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Choose whichcenters will provide the order which                    you          and        inchildren       willparticipa...
a l a t a a a a a a a a a a a a a         a a                                       a                                     ...
Lesson                                                                                                                    ...
:;:.1i:.;::.                                                                                                              ...
l        "            to obey After had                  God. he visited, Timothy come to Paul tellhim thebelievers were  ...
Lesson                                                                                                                ;ffi...
..".-                  ,.:,- -,;;#t;                                                  ,,".,.:..,.,   ..-..-"qi***{        ...
f*lt                 t:*aifr:I4.I7: EoIIect dKBible,  2 Pattern (p.70),                Lesson      Page        crayonsmark...
2                                                                                                                        L...
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Lesson 2a


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Lesson 2a

  1. 1. 1is tlj{# ." qq -- :f! %*eSSwfE*t fffIeacners Devotional hk,eeSdil*u - t: :_ 1d :t:: ":"rh;rt*f i:1,tr Formost us, of "teaching" to mind calls plans, lesson :n*PT1 :h:gX,+F4*.Z.i storyideas tips regaining attention and for kids or *;r;*rAl4r; "?*.*2 keeping However, things truly order. such are secondaryl ,a{r&ftaq l:i?.x.+i Paulinstructed in 1Corinthians11:1, myexam- us "Follow laip,;,r:+*0, ple, I follow exampleChrist." allour as the of For tricks, $::uU#+q,t ,,:;i, tips talk, first istoshow, and our iob rather tell, than,:,f; what means live afollowerJesus! it to as of,ii,1W, By beinghonest, and kind transparent children, with tffi weallow to know trust Our them and us. smiles, our,rttli,ilNi and gracious hugs our reactions tosurprisingsitua- tions more will effectively them teach what means it.$il1l# to love obey than curriculum and God any oractivity. w Aschildren withus, willimitate char- identify they our IW acter, and (even beliefs values wrong ones!). Actions,fill explained bywords thecore teaching it is of what ,$.tl means follow Christ. to Jesus fi!i ti{ 0urexample also childrenknow will lead to firsthand rlllll liillr that Gods family and lives works togethersympathy intil!l andharmony instead in thecompetition, andbitternesscommonly around When of fear so found us. we:tl],ii. give genuine thatshows a smile glad were to see child, a when converse a child eye we with at Itilil level give kind or a touch theshoulder, build foundation thekind relationship on we a for of that arl!lrl shows child it means follow a what to Encouragingchildren your Christ. the in to class build a trNl$ a relationship a safe, with friendly should thehallmark caring, adult be I , aitidetw of yourchildrens ministry, it isthefoundation themost for for . O) t . Q;f&w 1fl,i#$ powerful oflifetime kind learning-teaching Word Gods in a a t;*#m f,ffif I;tii real,practical that child truly ways a can understand! , O a aLii!i -qqi,o&ti$ :l..,4#ddej#ir4{: btrgpu iilj,;(:f;:,ili!:;;:1,;:#,sfa-ti# {fa4,ie#,ry:
  2. 2. Choose whichcenters will provide the order which you and inchildren willparticipate them(see 14-18 in pp. forschedule and tip EameCenter for in older youngerpp.24-25 guidelinescombining and childrcn).Alsoplan will leadeach who (forstaffing seepp.1$21). center tips Younger option 0bey Child *r directions ona tohop the planningUse rcproducible (p.238) rccord plans. sheet to your grid call letters hisorher and out of name then and talk about toshow and ways love obedience toGod ,fr MaterialsBible, masking tape 0lderChild0ption*r Repeat of1Timothy words 4:12 while over noodle rope discuss iumping swim or and ways BIbIe Story Center toobey verse everyday this in life MaterialsBible, swim #r two noodles together taped Bible . Story TimothyaLeader Acts *rF ls 16:1-5; tomake long one noodlea6{ootor (1.8-m) of section 1Timothy 2Timothy 4:12; 1.3-7;3:14-17 rope around tied ashoe Younger Option Move Child rK craft ortongue stick puppets depressor toshow action story 0lderChild Option Write draw way #p or a tochoosebeanexample, to and Worshlp Center receive pen pencil asouvenir or For Younger Older the and Child Participate dk inlarge-group toreview verse toworship together activities Bible and God MaterialsBibles, Music and eYr Theme CD player, song (pp. charts 246,254,two paper, lengths butcher of ruler, marker, three four or stuffed (theme-park if possible) animals related, orothernonbreakable park theme souvenirs Art Center Younger 0ption Make Child alk paper-bag puppets use to talkabout and them showing others tolove obey ways and GodMaterials Bible, aYr Lesson 2 Pattern (p.70), Page scissors, ormarkers, crayons glue, Coloring/Pazzle Center paperlunch-sizedbags Younger Option Review Bible Child *r the story Older Option Make tags" key Child *F "dog for completing page while coloring {words 1Timothy and about t0 act of 4:12 talk ways MaterialsLesson ak 2Coloring (p. foreach Page 71) student, crayons and asexamples talk ofloving obeying and God Older Child 0ption* Review 4:12 completing pag 1Timothy while puzzle Materials Bible, aK plastic lanyard, scissors, 2Puzzle (p. foreach Materials Lesson *r Page 72) pencils student, paper construction orcard fine-tipped stock, markers, punch. hole
  3. 3. a l a t a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aaaaa Bonus Theme ldeas be can a a a used anytimeduring at thista session: anadditional asaa activitycenter, extend totaI thesession a longer forat time,or for added themea excitement. aa I a a a t t t t a a a a a a a a a r a a a a a a a i,itl ":ilr j:**{iltl* possib/e roi,i,", d,,ergies. A o (/vy ENTRANCE EXTRAVAGANZA Liven thedoorway entrance to your up 0r area classroom withone these of theme-parkdecorating (1) a ideas: Add dozen more or brightly-colored balloons; helium (2)At- tachtwinklelightsaround doorway; the (3)Set a red out length fabric createspecial entrance.chil- of to a VIP As dren play enter, "The of Your Ride Life"song fromTheme MusicCD : : O 2008 to photocopy Gospel Permission Light. to purchoser p0sspon Adventure gr0nted originol only. to
  4. 4. Lesson 2.,rs1f-irs;t!i{{l}E:*ip$"*:{:$!ful;:,i: Bible. EoIIect dK tl;;eff:o"hi:{.t4:-,:*FFY4t*;f Introduotion dkWhat game youplay do you when lineupand follow person dowhat a and";q;r:l;::{5 :r;i ,.o,_,gagF4,,4ii they (Follow Leader.) children and them imitate do? the Have stand lead to actions you several as;i,,;q,lsli+legiXr, demonstrate When follow leader, watch theleader and them. we the we what does then the do ".,;r,-";i#F1,;; same thing. Listen findoutwho to watched followed learn to bea leader. Timothy and to howi*;g1s#f;iqp6iii1*X#ii:trm$iTeII the StorY dKTimothy a man lived Bible was who in times. Bible The tells thatwhen ;i:"5.41::;.,us Timothy thesame andage you, was size as his{r1g1#ffilkg#r grandmother often himstories theBible. Lois told from ,!1.:": t:r ;: She must told have Timothv about God how tookcare - of His ::C!-" : xfr - -,-;! people. .: : grandmother Timothys wantedTimothy ;r:lf!lq1x;. to know God that would care him, take of too..r"sd;.*:,*.:: ; ;1"4. , Timothys Eunice loved AsTimothy mother also God. ii+" -.1"1.,1Stt",.", grew, probably himstories she told great about heroes .,urr ljhr,. of theBible. might toldTimothy1+,,*si"lt""- She have about David,"*y^qluo?fr. whowas famous She a king. must have Timothy told about 1^" ,: dwlu;: Daniel, was who brave thelionsden. in Timothys mother" t::,"g.,*i$$t.*,I wanted to know God him that would himbebrave, help too.tw".,"zH"1tt" .,": mother grandmother himstories. they Timothys and told But ,* .1, ,,rdLt u.l also showed Timothy to love obey how and They God. were ,.rU"! rlil.,"t. i leaders what by theysaid what and theydid.., *,eJlir;u"..;"r,;s; ff}"r"i" While a mannamed came hiscity. toldTimothy hisfamily Timothy stilla teenager, was Paul to Paul and about Jesus,":qr#?F*t"". Gods Timothys Son. mother grandmother excited hear good and were to the news Jesusl spent lotof timelearning of They a .;,;;.41ftl *.i fromPaul. " When was it timeforPaul travel thenext to to city, asked he Timothys family Timothy if go could withhim!Timothy:iry!rq{.tr};,.:,. -".:L must have excited gowithPaul. traveled cityto city. Bible usthatTimothy been to They from The tells helped withhis Paul)1gg:f54y:,iw969#,t-"y;*: work. prayed Timothy showed how love obey Paul for and him to and God. was Paul Timothys leader whathesaid what by andF*".ur6t:*""4"rr:i h ed i d .r,ry,*$Bqrr: Paul Timothy visit to otherpeople loved who Timothy Jesus. would fromPaul these usually a letter take to people. Later, sentnq-*d+qdrydr ButTimothy notjustdrop theletter leave. did off and lnstead, Timothystayed helped and themlearn Jesus. Timo- about After;;"+r#&*prl,,qbdqetri thy hadvisited, would he comeback Paul tellhimhowhisfriends to and therewere Paul Timothy a great doing. said was helper! Timothy up,hetried bea good As" - : . r 4 j . . "!l!+J:5ngFr,j, grew to example. wanted show He to others to love obey how and God.;b51fd&":s":;i One Timothy day, became leader a church. wrote the of Paul letters Timothy help know to bea good to to him how Paul leader..a,d#Ar#:t:qS,Fq:ft*:{ig".4,r toldTimothy to beafraid. toldhimto always anexample thewayheobeyed andshowed not He be in God Gods to others. love::*1g1a$.ft,pri Paul Timothy hismother grandmother shown how love obey reminded how and had him to and God. hadhelped Paul Timothy, :4ry$a3r}44:ii too.Andnow,Timothy a leader. being good was By a example bytelling and aboutJesus, people more believe Himl could in ";16;#h,;,*!e;a,p*;@a3,e,J Eods Word & Me dKTimothy helpedotherpeoplelearn loveandobeyGod. to Timothy chose bea goodexample. toirfi;$ffirc1g$ Wecanchoose begoodexamples, lt doesnt to too. matterhowyoung oldweare.hople still notice or whatwedo.k::esfFfttes€ Fd.;4i*K.4ts:"1!i TheBiblesays, "Showothershowto loveandobey When show God." we that rveloveandobeyGod thethingswedo,we by * " .t ; - e - aregoodexamples. briefly, Pray Dear God,please usto show help othershowto loveandobey You. Jesus In name, amen. o l^. -a c t oc- |, -... O 2008 to photocopy Gospel Permission Light. granted original to purchaser Possport Adventure only. to a
  5. 5. :;:.1i:.;::. .c:*,p*;*# .":$t;q:;rCoIIect >lK pictures Bible events people; Bible, of story and optional-clothesline, clothespins. thtq**S.;. Xuiffi4Prepare >Y< picturesseveral story Collect of Bible events people and referred inthestory to ,l:1";**;S*:(Gods provisionwater food ,1:l;:gogtr of and [manna]to lsraelites travelingthedesert, while in David .:r{!";;d:":".defeating giant the Goliath, hiding cave David in while beinghunted Saul, by :,xirol:b$ praying, inthelions PaulDaniel Daniel den, preaching the ..H,Js{gospel, teachinghelping Jesus or someone). 6*r,jlrs. Sn-**;i4a u:fIntroductlon ays many How different n.il::::rsd"Fkinds leaders youname? of can Volunteers ,.:h;**,"", .,,;lr*n::{l*,respond naming by categories of leaders such tq.;.r."p5ifasteachers,coaches,government par- leaders, , J:t"**,c*$, etc. youents, Sometimes might thinkthatonly ,"*:h,td,r:,.adults beleaders. listen findouthow can But to H:;4- !+: 4 ,oneyoung learned bea leader. man to Before tell- aYtPyxa!"r 4t.,n-.$;ingthestory, distributepictures collected you to ;: illq*,,;-d.le.:volunteers.them show picture Ask to the the during i;: ..f;rru,j*:."appropriate asyoutellthestory. times (0ptional: . : !;:*,o,pt f1Children picturesclothesline attach to inorder.) :.1:;;- j;T;*,TeII the Story >Ye Timothy a young weread is man about theNew in part Testament oftheBible. washismother jewish. was you He born what might a multi-cultural Timothys was into call family. Timothy withhisparents, healso lived father Greek, while ...;il- but lived hisgrandmother, with Lois.Lois Jewish, When was too. Timothy your hisgrandmother toldhimstories theBible. was age, often from i$?., *dl.*Sheprobably Timothy told aboutmiracles-water desert, when ina food there nofood-amazing was ways ; laou,4-nGodtookcare Hispeople. of grandmother Timothys wanted besure understood God to he that would take always 3ii:;*":4; :$:q;,*h:care him, likeHetookcare His of iust of people 0ldTestament in times. :*tu*fuTimothys mother,Eunice, have himstories theBible, She have must told from too. may loved tellabout to great .ri:ti,*, ,Sh: heroes,likeDavid, killed giant then to runfrom who the and had his Saul, own father-in-law.David But would hurt king. not the ,,o1..;rtg/jTimothy mayeven also have heard about in thelions Timothys den. Daniel, was afraid pray matter was mother who not to wanted to know God him that no would who watching Daniel brave, him. help bebrave, Eunice Lois him too. was and told ;#J .;::r;i*j*,,$Timothy greatstories, stories. they showed true But also Timothy to love obey how and They God. were leaders onlyby not ";$;-**6.:&what they said also what but by they They did. were examples. ::i:gU *n.WhileTimothy stilla teenager, was a mannamed came Timothys Paul Timothy hisfamily Paul to city. told and aboutJesus, ",s;r,qry *#t.g**#-Gods They Son. glad were to hear good the news Jesus-the of Messiah had they waited hadfor come! Timothy his and -,$:ag#:lfamily spent lotof timelearning Paul. a from When was it timefor Paul travel thenext to to city, asked Timothy he if could p#a*"e$Sgowithhim!Soon and Paul Timothy traveling cityto city, were from talking people to about Jesus.was lt interesting and ,#B;#d4exciting-sometimes dangerous! even Timothy helped withhiswork. prayed Timothy, Paul Paul for taughtTimothy and ,:trqfudshowed Timothy to love obey how and God. was Paul Timothys example leader bothhiswords hislife. and by and #**4@ s&q*6ffi5 PaulLater, oftensentTimothy visit to other believers. Timothywouldusually a letter take fromPaul these to people, But #". " ;*Timothy notiustdrop theletter leave. did off and Instead, Timothy wouldstay, sometimes months, teach for to the , **, f qpeople everything knew he about Jesus. listened thepeoples Timothy to questions tried help and to themlearn o e**tt@ 2008 *.eO Light. to photocopy Gospel Permission granted original t0 purchaser PossportAdventure only. to ."t- * "f
  6. 6. l " to obey After had God. he visited, Timothy come to Paul tellhim thebelievers were would back and how Paul there doing. saidTimothy a great was Timothy to bea good helper! tried teacher, byhis both words byhis and oth- example-showing ers to love obey how and God. Later inTimothys hebecame leader a church on life, the of himself. Paulwrote toTimothy,toldhim When letters he not Paul Timothy always anexample way obeyed and to beafraid. told to be inthe he God showed Gods to Paul love others. remindedTimothy hismother grandmother bothtaught withwords had how and had him and shown how love him to and obey Paul helped God. had Timothy, byhis too, words hislife. now, and And Timothy a leader. had was He learned that being leader a wasnt about only Anyone talk. bybeinggood talking. can But a example-showing how love others to and obey God-and bytelling what then them hehad about Gods grew grew! learned Jesus, family and Eods Word & Ae aY6 one In letter fromhul to Timothy, toldhimnotto beafraid what Paul of people might think of him. Timothyprobably notalways bnve.Buthul encounged did feel Timothy choose bea good to to example, if even hedidnotfeelbnve! InourBibles, canread we whathul wrote Timothy to uDont anyone down youbecause areyoung, let look on you but setanexample thebelieversspeech, life,in love, faithandin purity." for in in in Being good a examplesomething of uscan lt doesnt is all do. reached matter oldweareor if weve how grade a certain in school. are There people are your who watching every They learning youhow love obey actions day. are from to and God. Thats itssuch good to choose beanexample! why a idea to dk IYho been good has a to What theperson orsay? example you? did do things kidyour might thatarebad )lk What some are a age do (Steal. Hurt examples? Lie. others.) )k What you could dotoday bea completely things to example that? different than What you Volunteers could say? tell. )lkWhich those to bea good of ways willyou thisweek? example do Children silently. withchildren, choose Pray ask- them examples, when might feel ingGod help to be even they not brave. a al at- 4." O 2008 to photocopy Gospel Permission Lighr. to purchaser Possport Adventure granted original only. to!"t"""" e t .
  7. 7. Lesson ;ffih#;F;klGoIIect )lKBible, masking tape. preq*#&Prepafe >lK a grid thefloor masking Make on with eb-;;@ "t*ffitape six of squares enough childrenstand large for to in- ::+a*g4*, (seeside sketch). one foreach Make grid group 4 to 6 of See**;*eqchildren. {}h;p}*;d*, ,,*ft*_,:,lff:Do 1:::r*.#rf1.Children turns step square endof grid take to into at ;,*;r,*fdhandtheniump to otherspaces,calling their out names -,i$ptu1witheachiump. Aseach letter called other is out, chil-drenecho name. the2.Aftereach child finishes iumping calling his and outor hername, everyone repeats can "(Jamie) showothershow love obey to and God."TaIh About You us you)Yr areshowing how caniump, iump,iump! You having and are fun obeying instructions the for ourgame.)lKEvery youcan day obey You show God. can how youlove obey The and Him. Bible "Show says, oth- ershow love obey to and God." you When obey you God, help others how obey too. learn to Him, .a4 You a good are example. V you)< W h aisia way y ycanc aa goodg o o d eandm p | e a n d Vh o w o t h - ^ Whatt s a w a o ube n b e aexample a show x oth- s ershowto loveandobeyGod you when areat home? a At friends house? V)k Wehelpothersknowhowto loveandobeyGod thethings by wedoandsay. Pray briefly, God, Dear please usto show help oth- ersthe ways knowhowto loveandobey we You. Jesus In name, amen.For Older Ehildren >yr Children ina large stand circle. outa Callchilds name. child That quickly across circle taganother and hops the to childthen place or herhands hishead. his on Tagged quickly across cir- child hops thecle taganother Continue allchildren been to child. until have tagged. allchil- Thendren out1Timothy Repeat see children geteveryone call 4:12. to if can taggedfaster. t* ; o o a otJ c - I ^.tr O 2008 Gospel Light. to photocopy Permission granted original to purchaser PossportAdventure only. to .l t a ^ a ?
  8. 8. ..".- ,.:,- -,;;#t; ,,".,.:..,., ..-..-"qi***{ 2 Lesson:i-1;-4-iifua5r!,trerffiff1lgry1:?::-;,.i,#;:.,,.; EoIIect >Y< twoswim Bible, noodles together taped to.:k!#::i::l:!::i: (1.8-m) one noodle a 6-foot make long or sectionrope of;::;;*;:{.h.r;. tied arounda shoe.il",";rudiix:.u. :::J;,,#itu,,.: Do :t:::,;l::*k";,,,, 1.lnanopen children ina circle.One stands I area, stand childh:-,".;q$ia,.,.,.: holding endof therope swim.:;,,;":ii:1r,.i in thecenter thecircle, of the or ! noodle spins sweep rope noodle and to the or around a in ; .;",.,,..ri;i.:L,;"; :l must 0thers over rope noodle. the or (Note: ;;*;l*nf circle. iump :":;,:uu,,; ;i^ Noodle rope or must kept be Have close thefloor. to an u.; adult thenoodle rope needed.) use or if",1yyi"14; :;:,: {:l.5-" .q 2.Aschildren over rope noodle, child iump the or each ;,,.;f. ,-*..3,"".".i#,"-.,X": out of in calls a word theverse order. Repeat another with,,,g*n" "sweeper" witha littlemore and speed timeandinter- as ".,, 6;:L .,r s3. ,. estallow. may have You also children outwords the : call of: l:,..u:: , ,. daily choice: "fhoose to beanexample." u.,r.pf]rt,.,. I .i., ,,f" ,1. , TaIhAboat .::,,.r*?".;t..,. are you be )lkWhat ways can anexample theway in h !5,"i! ,, (Speak about n . ; l youtalk? kindly others. use Dont bad " ,"t";; ,., words.): ,;,:#);u,-.i. -.1..,j1,, )K Whatareways canbeanexample faith?(Trust you in God.;.1.,,r ii;r... Tell others the things does you. about good God for Pray ,""r,r,r"{t u:.. , forpeople.);!t,,5;1.":l"rr" alKWhatareways beanexample purity? to in (Choose not:i1,.,,.pt&"4.,. ,-.;" ;"61:q,,; to watch some Choose always thetruth.) DVDs. to tell*,#rf":!,." Choosing aY,< whether notto loveandobeyGod or makesa"*,t,f*,;,,""n e,,r,r,*41i.,.u bigdifference yourlife-and in the lives the in of people;lPif+r whoarewatching see to whatyoudecide. children Lead E{rpfut:;., in prayer, asking to help God them remember ways theseiL:#"riS&..."-, to beanexample, though are even they young..1:rs*p:;f; *.p.:iP;ls:ffi{s;, For Younger Ehiklren aY< swim Lay noodle or i,ig,;$41:r,. noodle or rope floor. on Children oriump theswim step over+1*;*i*;n others rope astheteacher "(Mikaela) show repeatedly says, can.q;:{i*"s.how love obey{}"dss;5"{# to and God," hop each one for word. may Children hop they eachl.;,o,,p,SFe{j;g; also as say names. letter their ofi?q,9#5:.:.":.::";l.;ryff*;*u*;&6;+s*"tg*31 O 2008 to photocopy Gospel Permission Light. to purchaser PossportAdventure granted original only. to
  9. 9. f*lt t:*aifr:I4.I7: EoIIect dKBible, 2 Pattern (p.70), Lesson Page crayonsmarkers, paper scissors, or glue, lunch-sizedDa05Prepafe aYc Photocopy cutapart and pattern pages (Forforchildren. youngest children, around cut thepuppetfaces.)Do1.Children choose color puppet Child and one face. cutsout puppet and adult at theline create face an cuts to portion puppeta lower of face.2.With help, glues portions adult child both ontopaper sothatthepuppet bag appears betalking. to3.When puppets finished, are practice children mak- puppets "l caningtheir say, showothers to love howand obeyGod."TaIkAbout)lKNatalie, thatyouarehelping putaway I see to thescissors. you!Helping a way show youlove obey Thank is to that and God.>lK you show What a way can is how and God you others to love obey when arehere church? home? a at At At friendshouse?dKWhen dothese we things talked we about, help we others know to love obey how and God! briefly, Pray Dear please usto show God, help others to love obey bythethings do.InJesus how and You we name,amen.For Older Ehildrefl )e Provide a variety craft of (buttons, fur, supplies fake yarn, poms, shells, pom smallpopped cotton ribbon, Children corn, balls, etc.). choose puppet two faces, and color decorate, then outand and cutglue them bags actoutsituations to to inwhich can examples kids be inwords, faith purity. love, and & i:4iittt:)::-& ** * e . *& @@^. @. a 4 :.. . ." . & : W " . :" ; : **** * qfii l " & & ! f a ; " %d.;-wP.-4 _ *wWO 2008 to photocopy Gospel Permission Light. granted oriqinal to purchaser Possport only. to Adventure o1- & ffi":: a & & . - & . . ;.l - ; " e : " " * q , : j W
  10. 10. 2 Lesson. CoIIect aYr plastic,w@#P tionpaper cardmes{%** punch. or Bible, lanyard, fine-tipped stock, construc- scissors, hole markers, e.,ryS@ss*;@# about feet Prepare )KCutlanyard lengths into 3ess@v@ (1m)long. construction or card Cut paper into stock "dog+,s,q@q*itags" sketch (Optional: paper card (see a). Cover or stock:b:#:frF4H#:! paper cutting make tags to dog morequ,@s*f withConTact beforet#*e,#tu, durable.) fivetags each Make for child.w*@pJt1@qir Doug*#fugu 1.Children the print following froml words Timothy:wYwl 4:12, oneach tag: one dog "words," love," "life," "faith,"g#w*qti{ "purity." childrenleave atone for Remind to space endadkrq a hole bepunched. to decorate tagas Children eachag&wur,gir desired.rud%rl@y@ 2.Children hole-punch tagwhere was each space left*6ffi.6,r and thread onto then tags lanyard that so tag eache?.ffi@tffiw"# faces same (see the way sketch Childrenlanyard b). tieWNT"W and "dog asreminders to beanex- wear tags" ofwaysd-,ffir6, ample loving obeying of and God.w$#qv*"wwfu" TaIh Aboute1ffw: >Yr some you I see on that "words." are of working tags say, you heard What words have,,ffi@:sfYqv someone that have say been example loving obeying an of or God?*ryPq* )k Who been good has a example you? to What heor she hasawffiw love obedienceGod? done said show and or to toWffiWr,@wM Whatareways canbeanexample the wayyou aYr you ink@W live? theway In youshowlove?Letstakea momentra#@lreffiq@ while workto askGod helpusremember ways. we Pray, to asking to help God children these rememberthese o ,{ORD$ry*#eer ways beexamplesthequalities have to of they writtenqd-w w,# ontheir taos.:**sffiwr For Younger Children aYr large (like Pre-cut tags luggage punch tags); writes holes. anadult After name) "(Childs @ s # loves onchilds child tag, help, strings onlanyard wears tag. teacher child decorates With tag and it.ei##fu# God";:*r##e$:e#ryqsfrysffW*$effi.MeiryW a Q * o a,c a , ? * n Itn- @ 2008 Gospel Permission Light. granted original to photocopy to purchaser Possport Adventure only. to aa-"" O .