Film: Truth


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A basketball woman player searches an ideal man to marry and amidst difficulties finds one.

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Film: Truth

  1. 1. Film: Truth Plot: A tall basketball player searches an ideal man to marry and at last finds one.
  2. 2. Scene-1 Mila, 35 years of age is a basket ball player in Japan. She is reading a latest copy of Sporting News. Her fans and family want her marriage but she looks for an ideal husband. You should marry in 2015, she says in front of mirror. Daytime Indoor Tokyo Persona Mila
  3. 3. Scene-2 Mila discusses her problem with a close friend, Soria. They discuss about an ideal life partner. Mila tells Soria that future-husband should be handsome, educated and famous. What about height?, Soria jokingly asks. Mila doesn’t answer. It would be very difficult to find such a man in whole Japan, Soria replies. You know I already know a man, Yong, but I want to choose a life partner with your help, Mila says. You don’t worry, I will try my level best to look for you some good men, Soria says. They enjoy tea at the café. Daytime Outdoor Tokyo Persona Soria
  4. 4. Scene-3 After some days, Soria shows her two profiles of persons. Mila selects Jung, a 40 year handsome university assistant professor of humanities. Students call him Dr. Love, Soria informs. She requests Soria to arrange a meeting but media should not get the news. Daytime Indoor Tokyo Persona
  5. 5. Scene-4 Mila in her bed room watching television. She watches that Jung is leading a students’ rally on anti-radiation in Japan. She takes out photo of Yong from a book and burns it. Mila kisses photo of Jung and whispers my love. Daytime Tokyo Persona
  6. 6. Scene-5 Three of them meet in a hotel in Osaka. Soria leaves the room so that Mila and Jung could know each other. Jung is a lovely fellow. When he meets a famous basketball player, Mila, he becomes overjoyed and finds her a perfect match. Jung remains formal and lets Mila ask more questions. Mila feels happy that Jung has got Ph.D. degree from the Cornell University. I am pleased to know your social activities, Mila says. Soria knocks and enters into the room. Who is going to pay the bill of my lunch?, Soria jokingly asks. Both spontaneously say, I. Daytime Outdoor Osaka Persona Jung
  7. 7. Scene-6 At the beach, Jung meets with his friend, Kwong, and informs him about his decision to marry. Is she tall and beautiful, Kwong inquires. Yes, very charming like Zeta, Jung replies. Is she from New York? Nope, she is from Osaka, Jung replies. Both enjoy good time in sporty dress. One passer-by greets Jung. What is her name? Jung does not disclose. Let’s go back home. I have to prepare two lectures for tomorrow, Jung says. Daytime Outdoor Osaka Persona Kwong
  8. 8. Scene-7 After some days in meeting, Jung informs Mila that he has 31 teeth. Mila becomes a little bit upset. She inquires about the missing tooth. He says, I donated one tooth to my friend, Kwong. She hastily inquires, are you gay? Jung says, nope. I want to tell you everything about me. Mila feels happy about openness and honesty of Jung. They enjoy coffee and leave. Daytime Outdoor Osaka Persona
  9. 9. Scene-8 At home, Mila discusses about the missing tooth with Soria. She inquires, will our children be normal? You are an educated woman. One missing tooth is not a big problem in matrimony, Soria replies. You know that my grandmother was very touchy about teeth, Mila says. But time has changed. You should marry with Jung, Soria replies. Daytime Tokyo Persona
  10. 10. Scene-9/10 Mila in night costume is sleeping and sees a dream. She sees that it is raining but no single rain drop touches Jung. His face is as bright as an angel. A beautiful fairy is flying over the head of Jung. She wakes up and drinks half glass of water. She assures herself that it is a good dream and tries to sleep. Nighttime Tokyo Persona
  11. 11. Scene-11 In a basketball match in Tokyo University, Mila scores 31 points and her team wins. Soria and Jung also watch the exciting match. They congratulate her on best performance. Jung offers them for dinner. Come to my home to night, Mila suggests. They depart from the parking lot in different cars. Daytime Indoor Tokyo Persona
  12. 12. Scene-12 Dr. Love buys a perfume “Bench”, mobile set and red French wine for Mila from a super market. Jung is greeted by Soria at the door. They enjoy the supper. In music who do you like most, Mila inquires from Jung. I like Shakira, Jung replies. On one track of Celine Dion, they dance. Soria is happy that Mila is going to marry soon. Daytime Indoor Osaka Persona
  13. 13. Scene-13 In next meeting, Mila discloses her dream to Jung. It’s a good dream and that beautiful fairy is you. Mila smiles. They get drawn their photo by Canon camera. What do you like most?, Jung asks. Silence and cleanliness, Mila replies. I want to marry with you. Mila accepts his proposal. Daytime Indoor Tokyo Persona
  14. 14. Scene-14 Jung arranges wedding in the university campus and buys a diamond ring for her. Their marriage is attended by media, players, staff and students. Bundle of gifts they gather. Soria wishes them. Daytime Outdoor Tokyo Persona
  15. 15. Scene-15 In spring morning at a beach resort, Mila is reading latest copy of Sporting News while Jung is exercising. You are truly fabulous, Mila says. Jung replies, now people call me in the world, Dr. Great Love. Mila cheerfully laughs. Daytime Osaka Persona
  16. 16. Key Credits Sajid Imtiaz: Communications Expert CDKN, Member Pakistan Society of Criminology, Economic Advisor shortlisted, British High Commission Islamabad Visuals: Google Feedback: Note: Purpose of this film-script is not to defame any person or organization. In fact, writer is committed to donate 5% income from produced-film for establishment of Takschschilla University. Characters Mila: Basketball Player Soria: Psychologist Jung: Peace Activist Kwong: College Teacher Characters can be changed. Proposed cast especially Timothy Dalton and Anne Watanbabe are requested to produce the film.