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Edward Noonan Ney


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Visionary Adman and Inspiring Diplomat

Edward Noonan Ney

  1. 1. Edward Noonan Ney
  2. 2. Ace Adman In 1951, Edward joined Young & Rubicam, agency of WPP. From Account Manager he eventually became Emeritus Chairman. He took monumental decisions of acquiring advertising agencies and carved “Whole Egg” Strategy. Communication Expert Edward was ace mass communication expert and always advocated for integrated communication approach for every client, big or small.
  3. 3. Visionary Businessman Edward Ney also served on Boards of Directors of Mattel and Power Corporation of Canada. He helped these companies to grow in time of turmoil. Ace Ambassador Edward also served as U.S. Ambassador to Canada from 1989 to 1992 and helped expanding US- Canada Free Trade Agreement to Mexico. He is loved by corporate sector of Canada.
  4. 4. Golden Teachings • Customer comes first in every business. • Always keep sharing ideas with colleagues and clients. • People feel happier when their names are properly pronounced. Further Reading More information can be studied on Edward Noonan Ney at – Wikipedia – Young & Rubicam – SlideShare Sajid Imtiaz: Communications Expert CDKN, Chief Editor Daily 10 Minutes