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Lesson 2b


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Lesson 2b

  1. 1. , i. ,.,t,,:,ll,,.-r ::f :,.-.,:. -.1: +: ;. tt.:;t l) ;::*:o*dfla .i{*ar,;${CoIIect )lK Theme CD player, Bibles, Music and .":s$;*,1a1#song (pp.246,254),lengths butcher,.; charts two of ,$iffih ffitpaper, marker, three four ruler, or stuffed animals : *141fif(theme-park if possible) related, orother nonbreak- ;#elq6fllqable theme souvenirs. oark 3 ,a#tifuj;; ailifasppPreparation aYr each 0n sheet butcher of paper, ,:.;::,*.r lines 12 (30.5 asmake every inches cm) if making a .:i::*i.5. .::$1:r,"n,growth chart. thewords 1Timothy at the Print of 4:12 paper. i,:;i,,,1";,:topofeach Attachpaperswall enough to low jdc; ,.1i:,,to use measuring in childrens heights. ,t;tu,iIeam Eame ayr Choose 12 8 to childrenstand to 4":{g*r;s:o .t;,,,,**#*infront group a circle. a stuffed of in Give animal or ,!tt, ,r,.rtqn.," parktheme souvenir child. your toone At signal or ..,{tsl"f ii!i you music Themewhile play from Music children CD, ":.,-l,spassstuffed park animal theme souvenir or around : :{fu.;""isthecircle fast they butusing their as as can only *,q,*;Se|bows,shou|derskneesorfeet.(|fp|ayingthis f;J!,,,*6r:: ,d*4,"u6p:game younger with have pass children, them items ."ii,between legs.) their 0ccasionally, music. stop the i,n,i,f ,1i1r1,* ,/,j,,iChildholding animal souvenir, 1Timothy the or says ..!;i:;;;" . ,"!": ;:,;4:12 (For challengefun, additional aloud. more and use , .r ; ,.. .1ts ,1,$ ,.stuffed or park animalstheme souvenirs game.) inthe .t.,:r*pa jtu,,,i;:BIbIe Verse Eame {k Divide into teams. you group two (lf have large a group, choose to eight six volunteers from .i-.,;*:hreach to play game.) team the Players upacross room thewall line the from where papers prepared displayeo. the you are :,;{&t;@!One person each from team paper, stands theteams by holding marker. 1Timothy aloud children. you a Read 4.12 with As r":q,p*gkaregrowing you also taller, are growing learning to show and in how love obedience [etsplay measuring to God. a game. .,::ih,ljgS ,;i,,.;;,9,Atyour the player each runs his her signal, first on team to or teams and paper stands back with facing paper. the Team- inliryu . no;"imate drawssmall onthepaper thetopofplayers toshow orher a line near head his height.(0ptional: writes Player ini- ,{.t,,a;;#.tials theline.) by Player back theteam tags next runs to and the personline. continues each in Play until person had has ",iil;@dhis her or height marked thepaper. runs their paper reads aloud unison. ,.:lqd[,;:- on Team to and verse in U 6{.frhlr,WSong >Yr oranother You, leader, childrensinging lead in You adding "Whatever Do," motions and/or clapping if desired. .3:t;:X;.n x,ilsgpp:WPrayer >lKWhat something your can ordoto show and is a kid age say love obedience to God? Volunteers answer, or *t1::*,#,invite children pairs tell toform and their answers partners. lead totheir Then children in prayer, Gods inbeing #.thod@ asking help cFat :goodexamples. e*1hm*# l,i,.l4p"*S$t:Song >Y< oranother You, leader, childrensinging lead in Jesus," motions "Choose adding andlor clapping if desired. ,"1*h..",;# .#c$*q!g:f:s:r; *}}q*:fec p:t&qid"i o* * & 6 _ l * * t & S3 -cC O 2008 to photocopy Gospel Permission Light. granted original to purchaser Posspon Adventure only. to ..t- "le
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