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Fallon Brainfood: CES 2011 Rewind


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CES Rewind

Fallon Creative Technologist Jacob Abernathy presents 10 trends you and your brands need to know about the gadgets revealed at this year's Consumer Electronic Show – ground zero for the future of consumer electronics and technology!

Jacob will put perspective on everything you missed in an engaging multimedia demonstration that details trends ranging from the rise of tablet computing, and gaming everywhere, to the explosion of car technologies powering our everyday driving.

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Fallon Brainfood: CES 2011 Rewind

  1. 1. Brainfood: CES RewindFuture Forecasting and ForeshadowingFebruary 10, 2011
  2. 2. Fallon Brainfood—trends, ideas, opportunities, andthought leadership for our brands.Brainfood is our all-agency food-for-thought.Where we’ve been in recent years:Being Digital // Virtuality // Design For All // China Rising //The Social 10 // Fall0nylitics // Mobile 10 // Overheard:Wiretapping the Social Web for Insights and Strategies // and moreUpcoming:TV 2.0 // Coupons 2.0 // Strategy for Web Video // ModernLuxury // How to Build Apps // UX and YouMissed previous Brainfoods?Go to
  3. 3. Presenter Jacob Abernathy, Creative Technologist
  4. 4. Applying CES Technology•  What is CES and why is it relevant?•  Top trends and technologies•  How the trends affect Fallon•  Opportunities for our clients•  Application of creative technologies to our communications ideas and client thinking
  5. 5. ”Consumer electronics are a harbingerof emerging media experiences and offer insight into evolving consumption habits.” Media Daily News
  6. 6. Courtesy of Jacob Abernathy & Beth Freedman
  7. 7. Also, something to expect in the future…
  8. 8. WTF is CES?“Consumer Electronics Show”International conference44 years old and in Sin City for 33 yearsA week of never-before-seen technology140,000+ nerds, analysts, and sales repsWhat debuts at CES today is tomorrow’s “normal.”
  9. 9. What I discovered at CES was an overload.Digital Audio Home Entertainment Headphones Med Tech Android Autos Augmented Reality Near Field Robots WiFi Hotspots Lady Gaga OS DIN radio Geo-Location Social Integration Bluetooth AV Touch + Gesture Sandy Bridge 92” TV Connected Objects Universal Remotes HD RFIDRemote-Controlled eBooks Nav System Smartphones Gaming Open Source Concepts Cheap Tech Displays Motion ARM Chips Charge Pads iPad AccessoriesBoxee 3D VOIP Tablets 4G Startups Touch + Gesture
  10. 10. But, what’s most important?1. Tablets2. Touch + Gesture3. Smart TVs4. Genius Phones5. Internet of Things6. Autobots7. Everything is a Game8. Powered by People
  11. 11. 1. The Year of the Tablets! Over 80 new tablets introduced. Still a fad?
  12. 12. Tablet is a new normal.The Skinny… Over 80 tablets introduced A new normal—fast approaching the “two iPad home” Brand-new UI and OS for tablet and touch [VIDEO]
  13. 13. What Tablets means for Fallon and our brandsValidation of the Fourth Screen Beyond sight, sound, motion More and better content generation New efforts in mobile ad units Lots of media attention for pioneersYet, another new communications channel (Doh!) Deepening complexity of “mobile” to master. TV content moves onto the tablet. Any apps and websites need to be uniform
  14. 14. 2. Touch My Gesture Minority Report based on true events
  15. 15. Touch is cool, but Gesture is better.Touch New technologies, intelligent, and connected The beta years are over.Gesture Kinect changed everything. Experimental stages. Working with 3D. Implications for gaming.
  16. 16. Surface 2.0 Source: Razorfish + Microsoft Media Labs
  17. 17. Touch is cool, but Gesture is better.Touch New technologies, intelligent, and connected The beta years are over.Gesture Kinect changed everything. Experimental stages. Working with 3D. Implications for gaming.
  18. 18. Kinect Changes EverythingMotion Capture, Voice Recognition, Sentiment Analysis
  19. 19. [Kinect video here]
  20. 20. What Touch+Gesture mean for Fallon and our brandsA whole new experience. Retail, CRM, Interactive, OOH Beyond sight, sound, and motion Lots of media attention to the first brandsDepth of possibility as well as complexity. Deepening complexity of interfaces and UX Strategy and insights first
  21. 21. “Online shopping is surpassing in-store shopping for many customers, offering additional benefits likeconvenience, price comparison, customer reviews and, more recently, social shopping.” Bob Greenberg Chairman, CEO of R/GA Source: Adweek Media
  22. 22. Retail Is Saved. Source: Creativity-Online
  23. 23. 3. Smartass TVsApps and Internet are standard.
  24. 24. A Smart TV in every home.Web TV Round 2 or 3. I lost count. TV companies look to cater to the consumer. Transitional phase. Apps now for your TV. TV’s third dimension is social.Some new territory. Models are shifting. Plenty of experiments. Source:
  25. 25. What Smart TVs mean for Fallon and our brandsGrowth of opportunity with your brand story. Prepare a fluid story between devices. Glory goes to those who get there first. Reboot the classic TV spot. Leverage the social dimension.Caveat your Brand. Insights come first.
  26. 26. 4. Genius PhonesThe new dual-core processor smartphones with 4G will replace your desktop PC.
  27. 27. Smartphones on steroids.Mobile stepped up its game (nerd-speak). Dual-core processors Advanced graphics Designed for 4G connectivity New operating systemsTrendy. Mobile Data Consumption is way up. Do-it-all devices Video content will be commonplace.
  28. 28. What Genius Phones means for Fallon and our brandsHighly Capable. Will run much heavier applications. Don’t limit your ideas for these phones. One phone, two experiences. 4G, video content rules the waves. Robust mobile ad units will be born Mobile Brief: Nothing else will connect/drive action.
  29. 29. 5. Things That Talk To Things Your refrigerator is a new Wi-Fi hotspot and your laundry just texted you.
  30. 30. The Internet of Things—connected objectsEverything is a computer. Everything is connected. The Internet of Things. Everything talks. Household products will change. Hardware enabled with e-mail, Internet, social, etc. “Smart Grid”
  31. 31. Appliances that talk to each other. Reference: “Brave Little Toaster” – Jacob’s favorite movie at age 6.
  32. 32. What The Internet of Things means for Fallon and our brandsAlmost limitless possibilities. Everything talks…new marketing channels? Not just at home—ubiquitous. Demands new skill set on our creativity.Efficient but obnoxious. Clutter. Where do you fit now?
  33. 33. 6. AutobotsIntuitive, Connected, and Adaptive
  34. 34. Future of Tech for CarsHighly Connected, Intuitive, and Adaptive Not just aesthetics. User consideration. Apps: Never leave home without them. Mainstreaming electric cars. Future concepts (distant future). The Nav System, re-imagined.
  35. 35. What Autobots means for Fallon and our brandsThe car can think and talk, now what? New communications channel. Agency shift to consultant. Deeper knowledge of brand’s product. Fluid transition from device to car.CAUTION: Distracted driving is a menace of our times. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
  36. 36. 7. Everything Is a Game.You’re getting points just for reading this.
  37. 37. Gamepocalypse (borrowed from Jesse Schell)There’s something to this gaming model: Games that reflect reality, and vice versa Human truths within game theory. Gaming beyond the console Adds a mental incentive (stuff is addictive). Opportunity to make fun, sticky experiences Gaming seeps into everything.
  38. 38. Razor Switchblade
  39. 39. Avatar Kinect
  40. 40. Zamzee
  41. 41. Epic Win
  42. 42. What Everything is a Game meansfor Fallon and our brandsGames are all around us. Learn your game theory. Consider what’s important in games. As games seep into everything, money can be had.Not every brand fits, but most will. When it stops being fun and starts getting annoying. You’re creating an experience that speaks to a human truth.
  43. 43. 8. Powered by PeopleTechnologies for people, not vice versa.
  44. 44. “What new technology does is create newopportunities to do a job that customers want done.” Tim O’Reilly-writer, activist, futurist, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media
  45. 45. Macro theme of CES 2011: Technology is bringingpeople together.Social is powernth for brands.More things connecting people.People want to connect, and savvy tech gets this.Infinite data. About people’s needs.
  46. 46. COPIA, recognizes that reading is enhanced by theparticipation of other people.
  47. 47. Panasonic Viera Connect recognizes that peopleenhance the show.
  48. 48. Intel + JESS3 offered the best CES sponsorshiptchotchke: a tool that connects attendees.…
  49. 49. What Social Integration means for Fallon and ourbrandsHarness, Listen, and Enable. Harness the crowd. Listen to the crowd. Offer new value. Enabling people pays big.
  50. 50. “We shape our tools, and afterwards our tools shape us.” Marshall McLuhan
  51. 51. So, now what?Shift your process.Embrace technology.Experiment.Get mobile.Where the people go, we go.Connect people.“Digital by nature.”
  52. 52. “It is the people who figure out how to work simply inthe present, rather than the people who mastered thecomplexities of the past, who get to say what happens in the future.” Clay Shirky
  53. 53. Discussion.
  54. 54. Lets continue the conversation. This and other Fallon Brainfood presentations may be found at #CESREWIND @Jacob_Abernathy