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Orange Presenation Final Presentation

Orange Presenation Final Presentation



Orange Presenation Final Presentation

Orange Presenation Final Presentation



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    Orange Presenation Final Presentation Orange Presenation Final Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Our Sustainable School
    • 2nd Prize Woodheys Primary School Seaton Primary School Solar PV roof panels. Improved… Insulation Draught proofing Controls on heating Double glazing 2.5 KW wind turbine 4.7 KW PV array on roof 48m2 of solar water heating panels All These Things Reduced The Schools CO2 Emissions By 2 Tonnes A Year! Deanburn Primary has already been in the news for being a ‘futuristic, eco-friendly school’ that shows ‘a green future’. All These Things Reduced The School’s Gas Consumption by 30%!
      • Its own wind turbine.(£40 000).
      • Grass roofs, (good for insulation).
      • A rainwater collection system to flush toilets.
      This school only cost £3 million OTHER SUSTAINABLE SCHOOLS First prize Case study Orange Team
    • Orange Team
    • Arched roof and will have solar panels fixed on it, this means that as the sun moves from east to west the sunlight will always be captured. This is a living roof; useful because they help reduce the amount of CO2 and also the risk of roof flood. Open glass windows, which will allow natural light into classrooms. Bricks produced from recycled rubbish.
    • This is the school from a different perspective, it shows the school from the playground, as can be seen there will be a bridge connecting the buildings.
    • Buuilding Design Building Design Turn This Into This Yep Rubbish Into Bricks Orange Team
    • Interior Interior Libraries, class rooms etc… What can be used at schools Outside Using eco-friendly furniture in the school would be really helpful to the environment because they are made from recycled materials or comes from a renewable or sustainable source for example wood, aluminium etc It doesn’t waste money because it long lasting. Orange Team
    • ice caps Orange Team
    • Orange Team
    • How can we help? How can we help? If a country generates most of its energy using dirty fossil fuels, such as coal, it will produce a high amount of C02 per unit of electricity, whilst if it uses renewable sources such as wind and hydro, it will produce less CO2. Orange Team
      • Solar parabolic
      • Solar trough
      • Solar towers
      Very high temperatures are reached. Cloudy days the thermal collectors does not work to its full power. Heating Heating Dis- advantage different types of thermal collectors Advantage Daikin Inverter Orange Team
    • Light Making a Difference
      • To reduce CO2 we can do simple things such as
      • Use efficient light bulbs which reduce electricity use whenever needed.
      • Fluorescent strip lighting is more efficient as the electrical charge is used to excite a gas in a tube which maximises light output with minimum heat loss - more of the energy is converted into useful light, rather than wasted as heat.
      • Low energy motion sensor lights.
      The carbon impact of electricity depends on how much electricity we use and how much electricity is generated! Light Orange Team
    • power sources power sources
      • Wind turbines are revolutionary new power for the years to come.
      • It transforms kinetic energy to electrical energy
      • It can be used for powering different things without causing pollution
      • It is powered by wind and not fossil fuel.
      • It will save money.
      Orange Team
    • Wind Turbines Wind Turbines
      • A wind turbine is a fabulous way to transform the climate and its changes.
      • A wind turbine does not consume electricity or heating as a powered source
      • It doesn’t cost a lot to generate as wind is FREE.
      Orange Team
    • Food & Water Food & Water Orange Team
    • GROUNDS GROUNDS compost gardens growing food It must look nice to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere for the students, whilst using green materials If we use the organic food in cooking the school’s meals, it will help the pupils stay alert during lessons. leftover plants from the kitchens, which are left to rot in a large bin. When they have rotted they become like very rich soil which is great for the plants is Orange Team
      • Use recycling schemes in schools help to improve the environment and can reduce money spent by the school on waste disposal
      • Hold assemblies to inform the pupils of the recycling plans. Also, before new children come to the school they would be able to learn the school rules regarding recycling as it will be found in the school prospectus.
      • Metal recycling schemes are good for schools with vending machines and in DT classrooms.
      Recycling & Waste Recycling & Waste Orange Team
    • Transport Transport Buses Bike Walk Causes NO pollution or CO2
      • Keeps the body healthy and fit
      • Uses Hydrogen instead of fossil fuel
      • Renewable
      • Cost a little
      • Dangerous to put in pumps at petrol station.
      Orange Team
    • Insulation Insulation Materials
      • Sheep’s wool
      • Cellulose
      • Flax
      • Hemp
      • Fibre glass
      • Expanded polystyrene
      Using natural materials such as sheep wool to insulate the school means the school is not using as much CO2. Furthermore this process is much cheaper than buying other types of insulation materials. Orange Team
    • Uniform Uniform
      • We decided to promote fair-trade eco friendly clothing for our new school uniform
      • We believe that no set uniform is necessary but eco friendly/fair-trade clothing should be compulsory
      • The advantages of eco friendly clothing is that it is soft lasting and stylish, we help protect the environment and its better for our health.
      • Also there are many stores online and off which sell eco friendly clothes at a reasonable price
      Orange Team
    • Solutions & Suggestions Solutions & Suggestions
      • We should reduce our carbon footprint because it means
      • our world is a healthy and safer place,
      • We would be helping to restore the environment,
      • Dangers like the sea level rising, floods and
      • Stronger weather events would not be so severe.
      • We could reduce our carbon footprint in our school by
      • Using eco-friendly light bulbs.
      • Do not leave your electric appliances on stand by as it wastes energy.
      • Recycling paper used in our classrooms.
      • Reduce the water used in the toilets.
      • Cycle to school, take bus or teachers could share car rides.
      Orange Team
    • Make a change Today The future is in your Hands