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Beyond Permission - Will Critchlow


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Will Critchlow presents Beyond Permission at ThoughtWorks Paradigm Shift Conference in Austin Texas, September 2014.

Published in: Marketing

Beyond Permission - Will Critchlow

  1. 1. BEYOND PERMISSION Will Critchlow @willcritchlow Distilled
  2. 2. I’m a MARKETER. I specialize in digital.
  3. 3. 3 BIG TRENDS
  4. 4. Your TV is just a SCREEN
  5. 5. There’s no such thing as MOBILE anymore
  6. 6. Robots are filtering EVERYTHING we see
  7. 7. Search and Social have driven CONTENT MARKETING But I’m going to show you why LOYALTY is key
  8. 8. THE FUTURE OF TV And the Golden Age of Digital
  9. 9. People love watching video
  10. 10. But the TV is just another screen – we can watch anything on it
  11. 11. And some of the online services are really popular
  12. 12. Viewers mainly get MORE CHOICE and more convenience
  13. 13. We are about to see the next great FLOOD OF MONEY to digital
  14. 14. And the future of TV advertising is not (necessarily) digital video advertising
  15. 15. And there is an open question of who will be the “AdWords” of brand advertising
  16. 16. It could be YouTube. It could be Facebook.
  17. 17. Whoever it is, we believe that the CREATIVE will be crucial
  18. 18. Tomorrow’s BIGGEST BRANDS will be built online
  19. 19. Last year may have been the year of the dot coms, but 2000 is set to be the year of the mobile. -, 2000
  20. 20. THINK BACK 10 YEARS
  21. 21. We did email on our phones 2003: the iconic blackberry was released
  22. 22. We had “broadband” Source: Ofcom and 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Average broadband speed 2003 2013 Mbps
  23. 23. The first version of skype was released
  24. 24. but YouTube was still 2 years away
  26. 26. The iPod revolutionised an industry Source: Business Insider
  27. 27. The iPhone makes it look slow Source: Business Insider
  28. 28. Then came the iPad Source: Business Insider
  29. 29. Wow! Android Source: Business Insider
  30. 30. …and it keeps going. Source: Business Insider
  31. 31. We need to look at the PC market to understand what’s really happening
  32. 32. Before I was born, systems I’ve never used ruled the earth Source: Business Insider
  33. 33. When I was young, we saw the rise and fall of Amiga, Atari, Commodore Source: Business Insider
  34. 34. Through school, university and early work, it was a two-horse race (being kind to Apple) Source: Business Insider
  35. 35. Now: Same old, same old Source: Business Insider
  36. 36. Unless you add in iPad and Android Source: Business Insider
  37. 37. 2500 0 Global install base (m) 2000 2014 2000 1500 1000 500 Source: Gartner, a16z Corporate PCs Consumer PCs iOS & Android
  38. 38. Mobile devices get more like PCs PCs get more like mobile devices FASTER BETTER BROWSING EASIER PURCHASES TOUCH APP STORES INSTANT ON
  39. 39. We have seamless, sync’ed access everywhere Already: Dropbox, Evernote, Google Apps / Android, iCloud, Instapaper, Kindle whispersync
  40. 40. We don’t use mobile devices just because we have to Via Think Insights
  41. 41. So this all means more control? Who watches commercials if you can avoid them?
  42. 42. For a while, RSS was the answer
  43. 43. The robots are here
  44. 44. We’re used to spam filters
  45. 45. But we may have not realized how many there are
  46. 46. Priority inbox and Edgerank hide things we don’t interact with Not everything gets here… …or here Even when we’ve asked for it
  47. 47. Personalization is a form of filtering
  48. 48. Old query model london tube stations explicit query
  49. 49. New query model london tube stations explicit query iPhone user, on street in London implicit query
  50. 50. Query = Explicit Query + Implicit Query
  51. 51. TIME TOTAL SIGNAL INFORMATION Explicit Signal Query Scale
  52. 52. TIME TOTAL SIGNAL INFORMATION Explicit Signal Implicit Signal Query Scale
  53. 53. TIME TOTAL SIGNAL INFORMATION Explicit Signal Implicit Signal Query Scale
  54. 54. TIME TOTAL SIGNAL INFORMATION Explicit Signal Implicit Signal Query Scale
  55. 55. TIME TOTAL SIGNAL INFORMATION Explicit Signal Implicit Signal Query Scale
  56. 56. All this means that PERMISSION MARKETING is no longer enough
  57. 57. Your new goal is LOYALTY.
  58. 58. You need to be so in demand that we INSIST that our robots show us your content and that we share it onto our networks.
  59. 59. This is why brands are investing in content Check out our report:
  60. 60. If you want to know more: Mark Suster - @msuster Benedict Evans - @benedictevans Or check out Creative Calling The Time for Content Marketing is Now Mark Suster via Techcrunch, Benedict Evans via ITU Pictures
  61. 61. BEYOND PERMISSION Will Critchlow @willcritchlow Distilled