Paths of Progress


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A new paradigm for sustainable development with critical questions

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Paths of Progress

  1. 1. Paths of Progress A Holistic Approach V V V V
  2. 2. Basics In Pakistan, money is prime essential for quality education and development projects. In West, fund mobilization is no problem. Several projects can be executed if finance is easily available to people. We have to develop a culture of financing projects and ideas in the country. • Insurance Companies • EOBI • BISP • Al Akhuwat • Chambers of Commerce and Industry • SMEDA • Poverty Eradication Initiative • DAI • JICA • USAID Key Players
  3. 3. In Pakistan, every year more than 100 thousand persons perform Hajj and Umra. Some persons have performed 5 pilgrims to Saudi Arabia. There is one motorbike in every street of major and small cities of Pakistan. Foreign remittances come from Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA and UK to Pakistan. Telecom operators have earned profits in last 5 years. Finance Potential LinkedIn is online job bureau. Pakistan Job Bureau must be established in Islamabad with regional offices in provincial capitals for providing sustainable jobs to graduates and non-graduates. PJB will help evaluate effectiveness of higher education being imparted in the country. Pakistan Job Bureau 1
  4. 4. PSE can help in capital formation and job opportunities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 2 Peshawar Stock Exchange UNESCO is still committed to establish a university at historic site in Taxila but no Pakistani is interested to undertake the prestigious project. Takschschilla University 3
  5. 5. This tourist attraction project can be developed in Swat, Kalar Kahar or Muzaffarabad. Revolving Restaurant It is a film project that can bag US$25 million if properly marketed and managed by showbiz industry of Pakistan. Film: The Market 54
  6. 6. Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority must take one project from already five mentioned projects in this presentation. SMEDA Fund Prof. Zahid Pervez Butt must finance “Revolving Restaurant” project in Rawalakot or Muzaffarabad. ZBK Trust
  7. 7. Wasim Akram must establish a trust for financing projects in education and health sectors in Punjab or Baluchistan. Wasim Akram Trust Shahid Afridi must establish a trust for financing projects in education, sports and health sectors in FATA or Mansehra. Sports management enterprises can increase GDP substantially. Shahid Afridi Trust
  8. 8. Q: How to motivate Wasim Akram and Shahid Afridi for societal responsibility? A: Use social media especially Causes and SlideShare Q: Is our education policy market oriented? A: Advertising services exports of Pakistan is negligible in global economy. Effectiveness will be measured by Pakistan Job Bureau. Q: Is this new development paradigm for Pakistan? A: Yes. We should start from Employment instead of Education. What to speak of crimes, look at suicide incidents in Pakistan in last 5 years. Discussion Expert Member, CDKN Economic Advisor shortlisted, British High Commission Islamabad Member, Harvard Business Review Member, Pakistan Society of Criminology Feedback: Sajid Imtiaz