, OLED, and 4K TVs have failed to excite people to make upgrades in the same way, as gorgeous as those newer screens are. Here are a few examples of technologies, products, and announcements that got plenty of buzz but are evolutionary at best and won‟t change consumer behavior anytime soon.
    73. Not all change is revolutionary
    74. Airtame wins Engadget‟s Best Startup – though Google Chromecast has major leg up
    75. Everything is 4K! Okay, so screen resolutions keep improving. Maybe some people will look up from their tablets and smartphones long enough to notice.
    76. No, people won‟t be paying by having a cash register taking their pulse (though someone built the tech)
    77. Real TVs have curves. So they‟re harder to hang on the wall?
    78. 3D theater… we‟re all suckers for it
    79. Yahoo keynote announces ad platform, Tumblr integration. Weekend Update more newsworthy
    80. Blue Man Group? Arrested Development reference? I have no idea
    81. Resources
    82. Further reading • The Story of CES as Told by Tweeted Cries for Help (Digiday) • This is the Real CES (The Verge) - Engadget‟s Best of CES • Best of CES (VentureBeat) • Top 10 Trends of CES (VentureBeat) : • Why CES Lacked a Big Bang – (Ad Age, by David Berkowitz) • Keyhole Real-Time Trend Tracker for CES (Keyhole) • CES Still Matters but Shadow CES Matters Even More (Time) • Collaborative Pinterest Board Covering CES 2014
    83. THANK YOU David Berkowitz Chief Marketing Officer, MRY david.berkowitz@mry.com @dberkowitz / @mry www.mry.com www.marketersstudio.com