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Meritocracy and LinkedIn


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LinkedIn is more than a global digital platform.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Meritocracy and LinkedIn

  1. 1. Meritocracy & LinkedIn Merit has been appreciated throughout history in games, business and politics. Developing countries are facing several problems including nepotism and quota. Meritocracy is a solution for competitiveness and development. Human resource management is a specialized job. Future- forward organizations remain busy in finding right persons for the right jobs. Countries are being categorized skills and services wise. For laypersons LinkedIn is a global digital media. But in fact it is a human resource management consultancy platform evaluating skills of individuals and referring them to right jobs in corporate and development sectors. It advises its members to mention all skills for professional reputation. Besides referring members to professional groups, LinkedIn helps its premium members finding jobs. For that reasons, members of LinkedIn are steadily increasing worldwide. LinkedIn firmly believes and practices merit. Human smuggling will be a matter of history. UN member countries will be objectively categorized to avoid recession and balanced international trade growth. Government of Pakistan, Pakistan Sports Board and job bureaus in developing countries must utilize expertise of LinkedIn. For meritocracy and innovation excellence, companies or organizations can develop better HRM software. Sajid Imtiaz: Creative Director, Xnine Communication